USB2U Checks


When you order promotional USB Memory Sticks from USB2U you need to be confident that what you’ve ordered is what has actually arrived. Before we even start the production of your order, we’ll have taken you through a comprehensive mock-up and proofing process because it’s easier for everyone to make sure things are right before any production takes place. It’s not glamorous, it’s certainly not exciting but it’s something we strongly believe should be done.

Despite these rigorous pre-production checks, we also put every single order through a very comprehensive set of post-production checks before it leaves us to come to you. To be fair, it’s not a popular job because it can be a bit tedious, but in a crowded and highly competitive market it’s incredibly important to us. After all, we want our customers to come back to us and we want them to be delighted with their order from USB2U.

So, in addition to the QA checks that our factory make during the manufacturing process, our own operations and fulfilment team carry out the following additional checks before any order leaves our hands:

1.    Every carton of USB sticks that arrive from our Chinese factory is thoroughly checked to make sure nothing has been damaged in transit. We look for any obvious signs of “crushing” and photographs are taken to record any damage or loss. If anything is found to be damaged or missing (it does happen albeit rarely) then we’ll alert the factory and ask them to prepare and ship replacements and we’ll notify the customer of any potential shortfall in their order. Where we can we’ll replace any damaged sticks from our UK stock so our customers are not inconvenienced.
2.    Every printed or engraved USB stick is checked visually against the signed off proof to make sure that it’s the right colour, that its printed correctly (the right colour, in the right place, in the right orientation and finally that there are no spelling mistakes). If accessories have been ordered, e.g. key rings or lanyards then we’ll also make sure these are attached.
3.    A random sample from each order (several samples if it’s a large order) is checked using the latest Trend Micro anti-virus software – this is particularly important where we have been provided with data to pre-load onto the USB sticks.
4.    A sample of each order is checked to ensure that the internal flash memory is the correct size. If a customer has ordered 8GB USB memory sticks we check to make sure the drives are 8GB, and not a different size.
5.    We record all of these tests and checks, including the name of the person in charge of signing the order off, and then we carefully box it up in a robust USB2U box. Whilst doing this, we’ll count the USB sticks to make sure the correct number are being sent out, and finally we’ll pop into the box a packet of sweets by way of a “thank you”!
We’ve been supplying branded and promotional USB flash drives since 2002 and these processes have been put in place and refined over the last 13 years to ensure that our customers can be confident that they get exactly what they have paid for every time. We know there are lots of different suppliers of promotional USB flash drives in the UK and in a crowded market its incredibly important to us and our customers that they are confident in buying from USB2U.