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Discovering USB 2.0

Posted by USB2U on 8th July 2009 | Permalink

There is a growing trend for custom USB devices, and more people are keen to learn USB basics.  In order to fully understand custom USB needs, users should consider software available.  USB 2.0 was created in 2001.  There was a complete change in the input/output protocol which allows for much higher speeds than the older […]

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Laptop Computers and USB

Posted by USB2U on | Permalink

One thing many people often wonder when buying a laptop is whether it comes with USB ports, and it is good to know that these ports have become pretty standard on most modern laptop computers.  Now are the days that the laptop is becoming even more like a regular desktop computer.  When buying a laptop, […]

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The Twister: The Most Popular Promotional Branded USB Flash Drive

Posted by USB2U on 7th July 2009 | Permalink

The Twister USB flash drive is, by a long stretch, the most innovative design that has been introduced into the USB flash drive marketplace since its inception. It has fused the functionality and cost-effectiveness of the latex covered plastic circuit board and chip housing with the robustness of the metal body that has been introduced […]

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Sizzling Summer Special!

Posted by USB2U on 3rd July 2009 | Permalink

We are delighted to offer Free Pantone Matching on our most popular models, whatever the memory size or quantity of the order. Simply provide the Pantone Colour you would like the body of the memory stick to match and we’ll do the rest. Our normal Pantone Matching price is £150! The models included in this […]

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Choosing the Right Supplier For Your Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 2nd July 2009 | Permalink

There are currently a large number of suppliers providing Branded and Promotional USB Memory Sticks in the U.K. This makes the marketplace fiercely competitive and as a result the end user would naturally benefit from lower prices. In turn, this also puts a lot of pressure on suppliers to reduce their costs. Some suppliers take […]

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Top 10 USB Branded Desktop Gifts And Gadgets

Posted by USB2U on 1st July 2009 | Permalink

Top 10 USB Branded Desktop Gifts And Gadgets Are you looking for a way of ensuring your brand sits proudly on your customers desk so you are always top of mind? Branded mouse mats, desk pads and mugs are rather old hat, overdone and they don’t offer any interaction or bragging power. However, there is […]

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Branded USB Memory Sticks : The Manufacturing Process Explained

Posted by USB2U on 26th June 2009 | Permalink

It seems that USB memory sticks have been with us forever and its hard to imagine life without these ubiquitous devices for home, work and educational use. They have also become a leading promotional tool for many organisations, which in turn drives their proliferation into the market. Anyone considering buying branded USB Memory sticks will […]

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Promotional USB Memory Sticks – A Glossary Of Terms

Posted by USB2U on 25th June 2009 | Permalink

If you are thinking of purchasing Branded USB Memory sticks, then the terminology and industry jargon used can be daunting and confusing. To help demystify the purchasing and manufacturing process here’s a glossary of terms, which should help. Artwork: This needs to be provided so the USB Memory Stick can carry your logo and/or marketing […]

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Top 10 Tips For Buying Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 23rd June 2009 | Permalink

1. Choose the right stick : There is nothing better than a product that looks like it has been designed for purpose and nothing worse than one than one that is not fit for purpose. Material, shape and colour options are the fundamentals to consider 2. Choose the right capacity : There is a delicate […]

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