Wedding photographers are slowly seeing a return to normal as small weddings are allowed to take place around the UK.

Whilst there are varying rules in Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, England has decided that weddings of up to 30 people are allowed. This includes all those at the ceremony, including the couple, witnesses, officiants and guests. It also includes third party suppliers such as security or photographers, but not those employed by the venue or catering staff.

Alongside this, whilst the happy couple do not need to wear face coverings but the rest of the guests do if the wedding takes place in doors. Of course, social distancing is still in effect, and this may also change the way that wedding photographers do their job on the day.

With weddings slowly becoming more viable, wedding photographers will find themselves becoming more in demand once again, despite having missed the huge summer wedding season. With this being the case, many wedding photographers will be needing new supplies for their clients.

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