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Packaging Options For Branded USB Flash Drives

Wednesday, October 20th, 2010

There are two schools of thought on whether you should put your printed USB flash drives in a gift box or not with the pro-box lobby being keen to ensure that the USB drives not only look the part but have a real impact when handed out. There’s no escaping the fact that branded USB flash drives look better boxed up, they look more like a “proper gift” and the when handed out the they create more of an impact.

USB Gift Boxes

USB Gift Boxes

Whilst most branded USB flash drives are supplied as a minimum in individual “poly” bags these are designed to protect them from bumps and scathes in transit rather than adding anything to the overall aesthetic. If you are simply going to remove the flash drives from these bags and incorporate them into your own presentation pack then any packing over and above the “poly” bags would be a waste.

But, if you are for example handing out the branded USB flash drives to delegates or speakers at a conference, or to prospective customers or high net worth clients then gift boxes or presentation tins really are a good idea. Gift boxes can also accommodate any lanyards, key rings or other marketing material that might be appropriate. Giving these items away in a single gift box simply looks better and is less clumsy than handing them out separately.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on USB gift boxes either. In some cases suppliers of branded USB sticks will offer a plain white gift box free of charge. Other options include plastic “snap” boxes with magnetic clasps and metal tins (with our without a cut-away window). If you really want to go the extra mile you can also get the boxes or tins printed to compliment your USB sticks and your advertising campaign or event.

USB Printed Gift Boxes

USB Printed Gift Boxes

The anti-box lobby typically cite the waste associated with the supply of boxes and tins, which will, in most cases, just end up in the bin. It’s not just the waste of the boxes and tins but the additional air miles the additional energy that is used in manufacturing them and transporting them around the world – 99% of all gift boxes supplied to house branded USB flash drives are imported from China. So, if you have a company that is in any way involved in environmental or green issues or is sympathetic to them then it might be best to avoid what some might consider as “unnecessary packaging”.

If you would prefer to see your branded USB flash drives in a box then at USB2U we offer a wide choice ranging from free plain white gift boxes to custom blister packs and metal tins. Just give our team a call and chat through the options – we’ll even pay for the cost of the call.

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