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Our Top 3 Summer Promotional Items

Posted by USB2U on 20th April 2017 | Permalink

With summer right around the corner we thought we’d put together our top three summer promotional items that your customers will love!

Stay Cool With the Rainbow USB Fan

Temperatures are starting to rise and we’ve got you covered! Keep your customer’s cool this summer with the Rainbow USB fan. Our exclusive desk fans are powerful as well as silent, and have loads of great features. Each fan comes with a two-speed setting, tilting action, metal blades, and they’re made from a sturdy high quality metal.
There’s also an integrated USB port, so you can easily plug in a USB stick or power bank without losing any ports from your PC or Mac.

Available in either black or white, each fan also has rubber feet to keep them secure on your desk, and our Rainbow Range is completely exclusive to USB2U!

Keep Active This Sumer With Our Activity Tracker

activity tracker makes a great gift for your customers as it tracks steps, distance travelled and stairs climbed. It even calculates the number of calories burned in a day!
The stylish piece of kit comes with a free phone app to view your activity, and packs in some other useful features like sleep tracking and an alarm clock.

Create A Summer Soundtrack

Customers will love these tiny speakers. They may look small, but they’re big on performance! At only 4cm and weighing in at 47.5g, they’re the perfect size to fit in any pocket and a full charge will pay your favourite summer music for a whole four hours.
Compatible with all Bluetooth enabled devices up to an impressive 10 meter range, the mini speaker also has a remote camera control making it great for capturing selfies too!


Could This Be The Most Popular Promotional Item?

Posted by USB2U on 27th February 2017 | Permalink

usb pen

According to a study conducted by the British Promotional Merchandise Association back in 2012, the most popular promotional items amongst all customers are the handy USB drive and the traditional yet extremely useful pen.

We can see why. If we asked you the last time you actually purchased a pack of pens could you remember? Neither can we, our drawers are filled with freebies from various companies and events! Despite technology advancing, promotional pens have stood the test of time because we all need to use one near enough every day.

So with promotional USB drives now just as popular, we’ve incorporated the two with the super practical and innovative USB pen. They’re a great gift to add to goodie bags or to give out at conferences as they combine the two most popular items!

Not only that, you can pre-load data onto our stylish USB pens free of charge, which means as soon as your attendees or customers get home, they can plug the USB drive straight into their PC or Mac and be given brochures, presentations, or information on your company

We have a great range of USB pens on offer, from the classic corporate USB pen to the more premium executive USB Stylus, there’s something to suit all needs – we even have pens with a laser pointer incorporated into them!

Another great thing about the USB pen is that you can have your logo either printed or engraved onto them, and for that extra professional feel we can also supply you with tin boxes that can be branded too.

So if you’re looking to amalgamate the two most popular products into something great, why not contact us for a quote? We hold UK stock so can supply the USB pens straight to you (with data-loaded) in as little as 24 hours!


Promotional Power Banks – Charge Up Your Marketing

Posted by USB2U on 15th November 2015 | Permalink

Turbo charge your marketing campaign in the run up to Christmas with our promotional power banks.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for you staff, customers or suppliers this Christmas or perhaps you just want a great give-away to use as part of a sales promotion then you won’t go far wrong with one of the new generation of Power Banks. These cracking little products are designed to allow you to re-charge your smart phone (or other small electronic device, e.g. tablet or e-reader) whilst you’re away from a conventional power source.

They’re popular. They meet a real need (we pretty much all use our smart phones until the run out of power which can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient!), they look great printed up and they’re great value as a promo-gift. Prices start well below £5 per unit and this typically includes printing (or engraving), a 3-in-1 charger cable and a printed gift box!

There’s a wide range of models to choose from and some are held in stock in the UK allowing delivery (fully branded up with your logo) to happen in just 24hrs!

The biggest choice, apart from which model to choose, is how much power you want your Power Bank to store. Order a Power Bank with too little storage capability and it won’t charge some of the newer Smart Phones fully. Order them with too much power and they’ll take longer to re-charge and they’re likely to be bigger and heavier!

As a rule of thumb you need a Powerbank with at least 2200mAh because this will ensure it can fully charge all the current Smartphones on the market. If you want something with a bit more oomph then go for a 4000mAh – an ideal choice to re-charge tablets.

When sourcing your Power Banks we strongly advocate buying then from reputable local suppliers who will ensure your Powerbanks comply fully with all of the requisite safety standards. Fundamentally a Power Bank is a battery, a store of power and cheap versions of these, like other electrical goods, have a nasty habit of finding their way into the market with all of the inherent dangers that this poses – nobody want to hand out a Powerbank with the potential to explode in use!

For some of the best (and safest) Power Banks available in the UK check out the range on offer from USB2U.

Powerbanks from USB2U

Promotional Power Banks from USB2U



With only 50 days until Christmas NOW is the time to order your USB Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 4th November 2015 | Permalink

If you thought Halloween was scary that’s nothing compared to how quickly Christmas is approaching. With only 50 days to go its time to get organised, it’s time to think about what gifts you want to give to your staff and what gifts you want to give to your customers and the service staff (drivers, window cleaners, delivery drivers etc.) that support your business all year round.

If you procrastinate and leave it much later and you may struggle to get exactly what you want and more importantly you might struggle to get your Christmas gifts printed with your logo on and the gifts personalised with unique messages.

Assuming of course that you want to give a gift this year the next challenge is to decide what to give – favourites often include hampers, drinks and chocolates but increasingly companies that give gifts to customers and prospects are looking for something that carries their brand and will last beyond Christmas. If the gift can generate a bit of a “buzz” or “wow” factor when opened that in turn drives Social Media activity then so much the better! When giving gifts to staff branding is obviously less of a requirement!

USB Cards for Christmas

Give a Promotional USB Stick at Christmas

In the promotional gift sector 2015 has been the year of the Power Bank and we expect to see lots of these given away but equally we also expect thousands and thousands of branded USB memory sticks to be handed out. Whilst USB sticks won’t be for everyone when they are printed with a company logo and pre-loaded with a Christmas message they are a brilliant idea.

They work at Christmas not only because they still have a high-perceived value but because of the innovative ways in which you can use the massive amounts of storage on even the cheapest versions – include a short video message, an animated message or a message of thanks from a few key executives within your company or what about recording and loading onto the stick a “flash mob” message. Get creative, think what will inspire people, what will interest people and what will make them laugh and smile. (and take to Social Meida)

Anything you load onto the USB sticks can be made to “auto-run” – this means the content (the video for example) will play automatically when the USB memory stick is connected to any PC or Mac.

At USB2U we can not only supply your Christmas USB sticks but we also have lots of Power Banks that we can supply with your logo printed on. We even offer a personalisation and fulfilment service so you don’t have to worry about boxing them up and sending them out! Interested? Well, just give us a call and we’ll talk you through the options.


Launch Offer – Bag Yourself a Power Bank Bargain

Posted by USB2U on 22nd October 2015 | Permalink

Until the end of October we’re offering a 10% discount on two of our new Power Banks. Think of it this way – for every ten Power Banks you buy from us we’ll give you an extra one free of charge. “Simples” as a very cute Meerkat called Alexander might say!

We are nudging towards Christmas so even if you haven’t got a specific campaign you need them for right now these Power Banks would make an ideal give-away to staff or customers at Christmas. The offer only runs until the end of October so you’ve only got just over a week to take advantage of this fabulous deal.

The Power Banks themselves are the latest hot product to hit the promotional market and demand is likely to be strong so if you did want them for any specific date please let us know and we’ll do all we can to accommodate your request. We do carry lots in stock in our warehouse in Northampton so on some of the range a 24hr service is available but for others you need to allow 10 days or so from date of order.

If you are thinking of ordering Power Banks for Christmas but you’re not quite sure how many you need then one option is to order the value bundle which includes the printed drawstring bag – this way you can use the large print area on the drawstring bag to print a Christmas design and message whilst keeping the print on the Power Bank simple (e.g. with just your logo on). This way if you over order for Christmas then all you have to do is discard the surplus bags and you still have branded Power Banks to give away in 2016.

If the couple of Power Banks we have on offer are not exactly what you’re looking for then do take the time to check out our dedicated Power Bank micro-site where we have a comprehensive range including some with integrated speakers, some made from wood (ideal for engraving) and some that double up as a smart phone stand!

Finally don’t forget that we many of our Power Banks come complete with a 3-in-1 USB cable (for charging the very latest smart phones) and we can also supply them in Premium White Gift boxes – ideal if you’re looking to supply them to VIP clients.

Power Bank Offer

USB2U Power Bank Offer – 10% Discount on orders


Buzzzz – Wasps RFC include USB Stick in Members’ Welcome Pack for 2015/16

Posted by USB2U on 21st October 2015 | Permalink

Forget the Saracens there’s something special happening down the M6 at the Ricoh Stadium just outside of Coventry. New Stadium, a successful Secured Bond which raised £35m, a strong team, a growing support base in the midlands and the best looking New Members’ Welcome Pack bar none!

As a Northampton based supplier of Promotional USB Memory Sticks and staunch supporters of rivals Northampton Saints we’re gutted that Wasps have outgunned and out flanked the Saints with this brilliant membership pack – call us biased but we think the jewel in pack is the little black “Twister” USB stick that according to the Wasps website has been filled with tons of exciting content including; mobile phone and desktop screensavers and embedded links to video clips of the best tries of the 2014/15 season.

If we weren’t all die-hard Saints supporters we’d think very seriously about taking up one of their incredibly attractive (and cheap relative to the Saints) membership deals and not just to get a free USB stick! Some of us at USB2U live closer to Daventry and Rugby making the Ricoh Stadium arguably easier to get to than Franklins Gardens! – tempting…..

In the meantime we’ll just keep knocking on the door at Franklins Gardens and encouraging the marketing team to follow the lead of Wasps RFC.

Of course the perfect welcome pack as far as we’re concerned would be a pack that not only includes a branded USB stick but also includes a promotional power bank – these would be ideal to take to the game (or on those longer away trips) as a way of keeping you smart phone charged. After all as supporters we’re all encouraged these days to “Tweet from our seats” and to follow the team on Social Media. Not so easy to do if your phone is out of battery power hence why a power bank would be such a great members gift.

Get the power bank printed up in the clubs colours and include the URL’s or links to the various Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest pages and as a club you’ll have covered all the bases. They’re also a great option to sell in the Club Shop (either at the stadium or on-line) and they’ll make a welcome change from the usual mugs, caps, keyrings and mini rugby balls.

Wasps RFC USB Sticks

Wasps RFC New Member USB Sticks


We do more than just USB Sticks – Check Out Our Promotional Power Banks

Posted by USB2U on 15th October 2015 | Permalink

One of the challenges for marketers looking to buy promotional products is to find something that is relevant – nearly 40% of participants in the recent BPMA research review of the Promotional Gift Market said they’d spend more if they felt they could find products that worked for them.

Top of what they are looking for is a top quality product that is memorable and that is relevant but interestingly they need to be able to source this for less than £10 per unit and in most cases for less than £5 per unit.

Herein lies the challenge. USB Sticks printed with a company logo and pre-loaded with data files are well within the price boundaries that are defined by most marketing budgets but for some companies they’re no longer as relevant as they used to be. They’ve either “done USB sticks” or just want “something a little bit different”. But what? What else is available that meets the price, quality and performance parameters that marketers are seeking?

Whilst the core of our business (USB2U) has, and always will be, promotional USB memory sticks, we understand that some of our customers are looking for something else and we’d rather they bought that “something else” from us than one of our competitors.

We’ve always supplied a small number of other USB products including USB Fans, USB speakers and USB Christmas Decorations (USB fairy lights and USB Xmas Trees) but none of these have grabbed our interest quite as much as the range of Power Banks that we now supply.

For the uninitiated Power Banks are rechargeable batteries that can be used to charge up a huge range of portable devices but are commonly used to recharge smart phones. They come in a range of sizes, both physical and in terms of the power they store, they look fantastic and with a logo added to them they are a brilliant giveaway.

When you consider how many of us now use Smart Phones every day and how many of us get frustrated when the battery starts to run low its easy to appreciate how useful a Power Bank can be – simply plug one into your Smart Phone and within 10 minutes you can use it from “dead” and within 2 hours it will be fully recharged. Whatever your marketing campaign Power Banks are likely to be relevant because we love our phones and anything that makes them work that little bit longer is going to be really appreciated.

We love Power Banks (not quite as much as we love USB sticks) and we’re delighted to be able to supply a wide range many of which we hold in the UK and can print and deliver in as little as 24hrs.

The latest addition to our range is the Pixel Power Bank and its fab! Available with 4000mAh or 8000mAh of stored power it will fully recharge a smart phone not once but twice!

Pixel Power Banks from USB2U

New – the Pixel Power Bank is the latest model in the USB2U range


Product Spotlight: USB Batteries

Posted by USB2U on 13th October 2015 | Permalink

Battery USB Flash Drives

Power up your marketing and promotional campaign with our battery shaped USB memory sticks. These brilliant little USB sticks are a great idea and whilst they’re an obvious choice for any battery manufacturer, they’re also a good choice for anyone looking for something a little bit different from the standard range of flash drives.

USB Batteries

  • Outer Casing: Metal
  • Available Colours: Copper & Black, Silver
  • Dimensions: 59mm x 16mm
  • Weight: 368g
  • Imprint Area: Full Wrap
  • Imprint Size: 59mm x 16mm+
  • Special Options: Keyring included


Please note that Pantone matching and matte rubber coating are not available on this range.

Even if you’re not the manufacturer of Duracell or Energizer batteries you could use them creatively to support any campaign that talks about “power”, “energy” “recharging” or “boosting” – there are lots of creative ways in which USB battery memory sticks could be used and they certainly make a powerful impact!

They measure up slightly bigger than a standard AA battery (they need to be larger to accommodate the USB connector), they are made of metal and they have a screw cap so they’re a pretty rugged and tough flash drive (in our opinion they’re one of the toughest flash drives on the market!)

Although they have an interesting shape they work just like any standard USB flash drive and they’re available in memory sizes from 64MB all the way up to 16GB! They can also be printed in full colour with any graphic or design on the full surface area of the battery, and can be supplied with an attached keyring and in a presentation box or “blister pack”, just like regular batteries you’d pick up in the shops!

Preloaded Data
We strongly recommend that you use the memory storage space you’re buying and pre-load data onto your USB batteries before you hand them out. You don’t necessarily have to create new content if you don’t have the time or resources. Just send us digital copies of your marketing brochures, your PowerPoint slides, prices lists, press releases, video, TV adverts etc. and we’ll pre-load them onto your USB sticks for you.

In many cases we can offer the data loading for no additional charge, but even when we do charge the fees are normally only pennies.

The print, transportation and storage costs of printed material like sales brochures, press releases and product sheets can all be saved by loading electronic versions of them onto the flash drives. In some cases it’s relatively easy to build a business case to fund the purchase of the USB drives from these savings alone. If you build in the additional promotional value that they deliver, it’s no surprise that more and more companies are now buying branded USB flash drives.


Take a look – USB2U Launches New Promotional Power Bank Website

Posted by USB2U on 28th August 2015 | Permalink

We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new mini website that is dedicated entirely to the latest give-away to take the promotional gift market by storm – the Power Bank.

After more than a decade of focusing almost entirely on promotional USB memory sticks you might ask “Why the Power Bank?” Well, with 35 million smartphone users in the UK alone and approaching 2 billion globally it’s hardly surprising that a product that helps us deal with our seemingly unquenchable thirst for on-line interaction and communication is gaining huge popularity as a promotional give-away.

For an illustration of just how “hooked” we’ve become on social media look no further than the announcement from Facebook that yesterday, for the first time, over 1 billion people used their site in a single day! Think about that for a minute – yesterday 14% of the total population of the world went onto Facebook. Exclude babies and infants and those that never use or simply don’t have or don’t want access to the Internet and you get a more realistic feel for just how engrained and pervasive this one on-line service has become in our daily lives.

Smartphones obviously play a huge part in how we access and use websites and services like Facebook. Arguably the primary use of a smartphone these days is not to “phone” people but to message, post, tweet, blog, photograph and stream music.

The problem this creates is that smartphones are in almost constant use and as a result their batteries run out of power pretty quickly. This is not a problem when you’re at home or near a source of mains power but if you’re travelling, camping, at festivals or just away from any source of mains power then a way of recharging your smartphone is essential.

Powerbanks from USB2U

Promotional Power Banks from USB2U

Power Banks address this problem – they are a portable power source for any smartphone, they’re simple to use, easy to carry, they look great printed with a company logo on, they’re relatively inexpensive and they’re incredibly handy. It’s these attributes that make them an ideal promotional give-away.

At USB2U we now supply nine different types of Power Banks – some wood, some metal, some plastic but all top quality and all fully compliant with the latest safety regulations. They come in a range of different shapes and power levels and we also offer them in a range of attractive gift bags and gift boxes.

Power Banks from USB2U

Accessories available with your Power Banks

If you need your Promotional Power Banks in a hurry then don’t worry because we carry thousands in stock in our warehouse in Northampton and we can typically brand them with your logo and deliver them in as little as 24hrs.

Check out our full range of Power Banks here.


Crystal USB Memory Sticks – Wow these are Amazing

Posted by USB2U on 14th August 2015 | Permalink

Over the 13 years that we’ve been selling promotional USB Memory Sticks we’ve seen some absolutely great examples of them but after a while you tend to become a little blasé about new models being brought to the market.

When you’ve handled tens of thousands of customer orders and supplied millions of promotional USB sticks it’s difficult to get excited but, every now and then, something really special grabs our attention and gives us goose bumps!

The product in question is the Crystal USB stick but not the standard version. No, our skilled and creative design and print team have taken this core product and blended it with our in-house design and printing capabilities to produce a truly stunning promotional USB memory stick – check out the image below!

Crystal USB Memory Sticks - Amazing

Crystal USB Memory Sticks – Amazing

What you’re seeing is a basic (clear) Crystal model that has been given a full colour print but the print has been applied in a way that retains some of the translucence of the original. When you use the technique to mimic something like a full bottle of perfume the results are stunning. Trust us, in the flesh the Channel perfume bottle looks like it really is a bottle of perfume and it’s the same with the JOOP example.

Now we appreciate not everyone’s product, logo or artwork is going to work with this particular product but if you do have something you want to promote and you’re product lends itself to this kind of promotional treatment then we would encourage you to let us have a go at producing some mock-ups and samples for you. We don’t charge for this service and there is no commitment to buy from us – we just want to be given the opportunity to show what we can do/produce.

If it sounds like we’re excited about the potential of this Crystal USB stick in the hands of our print team it’s because we’ve never before had such a positive reaction across the company to the launch of a new product. We have lots of samples in stock so if you need to see one “in the flesh” to be convinced then just give us a call or drop an email to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sale team.

Don’t worry about the cost either. Despite how brilliant they look they are only pennies more than our “Classic” range of USB sticks.