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Promotional USB Memory Sticks – A Glossary Of Terms

Posted by USB2U on 25th June 2009 | Permalink

If you are thinking of purchasing Branded USB Memory sticks, then the terminology and industry jargon used can be daunting and confusing. To help demystify the purchasing and manufacturing process here’s a glossary of terms, which should help. Artwork: This needs to be provided so the USB Memory Stick can carry your logo and/or marketing […]

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Top 10 Tips For Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 23rd June 2009 | Permalink

1. Choose the right stick : There is nothing better than a product that looks like it has been designed for purpose and nothing worse than one than one that is not fit for purpose. Material, shape and colour options are the fundamentals to consider 2. Choose the right capacity : There is a delicate […]

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Why Choose A Customised USB Flash Drive?

Posted by USB2U on 19th June 2009 | Permalink

With the ever-increasing demand for branded promotional products, the possibility of finding something unique is be coming frustratingly slim. Due to the ongoing worldwide financial crisis, that has a grip on every level of the supply process, the suppliers have been forced to revisit their pricing. As a result of this, the creation of an […]

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The Hidden Dangers Of Autorun In Promotional USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 16th June 2009 | Permalink

To autorun or not to autorun that is the question! Many clients are faced with the dilemma of whether they should add an autorun facility to their promotional USB Promotional Memory Sticks. An autorun facility allows users to insert a USB Branded Memory Stick and for the computer to automatically run a programme e.g. a […]

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Around the World with USB2U!

Posted by USB2U on 11th June 2009 | Permalink

Specialist USB Flash Drive supplier USB2U recently launched a new range of products with an exciting ‘Cities of the World’ theme! Rio, New York, Berlin and London are amongst the new names for former models such as Harbour, Trainer and Patrol. Click to see range www.usb2u.co.uk/usb_flash_drives.html.

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