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Our UK Stock Will Ease You Through The Chinese Holiday Delays

Posted by USB2U on 19th September 2019 | Permalink

The deadline required for any Far Eastern orders to avoid the delays caused by the Golden Week holidays has now passed, meaning any orders coming from China will be subject to delays. Golden Week is a Chinese national holiday that takes place at the start of October, on the week of the Chinese Labour Day, […]

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We’re Back From Merchandise World!

Posted by USB2U on 12th September 2019 | Permalink

The latest Merchandise World exhibition is now sadly over, and we would like to take the time to thank anyone who came to say hello to the team, and entered our competition! Andy, Liam and Cat got to speak to many existing and potential clients on Wednesday at the Stadium MK in Milton Keynes and […]

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The Future of Phone Charging

Posted by USB2U on 19th August 2019 | Permalink

The ability to charge your device wirelessly is becoming a more popular feature of smartphones as time goes on. Using wireless charging pads, these phones are able to be charged over a short distance without the use of phone cables, and looks neater than conventional phone chargers. We’ve all experienced the pain of fraying or broken […]

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Why Large Software Companies Use USB2U For Updates

Posted by USB2U on 18th July 2019 | Permalink

We work with a number of large software companies on a regular basis, many of whom use our products to ensure that their clients and users have the very latest updates for their programs. Ensuring your clients have the latest software and content is incredibly important for ensuring that their program remains safe and secure, […]

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Credit Card Power Banks Explained

Posted by USB2U on 1st July 2019 | Permalink

Our Credit Card Power Banks are exceptionally popular, and with good reason. A large flat surface area with plenty of space for advertising your logo and/or marketing message means potential for very intricate or bold designs and this makes it an excellent products for branding. The design of the Credit Card Power Bank means that it […]

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USB2U Celebrates World Environment Day With New Products

Posted by USB2U on 31st May 2019 | Permalink

In order to celebrate World Environment Day on the 5th of June 2019, we are announcing a new range of more environmentally friendly products. From USBs made of bamboo, to those made from cardboard and cork, these are fantastic new designs made from sustainable or recyclable materials. Here at USB2U we are always striving to […]

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Summer Photography

Posted by USB2U on 28th May 2019 | Permalink

From wedding photography to festivals and sports competitions, photographers are needed for a huge variety of different events up and down the country, and with Summer fast approaching and the weather warming up, photographers will be more in demand than ever before. Summer is of course prime wedding season, and on top of that it is […]

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The Power of Portable Chargers During Festival Season

Posted by USB2U on 8th May 2019 | Permalink

With more festivals taking place in the UK than ever before, and the UK festival market said to be worth £4 billion to the UK economy, festivals are a great place to increase your brand visibility and take advantage of a massive audience of over 30 million attendees. From massive behemoths like Glastonbury or Reading […]

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Popsockets®: A New and Powerful Promotional Tool

Posted by USB2U on 24th April 2019 | Permalink

Popsockets® are not just one of the very newest technology crazes right now, but they are also a fantastic branding opportunity for any business. Smart phones have truly become an essential part of modern life, and the average person now makes over 8,000 phone calls and texts in public each year. This means the back […]

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