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USB Extension cables for Branded Flash Drives

One of the drawbacks of using a memory stick with a desktop or tower PC is that most of the USB ports that you have to plug it into will be down around by your ankles (assuming you have front facing USB ports on your PC) or worse tucked around the back of your PC; in which case you'll have to get on your hands and knees to use it.

If you want to save the users of your branded memory sticks this potential embarrassment then you could supply them with a USB extension lead. These leads (available in different lengths) simply connect to any spare USB port and then make the USB sock available within easy reach. You will need to consider the additional weight or these cables and how you'll distribute them with the memory sticks (presentation boxes that accommodate the stick and the cable are available).

Additional images of USB extension cables...

Branded USB - USB Extension Cable
Promotional USB Flash - Extension Cable
Logo USB - USB Extension Cable
Promotional USB Flash - Extension Cables
Custom USB - USB Extension Cables

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