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Aargh!! – Can’t get the USB Sticks! Don’t Panic. We’re The 4th Emergency Service

Posted by USB2U on 19th May 2015 | Permalink

It happens – the excitement, the stress, the pressure and the desire to do a brilliant job and show to everyone how capable you are but then the smallest little detail trips you up and it all goes pear shaped. That career defining moment becomes a career defining moment for all the wrong reasons!

We’ve all been there and its not pleasant. It’s that sinking, horrible feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when it suddenly dawns on you that your job or career is on the line because of things that are outside of your control. However, if you’ve simply forgotten to do something then arguably you’re at fault and you’ll have to live with the consequences no matter how painful they are.

But, if you’ve been working diligently on a project that has a hard deadline and right at the last minute you’re let down by a supplier that they can’t deliver your on time then it might not exactly be your fault but the consequences might be just as painful.

All the planning and preparation in the world can’t accommodate these little “bombs” when they happen but what you can do is try and factor in a little contingency in your schedule. Its not always easy and we understand that “contingency” has a nasty habit of just being “absorbed” in the project.

If the cause of your angst is the supply of promotional USB memory sticks then don’t panic. At USB2U we pride ourselves on being the “4th Emergency Service” of the branded USB memory stick world. Unlike most other suppliers who simply place your order on a factory in China, at USB2U we brand and finish over 50% of all USB sticks we supply in our office in the UK. We always carry tens of thousands of USB sticks in stock and we can print, engrave, data-load and package them in just few hours!

Our Trustpilot reviews (over 3,000 predominantly 5* “Excellent” reviews) are full of customers who’ve been amazed by our ability to get them out of trouble and turn around their order in a matter of hours.

We don’t limit you to just one model, one colour and one memory size either – if you do need to use our “Rush Service” then you’ll typically have over 20 different models to choose from in a range of colours and memory sizes! We also carry a wide range of gift boxes (which we can also brand), lanyards, keyrings and other accessories.

The best thing to do if you’re in a hurry is call us. Our experienced team can talk you through the options, they’ll explain what we need from you to handle your order and give you a firm idea about when we can deliver for you (typically it’s within 24hrs unless we happen to be incredibly busy)

Rush USB Stcks

Rush USB Stcks



It’s F-F-F-Friday – Order your USB Sticks Today for Delivery Monday

Posted by USB2U on 17th April 2015 | Permalink

If you’ve been meaning to order some USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them this week but other things kept getting in the way then don’t despair because at USB2U we can turn around orders on the same day!

With thousands of blank USB memory sticks in stock (across a wide range of designs and colours) and our own in-house design and print teams we are one of the very few companies in Europe that can accept an order in the morning, proof it, print it and then dispatch it the very same day. So, as today is a Friday you could order your printed USB memory sticks this morning and have them delivered Monday morning (we could even get them to you for Saturday if you’re around to take delivery of them!)

You’ll pay a small premium for our “rush” service but if you really do need you sticks quickly then it’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. By

getting your USB sticks designed and printed in the UK you de-risk everything. There will be no exposure to international shipping delays, no exposure to ordering from an overseas company only to find your money is taken and nothing turns up and of course by buying locally if things do go wrong (as they very occasionally do) then getting a resolution is much easier.

At USB2U we design and print tens of thousands of USB sticks in the UK every week. Over the last 4-5 years we have invested heavily in our in-house design and print capabilities and the response from our customers to the range of rush services we offer has been amazing. A significant number of the 5 star reviews we get on Trustpilot (a 3rd party review service) relate to “rush” orders and as much as anything its because customers are blown away by the quality of their orders, the service they get and the sheer speed at which we deliver their order.

What marks us out from our competitors is the range of stock we carry and can print. Lots of companies offer a standard black twister flash drive but these don’t always work with the logo being printed on them and they can to be candid look a bit bland and boring. We can typically offer at least 20 different designs and we also offer the option of printed boxes to go with them (all in the same timescales).

Have a great Friday and remember if you need your promotional USB memory sticks on Monday then give us a call.

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry



Where Can You Get Printed or Engraved Flash Drives Delivered in 24hrs

Posted by USB2U on 19th November 2014 | Permalink

Pfft – we spit in the eye of delivery promises of 6 days. If you need your flash drives printed, data-loaded and delivered quickly then quickly is what we do! We don’t mess around talking days we prefer to talk in terms of hours. So, if you find yourself (for whatever reason) of needing some last minute promotional drives then firstly don’t panic and secondly pick up the phone and call us (or submit a quick quote enquiry via our web site and we’ll get back to you in 15 mins or less).

We’re based in Northampton in the UK. We hold tens of thousands of different USB sticks in stock in a wide range of styles and memory capacities and we print or engrave IN-HOUSE. No outsourcing to a local printer, no restricting you to one type of product and limited memory size options – we always have stock and we control the process from start to finish using our own team and as a consequence we can (and frequently do) take orders in the afternoon for delivery the next day across the UK, Europe and the USA. Don’t believe us then check out the reviews from thousands of happy customers on Trustpilot (many of whom will make reference to how blown away they were with the speed at which we delivered their order). Here are just a few examples from the last few days:

Beyond the ordinary!

We needed some premium usb sticks in presentation boxes for an event. The production team were even able to make up x100 usb sticks and boxes within 5 hours! To meet our tight deadline – which is beyond what is advertised on their website. I am very grateful and they look superb.

Great service and very speedy turnaround

Very impressed with the service from USB2U. Within 24 hours we had our USBs – they look great, the process was very easy, and everyone we dealt with was extremely happy. We’ll definitely buy from them again.

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy !

The ordering process was very simple and the attention to detail excellent. It was an urgent requirement and the sticks arrived promptly.

So, if you have been challenged to find someone who you can trust to deliver a last minute requirement for USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them and with your data files pre-loaded onto them then please do get in touch. It doesn’t matter if your based in the UK, the USA or Timbuktu providing UPS deliver there on a next day service and providing you get in touch reasonably early in the day (ideally before 2pm) then we can normally help.

USB2U - Your Trusted Supplier of USB Memory Sticks

USB2U – Your Trusted Supplier of USB Memory Sticks


Our Printed Chic USB Flash Drives Can Be With You in 24hrs

Posted by USB2U on 13th October 2014 | Permalink

We understand that sometimes it’s just not possible to foresee that you’re going to need some printed USB flash drives. We know that things get missed off the “to-do” list. We know that other people you thought were taking care of the order for USB sticks can “forget” them and equally we know that other promotional USB flash drive suppliers can be too confident of their ability to deliver against very tight deadlines.

The typical lead-times that most supplies work to is around 5 – 10 days from final artwork approval (which in itself can add a day or two to the process and even them lots of suppliers won’t start working on your order until you’ve paid for them). This is usually fine in “normal” circumstances but if you need your flash drives in a hurry then it can be a challenge finding a local supplier that can help!

At USB2U we not only hold thousands of blank USB sticks in stock ready to be overprinted but we handle all of the printing, data-loading and QA checking in-house. In fact we hold so much stock in the UK that around 50% of all of our orders are now assembled, printed (or engraved) and data-loaded by us in Northampton. This means our customers get a super-fast turnaround on their orders and there is no risk of them getting “stuck in customs” or being delayed because of shipping issues.

In fact with a print and engraving capacity that exceeds 5,000 USB sticks per day we’re so confident in our ability to turn around orders quickly that we offer a 24hr”rush service”! Although we describe it as a 24hr service the reality is often quicker than this because we seem to get a lot of orders in the afternoon which are then printed and delivered before lunchtime the following day – so, in reality our 24hr service is quite often 20hrs or less!

Here’s what one customer had to say about our rush service and what it meant to them and their client last week:

Excellent service. Saved an important account (Philip Noons of JE Group)

We had an important client call us on Friday evening to get a USB order to them by 3:00PM on the following Monday. None of our other suppliers could help us. I emailed Natalie on Friday evening and spoke with her on the Monday. I had the artwork approved and the job turnaround by 1:00PM. A truly impressive level of service. My courier picked up the items and delivered them to our client’s exhibition in London by 2:30PM that day. Needless to say, our client (a highend retaill store) were extremely grateful. USB2U, thanks to their efforts, made us look good.

If you find yourself in need of promotional USB sticks in a hurry then there really is only one place to call!

At the moment we’ve got some special pricing on our Chic USB Sticks and yes, they can be with you (printed and data-loaded) tomorrow.

Promotional USB Sticks in 24hrs

Promotional USB Sticks in 24hrs from USB2U


258 Million People on the Move during Chinese New Year but No USB Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 24th January 2014 | Permalink

The Chinese New Year National Holiday (The Year of the Horse) is almost upon us. Unlike our own New Year holidays where people typically take a day or two off in China it’s their big annual holiday and most workers take at least two weeks off work.

This extended break gives millions of workers from the cities the chance to travel home and be with their families in the provinces. The number of people on the move during the holiday is staggering (estimated by the BBC at 285 million) but what even more mind boggling is the distances they travel and the time it takes to complete their journeys – take a look at this photo blog post from the BBC – it helps put the occasional travel challenges we have in the UK into perspective!

The knock on impact of the extended holidays and factory and office closures is that pretty much nothing gets manufactured or shipped for a 2 – 3 week period. Our partner factory in Shenzhen closes this week-end and won’t start manufacturing USB memory sticks again for 2 weeks. It’s the same for most of our competitors as well because whoever they are the likelihood is that their partner factory will also be In Shenzhen, China and as a result it will also close.

What this means is that after today it will become increasingly difficult to get an order for USB memory sticks delivered much before mid-February! Forget the usual promise of 6 to 10 days because no one will be at the factory to produce and print them and even if they were none of the freight forwarding companies are working so they wouldn’t get shipped anywhere!

If you need printed or engraved USB memory sticks in a hurry your only option for the next couple of weeks is to find a local supplier that holds them in stock and is able to personalise them locally as well. There are a few companies that will hold the Black Twister (Capless) model in a range of different memory sizes but that’s about all.

At USB2U we’ve lived through the challenges of Chinese New Year lots of times so we now always ensure we carry lots of stock in the UK whilst it’s on. At the moment we are unique in being able to offer 24 different styles and designs of USB stick in a wide range of memory size. Most of these can be supplied in 24hrs on our rush service but do check because out print schedule can get full pretty quickly!

If you can’t find what you want it’s not the end of the world – at least you’re not on a 33 hour trip home just to be able to spend precious time with your family.


USB Memory Sticks from USB2U During Chinese New Year

USB Memory Sticks from USB2U During Chinese New Year


Emergency, Emergency Promotional USB Sticks Needed Tomorrow.

Posted by USB2U on 29th October 2013 | Permalink

In the overall scheme of things struggling to find a supplier that can deliver your promotional USB memory sticks in a hurry is in the irritating and annoying category rather than career threatening. That is unless it’s something that you were asked to do weeks ago and you’ve just been putting it off or have simply forgotten about it – then it does have have the potential be career damaging.

Sometimes the need to find a USB supplier urgently can be as a result of being let down at the last minute by your normal supplier – problems with “customs and international carriers” are often cited as reasons why USB sticks are late and miss their promised delivery dates.

You can also find yourself in this dilemma because someone you thought someone else had it under control only to find out at the last minute that they had



nothing under control!

All the planning and preparation in the world can’t accommodate these little “bombs” when they happen but what you can do is try and factor in a little contingency in your plans. Granted, it’s not always easy and contingency has a nasty habit of just being “absorbed” into any project – it’s the nature of the beast!

Our advice if you do find yourself in desperate need for some branded USB memory sticks is – don’t panic!  At USB2U we pride ourselves on being the “4th Emergency Service” We regularly rescue customers from tight scrapes, save reputations and keep careers on track. The reason we can do this is because unlike our competitors we carry tens of thousands of  plain, unprinted USB sticks in the UK which we can print and get delivered in as little as 24hrs!!

Whilst we don’t carry the full range of USB sticks shown on our web site we do have around 20 different styles to choose from so there is bound to be something in our “rush range” that meets most customers’ needs. In addition to a wide range of USB sticks we also carry thousands of USB gift boxes, lanyards and keyrings all of which can be combined with our USB sticks.

So, if you do find yourself in a tight spot and you need some printed or engraved USB sticks in a hurry then just give us a call and speak to one of our experienced sales team – they’ll talk you though the options and our in-house designer will work with you to make sure we can deliver a promotional USB stick that not only gets you out of trouble but exceeds your expectations.




USB Flash Drives in a Hurry – No Problem

Posted by USB2U on 27th August 2013 | Permalink

If you’ve decided your event, seminar, exhibition, conference, press event or important client meeting needs some USB memory sticks printed with your company name or logo on and also pre-loaded with your marketing material then bear in mind that these items are rarely available overnight.

Most UK suppliers of promotional USB memory sticks quote between 6 to 14 days (working days) to deliver personalized and data-loaded USB sticks and often even these timescales are ambitious and wrapped up in caveats about possible “customs delays” and factors outside of the suppliers control.

These might be reasonable and understandable warnings but they’re no use to you if you simply have to have your USB sticks by a certain date and time is already against you. After all, if you’re organizing an event and your boss ha dropped on you at the last minute that you need personalized USB sticks the last thing you need is any added stress and uncertainty!

The fundamental problem is that most suppliers hold zero stock in the UK so any order placed on them will be produced in China and then flown into the

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

UK by UPS, DHL or one of the other carriers. So the promise of say “6 days” assumes they can manufacture, print, and ship into the UK (and then on-ship overnight to you) without any hitches. Of course even with companies that run the slickest of operations this leaves loads of risk; production problems, freight problems, customs delays and UK courier issues to name but a few!

Far better if you’re on a tight timeframe to de-risk the while thing and order your promotional USB sticks from a local (UK based) company that holds stock in the UK and can print (or engrave) and data-load in-house. One such company is USB2U – with over 20 different models available on their UK rush service they have the most comprehensive local offering of any supplier.

They don’t stop with USB sticks either because they also carry a wide range of USB gift boxes and packaging options all of which can also be personalized (printed or engraved) and these, like their USB sticks can be delivered in as little as 24hrs! No production worries, no international freight issues, no customs delays to get stressed over and if you choose their 24hr Rush Service they’ll guarantee delivery in the morning via UPS!

Until recently getting USB sticks in a hurry meant lots of compromises had to be made on model, colour, memory size and packaging options but USB2U have stood all of this on it’s head. So, if you need USB flash drives in a hurry pick up the phone and give them a call on their 0800 number – they’ll even pay for the cost of the call for you!

USB Flash Drives in a Hurry

New 5 Day UK Service Introduced for Printed and Engraved USB Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 15th February 2013 | Permalink

In response to growing demand from our customers we have introduced a 5 day service for a large proportion of our USB memory sticks. There are no additional charges for this service and it includes engraving or full colour digital printing (on both sides) of the USB sticks and if needed data loading onto the sticks.

We have also retained our popular “Super Express 24hr Service” and our “Rush 72hr Service”. So whether you need your order the very next day or within a few days there are now plenty of options to choose from and you’re not limited to just one or two different designs. Irrespective of which timed (and guaranteed) service you choose from there are currently 18 different models to select from and some come in a range of colours and memory sizes so you really are spoilt for choice!

One of the attractions of this service is that once your order has been confirmed then delivery of your USB memory sticks is guaranteed. There is no exposure to “customs delays” or international shipping because your order will be fulfilled from UK stock. All you have to do is sign off your proofs in a timely manner, arrange your payment (if you’re not on 30 day terms and a lot of our customers are) and then finally make sure that you’re in when your USB sticks are scheduled for delivery!

Optional extras like printed or engraved gift boxes, lanyards and key rings can also be specified when you use any of our express delivery services. If you do have a particularly large amount of data you want pre-loading onto your printed USB sticks then we can normally accommodate this but you do need to consider how you get the data to us. Our data-loading team will test the data and check the “load times” and then agree with you how quickly the data can be loaded – with 4 separate professional data loading machines on-site we are able to load thousands of sticks a day (subject to the data size and structure).

During “pinch points” like Chinese New Year when lots of USB suppliers struggle to maintain their usual service levels these guaranteed delivery options are likely to prove incredibly popular. So, if you do need printed or engraved USB memory sticks in hurry and you don’t want to take any risks with delivery just give us a call or send in a quote request via our website.

USB2U New Rush Service Announced

USB2U New Rush Service Announced


Prices and Anxiety Levels are Rising

Posted by USB2U on 23rd January 2013 | Permalink

Well, you can’t say we didn’t tell you!  As we get closer to Chinese New Year things are starting to get interesting in the promotional USB stick market. Prices are rising; anxiety amongst businesses trying to source USB sticks against tight deadlines is increasing and something close to panic looks set to ensue over the next week or so.

Ironically it happens every year and every year, starting in December, we try to make as many customers as possible aware of the likely issues and encourage them, where possible, to place their orders early. The benefits are; cheaper prices and assured, stress free delivery.

Understandably not everyone is in a position in December (or early Jan) to know what USB sticks they might need but it is nevertheless surprising just how many businesses leave things right until the last minute.

The core problem is that the Chinese New Year holidays last around 2 weeks and during this time pretty much everything comes to a standstill. No factory that produces USB sticks wants to be taking new orders right up until the start of the holidays so they draw a line in the stand about a week before the festivities commence. This year the actual day of the New Year is the 10th February so expect factories to stop taking orders a week or more before this.

When the factories re-open they then typically take a week or more to catch up with the backlog of orders that have built up so “normal service” can be disrupted for about one month!

If you’ve been caught up in the delays brought on by this years Chinese New Year break in production then your best bet is to find a local supplier of USB memory sticks that holds stock and has the capability to personalise this stock in the UK.

Most UK suppliers are just intermediaries and won’t carry UK stock of their own or if they do they’ll typically have a very limited range of models and memory sizes to chose from.  At USB2U we’ve seen our fair share of challenges during Chinese New Year over the last 10 years and we now make sure we bolster our stock holdings during this time.

So, if you are beginning to worry about whether you will get your promotional USB sticks in time the best advice we can give you is to pick up the phone and call us – one of our team will talk you through the range of models, memory sizes and colours we hold and they’ll talk you through a range of delivery options that include our Rush  24hr service.

Chinese New Year - USB Sticks

Chinese New Year - USB Sticks


Chinese New Year Will Create the Usual Turmoil in the Promotional USB Flash Drive Market

Posted by USB2U on 2nd January 2013 | Permalink

2013 is the Year of the Snake and anyone buying promotional USB flash drives in the period around Chinese New Year needs to be on their metal because every year we always end up proving an emergency service to companies that fail to understand the consequences of this important national holiday in China.

The Chinese New Year holidays have a direct impact on the availability of promotional USB memory sticks in the UK and Europe because unsurprisingly that’s where 99% of them are manufactured.

The reason for the delay is simply because China takes its New Year celebrations very, very seriously. Factories, offices, schools and many public services close for an extended break to allow their staff to travel what is often many thousands of miles to be with their families for the duration of the holiday. These collective celebrations mean that pretty much everything stops for around 2 weeks.

Chinese New Year 2013 - USB Memory Sticks

Chinese New Year 2013 - USB Memory Sticks

The “normal” lead times of around 7-10 days that we normally enjoy for the rest of the year can reach up to 6 weeks during the Chinese New Year. Partly this is because the factories anticipate a rush of orders in the run up to the New Year so they stop accepting orders early, then they close for 2 weeks and then when they’re back it takes days to get back up to full production. Even then it can take a week or two to clear the back-logs that have built up during the break!

In 2013 the New Year’s Day is the 10th February with many factories and businesses closing for a week either side of this which in practice means that the end of January is likely to be the last date for new orders for branded USB memory sticks.

So, if you need to order promotional flash drives for delivery in February then you need to get your orders placed the 2nd or 3rd week of January. Order any later than this and you run the risk that they will get caught up in the mayhem that Chinese New Year leaves in its wake!

There are very few companies in the UK or Europe that carry blank stock of USB memory sticks that can be printed or engraved locally and when they do the stock tends to be limited to a couple of basic models in one or two colours.

One notable exception to this is USB2U who carry a wide range of different styles, colours and memory sizes all of which can be printed, engraved and data-loaded and delivered in as little as 24hrs! If do need USB flash drives printed with your logo on from a UK supplier during Chinese New Year (or any other time for that matter) then give the team at USB2U a call.