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PVC Flash Drives: A More Affordable Custom Memory Stick Option

Posted by USB2U on 22nd August 2011 | Permalink

We’ve said it many times before and we’ll say it again, custom USB flash drives help you stand out from the crowd of competitors. With nearly all markets in the business world becoming more and more crowded and harder to be heard it is imperative that companies can stand out and be noticed.  Think about the massive budgets that are spent on TV campaigns compared to the amount of adverts that you actually watch with the technology in TV nowadays or, even more importantly the number of adverts you remember for what they were advertising.  We are persuaded that some of the most effective marketing is getting something physical in someone’s hand that will make and impact and that they can use and interact with.  That’s why we believe a custom USB memory stick is the perfect option.

PVC USB FLash Drive Examples

PVC USB FLash Drive Examples

The word ‘custom’ may put many people off because it sounds expensive.  Custom USB flash drives will cost a little more than the standard branded USB memory sticks however the cost is continually decreasing with falling set-up and production costs.  However, if you are looking for a custom shaped USB flash drive but are on a tight budget we have just the thing for you, Custom PVC Flash Drives.

Our custom PVC drives can be produced in any 2-D shape allowing for a lot of creativity and they also come in five standard shapes; circle, square, oval, t-shirt and rectangle.  The drives can be printed in full colour, which makes it effective for complex logos and detailed images.  They’re lightweight and slightly squidgy and the USB connector slides back into the body when not in use so there is no cap to loose.  Basically the PVC USB flash drives have all the benefits of a custom USB flash drive but without any large tooling and set-up costs and they are available with a much more aggressive lead time.

Due to their low material costs a promotional USB PVC memory stick would be an excellent give-away at a trade event where contact will be made with a lot of potential customers.  The flash drives can be filled with a memory capacity of 64MB to 16GB giving a lot of flexibility and ultimate customisation.

To spend your marketing budget a little more effectively and to see some more examples of our custom PVC flash drives visit the Custom PVC Flash Drive product page or just dive right in and get a quote.


Drawing in the Crowds

Posted by USB2U on 13th July 2009 | Permalink

Many companies and businesses today are finding more and more that attending trade/marketing shows is one of the best ways to attract new business, especially in these hard times of the recession. Many potential clients can be approached face to face, and leaflets and freebies can be handed out, which help people to remember different companies and their services.

There are many types of giveaways that companies can offer to prospective clientele. Free pens with the company logo or slogan written on them are a big hit, as everybody needs a pen from time to time. Other companies opt for things such as stress balls, chocolates, balloons and even alcohol, occasionally, to draw in customers. All of these usually have the company logo and details featured prominently on the packaging and are ordered in mass quantities.

However, it seems that one of the latest trends in advertising your business is to use promotional USB memory drives, or pen drives. These are memory sticks which come in a variety of sizes, from as small as 64mb to a larger 4 GB, or sometimes even more. They can be used to store vital company information on them, such as price plans, contact information, available packages on offer and even videos and images showing the company to its best advantage. Also, they can be locked after they have been created, meaning that once the information is on the promotional USB memory drive, it cannot be deleted.  In addition to all these benefits, the exterior casing of the USB pen drives can be customised to show the company logo and/or slogan on the front. A lot of them also come in plastic cases that prevent them from being damaged and make them easier to stack and display on a marketing stand.

A lot of companies that are using promotional USB memory sticks to advertise their business seem to be finding that they have a bigger impact than using items such as chocolates or balloons. This may be because they are easy to slip in a handbag or wallet, so people will find them after they have left the show and access them to jog their memory of the company. Also, as it is so easy these days to use a laptop whilst travelling, people can access the promotional USB memory sticks even when they are going home on the train or the tube, for example.

The range of promotional USB memory drives that are available is ever growing. From the classic brushed aluminium style to leather, from wooden ones to novelty varieties such as wristbands or spheres, there is a type out there to suit every need. They can also be bought in an array of colours including yellow, green, red, blue and pink. Eco friendly memory sticks are also available, which are classed as environmentally friendly.

So, if you have booked yourself in for a trade show and need to find some way of advertising your business that is not only cost effective, but doesn’t hurt the environment, USB sticks may be the way forward. With such a wide range to choose from and incredible versatility when it comes to choosing the actual design that will best suit your company, promotional USB memory drives cannot be beaten.


Secrets to Growing Your Business: Promotional Pen Drives

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Portable USB memory has advanced significantly in the last few years, and the range and style of flash drives available today are many. Companies who want to market their logos and products to a large audience of potential customers are using promotional pen drives to “spread the word” about their business.

The phrase “pen drive” is a general term for many types of USB storage that don’t all necessarily look like pens. The other interchangeable terms for this type of portable storage are flash drives, jump drives, and memory sticks.

However, the most stylish pen drives do resemble executive ballpoint pens. When you unscrew the cap, however, instead of a writing instrument you find a handy USB flash drive to store documents, data files, pictures, and other important information that can be used with any available computer.

For a business that sells products or services, promotional pen drives offer opportunities for cost-effective advertising and for building up brand awareness with their clients. Customers appreciate these promotional “freebies,” since they can be plugged into any available USB port on a Windows or Mac-based computer and used without any previous setup requirements.

Offering pen drives to all your customers makes smart business sense, since it generates opportunities for repeat business when people use the devices outside of your place of business. What you really get is a portable business card that has your business name, logo, address, or phone number.

If the recipient uses this device in public, it may generate conversation from satisfied customers who can tell others about what your firm does or how well they were treated when they did business with you.

As data files, computer documents, and digital photo files get larger and carry more information, a pen drive can provide some much needed storage space for frequently used files on a computer that are not vital to the operating system. Those who design audio devices, satellite receivers, and other electronic equipment are adapting their products to accept pen drives by adding USB ports to their components for easy transfer.

This means that music files, pictures, and digital media can now be accessed on more than just computers. The increasing availability of high-speed internet service and wireless networks allow business people to share information more quickly and easily than ever before.

In essence, by offering promotional pen drives to business associates and customers, not only are you contributing to the growth of your brand name and reputation, you are opening doors to inexpensive channels of communication that weren’t possible less than ten years ago. Flash drive companies are also addressing data security concerns by including encryption software with many of the newer drives.

The cost of producing flash drives is dwindling, and those savings are passed on to those who purchase them. They are more lightweight, durable, and reliable than other forms of media storage, with no moving parts. In addition, there are now wide ranges of “sizes” of pen drives that can now store up to 64GB of re-writeable data, although 16GB drives are much more common.

Remember, these are small devices that can easily fit in briefcases, backpacks, even trouser or shirt pockets. The colour, size, and style combinations now available are incredible, and designing promotional pen drives to match the personality of your business could be a small step that generates repeat customers and a greater market share than one might think possible.


Testimonial – Getech

Posted by USB2U on 10th July 2009 | Permalink

Yesterday we received the USB drives. They look good, really good… it’s a shame they’ve now got to go out to our customer!!!! and even our repair centre manager was impressed what had been done at such a low price.

Will now be looking to source most forms of USB keys from yourselves. They’re not totally common, and they come in dribs & drabs… not usually in this kind of quantity… So minimum & maximum stock levels will have to be set up for this.

Donnie Barker



USB Hubs and promotional pen drives

Posted by USB2U on 8th July 2009 | Permalink

USB ports have a number of applications, allowing connection of USB sticks and promotional pen drives.  However, many people choose to use hubs.  Hubs are a device that allows for many other devices to be connected to a single USB port.  The advantage of this is that hubs are often built into computer equipment.  This allows for each device to work on one internal USB as opposed to every port having independent USB hardware.

Hubs come in a variety of forms.  Along with more regular hubs are hubs that are known as inverse or shared and these allow several PCs to access a single peripheral.  Only one PC can access a peripheral at any one time, but many computers can be hooked up, using all recognized devices off and on.

If a USB network has many hubs, it requires the hubs to be connected to each other.  A hub network can only extend a USB network up to five times.  Bus-powered hubs are not allowed to be connected with each other in a series; these specific hubs draw all of their power from the computer’s interface.  Many devices use more power than this type of hub can provide.

When creating hubs, you may end up blocking other ports.  Ports are closely spaced, of course plugging in certain devices may block a port rendering it unusable.

Due to hubs being external, you can now get them in novelty shapes to make your computer look more fashionable.  There are designs from time traveling spaceships to nuclear missile launch consoles to name just two.  We need to have these hubs for all our gadgets, but we also want to be looking good while using them.  Gadgets such as USB devices and promotional pen drives cater for our needs for novelty as well as practicality.

To allow for high-speed devices to work in their fastest mode, all hubs between the computer and devices must be high speed.  Devices should fall back to high speed once plugged into a full-speed hub. It is best to use USB 2.0 with high-speed devices.  Although this is true, USB 2.0 also incorporates and surpasses USB 1.1.  This means that full-speed and low speed devices are compliant, but not all 2.0 hubs operate at high-speed.

USB hubs use one or more integrated controllers.  They usually support a four port hub system.  You can get hub controllers that support 7 ports.  Some hub controllers can convert PS/2 to USB for your mouse and keyboard.

A self-powered USB hub is suggested for your smaller devices such as mice and keyboards.  When getting into your larger devices such as, external drives, printers and scanners, AC powered hubs are said to be a better choice.  Some AC powered hubs come with an adapter while others don’t.  Make sure to get the hub that best suits your needs.

If you have multiple devices that you will be using with your computer, hubs are probably the way to go.  They make your ports conveniently accessible.  They are inexpensive and especially handy with laptops where you may need more ports in order to use more devices.  You really can’t go wrong using a hub to support your devices.  You are more likely to have what you need right at your finger tips.  No matter whether you are using your promotional pen drives, a USB keyboard or mouse, make sure you have the correct hub.


Why Choose A Customised USB Flash Drive?

Posted by USB2U on 19th June 2009 | Permalink

With the ever-increasing demand for branded promotional products, the possibility of finding something unique is be coming frustratingly slim. Due to the ongoing worldwide financial crisis, that has a grip on every level of the supply process, the suppliers have been forced to revisit their pricing. As a result of this, the creation of an entirely unique, bespoke, Branded USB Flash drive has become an affordable method of creating some individuality.

The only restriction that would hamper you on the design of your own USB would be the limitations to your own imagination. The products are manufactured from PVC rubber and can be made up of a number of colours in any shape or form you choose. The beauty of this type of creation is that the product is colourful, 3-dimensional and resilient. No longer will the branding on your flash drives suffer the effects of time and excessive use as the branding is embedded in the product.

By designing and producing a bespoke product, you may think that this would impact on the memory capacities that are available. This is not the case. A bespoke product can house any size memory from 64Mb all they way though to a massive 32Gb. All of the same accessories i.e. keyrings and lanyards can be used with your bespoke product should you choose to incorporate an attachment loop onto you product. The packaging options for your Bespoke USB flash drive can also be customised to house your product.

Range of items produced is staggering. Companies have produced USB Branded Memory sticks in the shape of Rugby Balls, People, Animals, Plants, Cars Airplanes and even USB shaped as food.

Whether you are looking for a Branded USB flash drive for the launch of a new product, a promotional giveaway at a trade show or a gift to boost the exposure of your already established product or company, a bespoke customized USB is the answer you have been looking for.

To take a full glimpse of our Custom USB Flash Drives showcase, please click here.



How Branded USB Memory Sticks Can Help You Beat The Economic Slowdown

Posted by USB2U on 17th June 2009 | Permalink

With the slowdown in the economy there is increasing competition chasing fewer customers. There has never been a more important time to focus marketing spend on ways of making a real difference to the bottom line. The ideal scenario is to find a way to look at something that couples as a loyalty reward for valued customers and an incentive targeted at potential customers.

The simple answer is Branded USB Memory sticks! They can carry your company branding, contact details and promotional information. The beauty of this gift is that the recipient would value it, as it is a perceived high value item. There is a high propensity for them to view the information and thereafter use the USB memory stick for their own purposes. So your brand and contact details are close to hand.

Data storage now ranges from 64Mb to 16Gb, so plenty of scope for a vast amount of data to be loaded and plenty of spare storage for the user.

The price of Promotional USB Memory sticks has fallen dramatically over the past few years and you will be surprised just how little they cost.

There are now so many different styles of USB drives available. They range from plastic, metal, leather, wood, recycled material and come in all shapes and sizes. The most popular being the models that do not have a cap such as the USB Twister Memory Stick.
If there is nothing that hits the mark then why not design your own model. Technology now exists to make a Customised USB Memory Stick in any shape or size. These range from USB food, all sorts of USB vehicles, USB people to the very bizarre like USB shaped like bacon and USBs shaped as Tampons ….don’t ask!

All USB Promotional Memory Sticks can be preloaded with your company presentation and other essential business information so there is a very good chance that the recipients are going to take the time to review all the material.

There are a range of printing options to consider, including spot printing, full colour printing, engraving and embossing.

In short, Branded USB Memory sticks are the ideal vehicle to deliver value to your existing customers and to help secure new business in these very challenging times.