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5 Tech Gifts for School Leavers

Posted by USB2U on 29th June 2017 | Permalink

School’s out!…Almost

We’re getting towards that time of year again that children love and parents fear, as the academic year comes to a close in a couple of weeks time. It’s during this period that classes start to wind down and teachers start preparing their pupils to move on to different schools/colleges, which can be quite a daunting prospect. The main concern of teachers with pupils leaving school is to try and round off their overall experience in a positive way with many choosing to give out goodies ranging from the typical photos, cards and mugs, all the way to the classic class tea towel.

In recent years however, tech gifts have been the craze among many school leavers and teachers, due in part to their high quality and also because they are likely to be used more frequently. Adding a school logo or pupils’ name to any tech product also adds a personal touch which helps create a lasting impression.

Below we take a look at 5 Tech Gifts that are sure to help any teacher obtain that level of coolness with their class while also making them the envy of his or her fellow colleagues.


1. USB’s – The Classroom Commodity 

USB Sticks for Schools

The USB stick has been a staple item in most classrooms over the past decade. Beyond the fact that they are damn useful to store data onto, they also remain a highly customizable product which can be produced in a variety of shapes and sizes, the most popular of which has to be the classic Twister USB.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   With most USB sticks it’s pretty straightforward to print/engrave a custom logo, crest or even an individual name onto them, allowing for the creation of a truly personalised product. As well the data uploaded and stored on each stick could be anything that pupils might want to look at in the future, such as class pictures, videos or even old school projects.

2. Epic Earphones!

Epic Earphones

Earphones in general are a frequently used product among children. With younger children now having access to smartphones and tablets, it makes sense to give pupils something they would be able to use day to day thus the Epic Earphones.                                                             Aptly named due to their high quality sound as well as being comfortable to wear, these earphones make a great tech gift to handout. The case as well, comes with plenty of room for school logos and messages which again adds to the overall sentimental value.

3. Tiny Speakers, Big Sound

The film August Rush stated that music is all around us, all we have to do is listen, well in this instance you wouldn’t need to listen very hard, with 30 or so pupils blasting out music on the Rainbow Bluetooth Speaker. The chances are you’re bound to hear something even if it isn’t white noise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Despite its size the speaker produces a good quality sound whilst still being able to fit in most pockets. As well the trim colour which surrounds the branding on top, lights up when in use, making it even more fun to play with. If you’re thinking about ordering a batch of these I would suggest giving them out at the end of the day to avoid any lasting hearing loss.

4. Power banks with a Torch?

Power Banks continue to be a popular product among many smart phone owners, however they can be used to charge a variety of different devices via a USB lead and can be the perfect gift for any kid who wants to go out exploring all day without worrying about their device losing power.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           The Rainbow Torch Power Bank in particular is also fitted with a bright LED light with three different settings to choose from, all can be activated at a touch of a button which adds to the overall enjoyment. As with the other products there is also room for a school crest/logo to be added as well.

 Rainbow Torch Power Bank

5. Share the Experience with Earphone Splitter’s

Audio Splitters make a great gift for school kids who like to show off the latest viral video or listen to music with friends without the desire to keep banging heads together.                                                                                 With the PXK Earbuds Splitter in particular, the suction cap can be used as a stand making it even easier for two of you to watch videos without lifting a finger. The Audio Splitter also makes a great little gift for any school children who are going off on holiday over the summer as well.

Earphone Splitter
Earphone Splitter

    For more information about any of our tech products please visit our website or contact our sales team at [email protected]


3 New Luxury USB Boxes to Fall in Love With

Posted by USB2U on 16th June 2017 | Permalink

Sleek and stylish are just a couple of words used to describe our new and fancy looking Luxury USB Boxes. Perfect for a variety of different occasions, the bright look of these boxes are a perfect addition to any photographers offering. As well, the quality feel gives all of our boxes an element of class which any potential customer would love to have and cherish for years to come. Take a further look at each variant below.


 Luxury USB Box

The eye catching Luxury USB Box is the perfect companion for your chosen USB stick. Available in black, ivory or duck egg blue, these boxes come with a professional finish and a complimentary gift bag when ordered in a bundle allowing for plenty of personal touches to be added by each photographer.

Each box, as well, comes with a foam insert bespoke for different USB sticks including the Crystal USBRodeo USBWoodland USB and Heart USB.


Luxury Keepsake Box

Our stunning Luxury Keepsake Boxes have been expertly finished with plenty of space inside to house much larger prints allowing photographers to truly customize their offering. As well, the overall size means more surface area to print photography logos or messages onto. The box itself fastens with a magnetic clasp for a truly professional feel which is sure to impress.


Luxury Prints Box

For those who want to present a bundle showcasing both imagery and room for a USB the Luxury Prints Box offers quite possibly the best of both worlds. With an elegantly sleek finish, and foam insert to house your USB. The purpose of the box is to show off prints that are 6×4 while still giving plenty of space on top to make logos/messaging stand out! It’s also possible to have this item packaged in a gift bag for that additional finishing touch.

For more information and pricing on any of these products please contact our sales team at [email protected]


USB Folio Packages for Professional Photographers

Posted by USB2U on 4th August 2014 | Permalink

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking to re-think the way you deliver the portfolios to your clients then you might want to give some serious consideration to the range of USB folios on offer from USB2U.

They now have a range of pre-packaged “bundles” that include a Grade A high performance (uprated) USB memory stick and a USB gift box (all supplied with either a custom cut foam insert of a eco-friendly filling).

The “uprated” USB flash drives ensure you get drives that are faster than run of the mill promotional USB flash drives. Promotional versions are cheaper but they are very slow, they have a much shorter life expectancy and they don’t always handle large image files well (the images tend to break down and have “interference” lines on them!) – Not what you need when you’re delivering a treasured set of memories!

The pricing for the bundles includes all the set-up costs, the print/engraving costs, custom cut foam inserts (or eco fillings for the wooden boxes) and delivery via UPS or Royal Mail Special Delivery. Lead times are around 7 -10 days but they do offer a “rush” service if you need them faster but expect to pay a small rush fee if you need them quickly.

The wooden packaged bundles have been really popular and there a loads of stunning photographs of them in USB2U’s Pinterest pages – many of which have been pinned and posted by the professional photographers themselves. The wooden options seem to be popular because they’re tactile, they’re warm to the touch, they have an earthly and slightly organic feel to them and they can be embellished easily with a ribbon, a hessian bag and handwritten label. They’re also not the sort of USB stick that people can easily pick up at their local supermarket or PC store so there is a feeling of exclusivity and quality about them.

Emma Lawson Photography USB Sticks and Boxes

Emma Lawson Photography USB Sticks and Boxes

If wood is not your thing or just won’t work with your branding/image then there are several other packages available which are built around a USB Card, a range of leather USB sticks and the ever popular Twister (Swivel) USB sticks. Again all of these come with packaging options and they all look fantastic.

USB folio packages are definitely the way forward and in the UK USB2U are pretty much the “go to” company to buy them from.  Check out their 2,000 + testimonials on Trustpilot and take a look at the hundreds of images posted on their web pages.


Lucked Out On Valentine’s Day? Try Adopting A Zombie Instead

Posted by USB2U on 15th February 2012 | Permalink

Did you spend yesterday waiting for the postman to call or perhaps you had your phone glued to your hand waiting for a special message to arrive in your inbox. Maybe in your most optimistic moment you had visions of a florists van pulling up outside or at work and delivering a fantastic bouquet.

If none of this happened and you just ended the day feeling flat and disappointed by the whole Valentine’s Day “thing” then perhaps you should consider taking some decisive action that puts you in control of your life and love. It’s a bit radical but what about adopting a Zombie?

The Zombie Adoption Centre has been set up to rescue lost souls from a bleak future, rehabilitate them and then integrate them back into society. By adopting a Zombie you can play a positive part in their rehabilitation program and you build a relationship that with your Zombie that should help you deal with loveless Valentine’s Days in future years.

When sign up to adopt a Zombie at the Zombie Adoption Centre you’ll be sent a Sponsor’s Pack that includes a Printed USB Memory Stick, an adoption certificate, an A3 poster, some stickers and Your adopted Zombie’s case file – you’ll also get an update every month from your adopted Zombie so that you can track his/her progress.

Zombie Adoption Centre Pack

Zombie Adoption Centre Pack

A large chunk of your Zombie Sponsorship fee will be shared with one of three major charities; Friends of the Earth, MediaTrust or The Prostrate Cancer Charity (you decide as part of the adoption process)

Of course adopting a Zombie is a little different and it certainly won’t be everyones idea of how to fill that “romantic void” in their life. If it’s not your thing then you could always get yourself a cat or dog but remember they are for life and not just to help you get over the trauma of a Valentine’s Day “no-show”


Don’t Print Brochures – Give Them Out On A USB Stick

Posted by USB2U on 20th September 2011 | Permalink

We were recently approached by a UK distributor and asked to stock their products and promote them via our website. During the meeting with the sales representative he handed over, with no small amount of pride, a copy of their latest glossy product brochure. To say it hit the desk with a resounding “thud” would be an understatement!

The brochure contained 379 pages of full colour print and weighed in at 1080 grams. Granted it was a nice looking brochure but it must have cost a small fortune to print them. But the print costs paled into insignificance when the sale representative went on to explain he’d spent the previous day with his manager stuffing these brochures into envelopes to post out across Europe!!

A conservative estimate would suggest that it must have cost an average of about £20 to print, pack and send each brochure out via Airmail!

Is this crazy or do customers still expect to receive high quality brochures to browse through and to encourage them to trade with your business?

These same brochures were also to be handed out at Trade Shows and Fairs but given their weight I’m not sure how many of the attendees would have been willing to take one and lug it around with them all day – walking around trade shows can be tiring enough without being lumbered with hefty brochures. It must be interesting to check the bins around the exhibition halls to see how many brochures are dumped.

Twister USB Flash Drives

Twister USB Flash Drives

Ironically, the same brochure could have been loaded onto a USB memory stick and sent out across Europe for a fraction of the cost.  In fact, not only could the brochure have been pre-loaded onto the USB sticks but they could also contain video clips, price lists, press releases, links to web sites and so on.

OK, you can’t “browse” a USB memory stick in the same way you might flick through a printed catalogue but the content is there for someone who is genuinely interested and there is a much stronger likelihood that they keep the USB Stick (branded with your company logo and contact details) rather than consign it to the bin.

The same arguments apply at Trade Shows and Exhibitions – it makes far more sense to hand out the information about your company and its products on something that is not going to end up in the bin but will instead be kept and used and will act as a reminder of your company and what you have to offer.

Not convinced then we encourage you to run a test – use USB sticks printed with your logo and pre-loaded with your brochure(s) at your next event and see if you get any uplift in sales and enquires compared to previous events where you handed out printed brochures.


Get USB Sticks Printed With Your Logo In 48Hrs

Posted by USB2U on 5th September 2011 | Permalink

If you find yourself up against a really tight deadline for some printed USB memory sticks then don’t panic because if you have your artwork ready to go then we can supply a range of different USB flash drives from stock and get them printed and delivered in only 48hrs!

You will pay a premium for this Rush Service simply because of the higher costs of printing in the UK. The core cost of USB sticks are the same whether you need them in a hurry or have a little more time for us to ship them in for you from our factory in China.

USB2U Rush-Service

USB2U Rush-Service

UK print is charged “per colour” and there is a set-up fee for each colour as well so it’s not really a service that makes sense for very small quantities simply because the fixed set-up costs have to be amortised over a small number of sticks.

In an ideal world you really need to allow around 10 working days for any order of customised USB memory sticks because this way you can take full advantage of the cheaper costs of getting the sticks printed at our factory in China and you’ll get a much wider choice of USB sticks to choose from.

The models of USB sticks that we tend to hold in the UK ready for “rush printing” are the Twister, the Chic and the Trident and we’ll normally hold these in a range of standard colours which typically include as a minimum black, blue and red.

The most popular size of flash drive requested by our customers is 1Gb or 2GB so these tend to be the sizes that we carry but if you want something different it’s always worth checking what we have available.

Chic, Tridet, Probe and Twister Flash Drives

Chic, Tridet, Probe and Twister Flash Drives (Price exclude Rush Service)

Most suppliers of USB flash drives won’t entertain pre-loading data on “rush jobs” but if you have your data ready and it’s less than say 100MB we’ll try and support any request to load this onto your USB sticks as well.

So, if you’ve been let down by another supplier, or perhaps you’ve just left things really late give us a call and we’ll do all we can to help you with a solution.


Need Help Knowing What Your Printed USB Sticks Will Look Like

Posted by USB2U on 10th May 2011 | Permalink

If you’re considering ordering some promotional USB sticks printed with a logo on then it can be a challenge knowing which USB sticks will work best with your logo. After all there are hundreds of different models to choose from and they all tend to come in a range of different colours and finishes so it’s rarely a straightforward decision.

It gets even trickier if you’re trying to squeeze some additional text onto the USB sticks or perhaps get a complex logo or school crest printed. With only a relatively small amount of print space to work with you often have to compromise on what you can realistically print without making the logo or text so small that its not readable.

Of course some USB memory sticks like the credit card versions lend themselves to supporting larger more complex images but not everyone is wants a credit card or can easily visualise what their logo might look like printed on a credit card.

The easiest way to be sure that you choose the right style, colour and type of USB stick to show off your brand/logo to its best potential is to get some help from professionals who have both a design eye and are working with promotional USB flash drives day in and day out.

USB Mock-Up Examples

USB Mock-Up Examples

Most reputable and established suppliers of promotional flash drives will have their own in-house designers who can take your logo/brand and “mock it up” on a range of flash drives for you. Typically all they’ll need to generate the mock-ups is a reasonable quality image (even a jpeg will do for a mock-up) and a little bit of background about your company/school, any branding guidelines they need to adhere to any ideas you have – armed with this they will be able to send back to you a range of professionally produced illustrations showing you what you printed USB sticks could look like.

These mock-ups are great for narrowing down your selection and getting any internal sign-offs you need for the project to go ahead.

Do remember though that print quality artwork will need to be supplied before you can proceed from the mock-up stage to a proper factory proof – you’ll need high resolution artwork in vector form, ideally in eps, .ai, .pdf, .cad or swf formats – if you’re not sure just ask the designer who produced the mock-ups for you and they’ll help.

At USB2U we offer free mock-ups and use out own experienced in-house designers to produce these for you. If you’re in hurry we can turn around mock-up requests within a couple of hrs but you’re best to call if your request is urgent.


Some Unusual Uses For Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 17th February 2011 | Permalink

Most companies that buy USB Memory Sticks printed or engraved with their logo on will be buying them as a basic promotional product. Typically they are simply given away at trade shows, handed out to customers and clients to build loyalty or drive new business or sometimes they’re used to support a product launch

Increasingly companies are pre-loading the USB memory sticks before they are given away with a usual “pre-load” containing PDF’s of sales brochures, presentation slides, media clips and links to web sites. Pre-loading the drives in this way saves money on print, transportation and the storage of brochures and these savings help build the case to buy the flash drives.

Some Branded USB Memory Sticks are being used in a slightly different and more innovative way and here are just a few examples:

4D Babyscans On a USB Stick

Babybond, the UK’s first ISO Quality Endorsed ultrasound provider is now offering their 4D Bonding Scan results on a USB Memory Stick.

4D Bonding Scans provides levels of early mother and child “bonding” that were simply unattainable prior to the introduction of their service.

The scans produce high quality still and moving images that are captured digitally and these “digital” files are then stored either on a DVD, CD or USB memory stick. The introduction of a USB memory stick as an option to take the Bonding Scan results away on is another innovation introduced by Babybond and reinforces their pioneering approach

Race Track Day Performance Recorded on USB Memory Sticks

USB Track Days

USB Track Days

Lots of the race circuits in the UK that offer “Track Day” experiences are now including the option to buy a USB memory stick on the day. The USB sticks dynamically record data from the engine management system and other sensors in the car to show you how well you have driven it. Photos from the day can also be pre-loaded onto the stick to give you a fantastic souvenir from your Track Day.

Talking newspapers on a USB Memory Stick

A Talking Newspaper, as the name implies, is an audio recording of the newspaper(s), magazine or in some cases a summary of local affairs. The recordings are often made by volunteer readers and have historically been recorded onto a cassette tape, or CD that is then posted out to the reader. Today, in some cases, cassette tapes and CD’s are being phased out and replaced with USB memory sticks

Theme Park Ride Photographs on a USB Stick

USB Theme Parks

USB Theme Parks

If you’ve been to a theme park then you’ll no doubt have purchased at least one photograph of yourself looking petrified on a thrill ride! The only problem with these is they are prone to damage once you’ve bought them and you can’t exactly “post” them on social networking sites that easily to show your friends just how daft you looked! So, some of the more innovative Theme Parks are now offering these “action shots” pre-loaded onto a branded USB memory stick.

So, when you think branded USB memory sticks don’t just think of “freebie” promotional items because they are now being used in all manner of interesting and innovative ways.


USB Flash Sticks – Confused

Posted by USB2U on 15th September 2010 | Permalink

In the world of USB flash drives the naming convention is a tricky one. For some people they are called USB drives, for others they are referred to as memory sticks but it does not end there. USB flash drives have also picked up the short hand of; disks, pens, thumb drives or USB sticks.

Memory Stick

Memory Stick

There can’t be many products in the world that are so widely used and used so frequently that have a identity crisis when it comes to what they are called. But, does it really matter because irrespective of what they are called we all know what people are referring to when they call them any of these names, don’t we?

Well actually no. A “Memory Stick” is a trademarked name owed by Sony. They developed the Memory Stick in 1998 for use in a wide range of their consumer products but its most commonly used in Digital Cameras. Today there are numerous versions of the Memory Stick available including the Pro, Duo and Micro. There’s even a version of the Memory Stick that can be inserted in the hindquarters of Sony’s ABIO robot pet!

If you preface the phrase Memory Stick with “USB” then all of a sudden you have a different product but with a very similar function (storage and transportation of digital files). One is typically used by inserting it inside a peripheral like a camera or mobile phone whereas a USB memory stick is connected to a PC.

If you are looking for USB Sticks for use within your company or perhaps for promotional use then don’t get caught out by looking for Memory Sticks because you’ll actually be asking for something completely different.

Irrespective of what you call your USB Flash Drive when you are searching for suppliers providing you use the word

USB Memory Stick

USB Memory Stick

“USB” as part of the descriptor then you’ll ensure that you are asking for a USB flash drive or USB Memory Stick (disk, pen, thumb drive etc.)

One day we might all agree on  a standard naming convention but given this situation has developed over the last 8-10 years don’t expect things to get any clearer or easier any time soon.