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Special Announcements from USB2U at the 2018 Photography Show!

Posted by USB2U on 17th March 2018 | Permalink

USB2U Photography Announcement

The Photography Show 2018 is now in full swing and with it, we have some exciting news to share with you!

Introducing UDP 3.0

UDP 3.0 ChipMoving forward, all of our Photography USB Bundles will feature UDP 3.0 flash memory as standard. This is down to our continued commitment to offer the best quality USB products to our clients and ensuring that we are offering a product that is both reliable for our photographers and their customers for years to come.

We’ve listed some brief FAQs below which go through the main benefits of this technology over other chip types.


What is UDP?

UDP 3.0 is a new type of flash memory designed to be more robust, efficient and reliable than anything that has come before it. The UDP module is made up of one solid component making it more resistant to wear and tear. As well, the flash memory boasts slightly faster read/write speeds compared to standard flash chips.


How does UDP memory differ from normal flash memory? 

One of the main differences is the physical size of the memory chip. UDP chips are a lot smaller and therefore fit in the smallest of USB models including our USB cards! Standard memory sticks are typically made up of PCBs, which is effectively the flash memory, controller and other components soldered together on a board. In general, PCBs are considered to be less reliable as there are more moving parts to go wrong, compared to UDP chips which are one fixed piece.


Is UDP 3.0 more expensive?

In general, the price of UDP is marginally more expensive per unit than a standard PCB USB, however, what photographers are getting out of this is a more reliable product which is faster and more appropriate for professional use. We want your devices to last a long time so have invested heavily in this new technology.


Can I still buy PCB USBs from you?

You can still buy standard PCB USB sticks from us, however, we would recommend all professional photographers switch to our new more reliable UDP offering. When purchasing branded USB sticks, the main question you need to ask is whether the small additional saving is worth the risk of your customers’ overall satisfaction.

Online shop – Launching soon!

We have a new online shop launching soon, enabling our photography customers to purchase USB bundles in smaller quantities of 1, 5, 10, 25 &  50. This is designed to make life that little bit easier for our customers who aren’t especially keen on invoicing and want a more straightforward transactional buying process.

More to follow on this in the coming weeks!




4 Reasons to Visit USB2U at the 2018 Photography Show

Posted by USB2U on 14th March 2018 | Permalink

Photography Show 2018

USB2U are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2018 Photography Show for the fifth year running! The show will be taking place over 4 days at Birmingham’s NEC. The USB2U team will be on hand at stand J102 to showcase our amazing range of USB products perfect for photographers, as well as answer any burning questions you may have!

Below we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why this show is gearing up to be just as,  if not even more amazing than previous years!

1. Exclusive show discounts on USB bundles!

Luxury USB Box Bundle










At the show, you will find a number of our best selling bundles available to order at a reduced price compared to our standard website prices. These deals are exclusive to those attending the show and are only available for the 4-day event.


2. Enter our competition!

USB2U CompetitionVisit our stand (J102) and enter our competition for the chance to win 5 FREE USB Luxury Prints Bundles,  personalized with your own photography logo. We will be drawing one winner at the end of each day so it doesn’t matter when you plan on attending the show – just remember to enter the competition when you pop by. No purchase necessary.


3. Not one, but two huge announcements!

We have a couple of really great announcements to make at the show so be sure to visit us to find out what they are. Trust me, you won’t want to miss them!



4. Come and meet Abbey

If you’re looking for the best advice on which digital packaging solution to go for, make sure you speak to Abbey. Abbey is USB2U’s very own dedicated Photography Account Manager. Having worked with professional photographers for over 2 years now, she knows everything there is to know about our best-selling USB bundles and the latest trends. She is also clued up on the latest technology advancements, as well having a keen eye for detail, helping you choose the best photography packaging for your business.

We will have most of the USB2U account management team on hand over the course of the event, so be sure to pop over to say “hi” to some new and old (we’ll say experienced) faces.

We look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be an enjoyable event.


There’s still time to register for an advanced ticket for the show!




How USB’s can benefit your Photo Booth offering

Posted by USB2U on 16th August 2017 | Permalink

Photo Booths have become a popular feature at many weddings and special occasions in recent years. The main appeal for these is the fact that they provide a fun and inherently different way of taking photos of guests. The increase in quality and design of such booths has also aided this development allowing hiring companies to create bespoke packages for their customers.

Wedding Photo Booth

With this in mind, there remains a growing demand for businesses operating in this corner of the market to distribute photos (both digital and prints) to clients, for them to keep copies of and distribute as they wish. USB’s provide a workable solution by allowing images to be stored and shared amongst family and friends whilst also helping to leave a lasting impression on any bride and groom. For photo booth businesses, extras such as this can help increase their overall offering and ultimately lead to an additional revenue stream. Below we take a look at a few USB Sticks and USB Bundles that are bound to make an impact on any bride and groom out there.


Crystal USB’s & BundlesCrystal USB and Bundles

Great for any elegant occasion and highly customizable, the Crystal USB is the epitome of a classy evening and is sure to be popular amongst any bride and groom. The body is available in a variety of different colours and materials including wood and also rose gold which is a popular choice at the moment. They can also be packaged in a nice looking black and white flip box or for something that little extra special, they can also be placed in our Luxury USB Box, which come wrapped in a high quality faux leather.


Colourful Painted Woodland USB’s

Pastel USB and Bundle

Our Painted Woodland USB’s are great for just about any wedding theme. Available in 5 distinctive and bold colours, these USB Sticks truly stand out when you look at them and work well with any branding, which can be either printed or engraved on. A USB Bundle is also available for this particular product which includes a wooden box painted in the same colour as the Woodland USB with space for a logo on the lid, creating a product that looks fun and ultimately pleasing on the eye.


The Rodeo USB

Rodeo USB

If you’re looking for a USB stick with a luxury look & feel, then our Rodeo USB might be for you. A strong favourite with wedding photographers, the Rodeo features soft textured leather encapsulated in polished chrome making it a perfect accompaniment to any photographers package or photo booth offering. The Rodeo USB is also available as part of a bundle with our gorgeous white flip boxes and even a Luxury Keepsake Box suitable to house large prints inside.


Traditional Woodland USB’s

Woodland USB and Bundles

With a natural look and feel the Woodland USB 3.0 is an absolutely stunning USB stick. Available in either a light or dark wood and suitable for both printing and engraving, there is so much you can do with this product. There are also plenty of bundle options available from slide and flip boxes of different sizes to those with room to house prints inside. Photo booths which have a natural look to them or which are placed in an outdoor setting, could especially benefit from this accompanying USB and bundle.


Designed with Heart in Mind

Heart USB and Bundles

Wanting a USB that’s completely unique? Then take a look at our Heart USB’s. Lavish in design and finished with bright diamante crystal and a simple polished chrome this product is bound to melt hearts. It is also paired with our popular Luxury Boxes and White Flip Boxes for that added extra that is sure to impress.


Make sure to take a look at our website for further information on our Photography USB’s and Bundles or get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] 


Congratulations Lorna from all of us at USB2U!

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A big congratulations to Lorna Preston from the whole team here at USB2U, for not only placing as a finalist for the “Photographer of the Year” but for also winning a top award at the Annual Newborn Photography Show. The show itself is the largest of its kind in Europe which is aimed specifically at photographers who specialise in newborn, maternity and child photographers. Lorna was nominated as a finalist for “Photographer Of The Year” in the Maternity category out of hundreds of applicants nationwide. Not only that, but Lorna also went on to win “Small Trader of the Year” for her impressive backdrops business! An outstanding achievement to say the least!

Lorna Preston Maternity Finalist

Lorna’s Entry for ‘Photographer of the Year 2017’ in the maternity category

Lorna Preston

Our very own Dawn was lucky enough to be sat on the same table as Lorna at the highly acclaimed Newborn Show Awards Dinner and was delighted to discover that Lorna was an existing customer from back in 2013! Lorna explained that because of a high minimum order quantity she had refrained from placing an order directly with us and had instead bought smaller quantities via our Etsy Page as she loved our products but just didn’t need 25 at a time. USB2U had previously received this feedback from various customers and we listened! As a result we now offer special bundle options for as little as 10 units which Lorna was ever so pleased about – so much so that she ordered then and there!

White Trinket Box- Lorna Preston

Here’s what Lorna had to say…

“As a customer of USB2U, I was delighted to discover that they now offer orders of 10 which is really helpful to a photographer like myself. Dawn, my contact, was great in advising what type of product would suit my brand and also which would show off my logo best. I’ve just taken delivery of my brand new trinket box order and I must say they are stunning – I almost don’t want to part with them! The attention to detail is fabulous (even down to the straw filling inside). I can’t wait to show them off to my clients which will no doubt fall in love with them too.”

Make sure to check out Lorna’s website-  www.lornasphotography.co.uk (currently having a makeover) and follow her on social media! 🙂 – Instagram- @lorna_preston                                                                                                                                                                                                              Facebook – @LornasPhotography





Handmade Wooden USB Boxes from a Sustainable Source

Posted by USB2U on 10th September 2014 | Permalink

There is something so beautiful about wood. Simple and interesting, no two pieces are ever the same, and we feel like that very much reflects a great deal of our customers, who seem to love them just as much as we do!
When we started to look for a range of gift boxes that we could offer to professional photographers who wanted to make an impact with their work, we knew we had to find at least one box that was manufactured from wood (and that the wood itself had to be from a sustainable source). Due to the visual nature of a photographer’s work, it had to be an eye-catching box, and it had to be a box that we could engrave or print in the UK.
In short, any wooden USB gift box we were planning on supplying had to be something that we were proud to associate our brand with, and one that we were confident that our customers would be happy to put their brand/logo on.

Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

Sustainably sourced wooden USB slide boxes

Our handmade wooden slide boxes tick all of the above boxes and then some. They are available in a range of colours, from light wood to dark wood AND they are from a sustainable source (with certificates to back up the claim), Each one is handmade and hand finished which does of course mean you will get slight variations in size, colour and graining but that is all part of the charm of buying a natural product.

USB Pine Gift Box

Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

We bring our wooden boxes into the UK with no logo on and no internal finish (stuffing) because we prefer to print or engrave them in-house using our own highly skilled staff and state of the art print and engraving kit. This way we get to control the final finish and quality of the boxes and we can respond more quickly to requests from customers.
The wooden slide boxes are quite often combined with our wooden Woodland USB memory sticks (available in the same light and dark colourways). As a package they look amazing, are warm to the touch, slightly rustic looking and very tactile. They are ideal for photographers who want to really leave a lasting impression on clients, and are particularly popular for providing the imagery for their wedding clients.
We finish the boxes off with a natural coir fibre insert (we’ve tried straw but it was just too big and looked silly) so when the boxes are sent out they arrive fully assembled with the USB sticks inserted and the filling neatly in place. What more could you want!

Engraved USB Flash Drives

Inexpensive wooden USB Gift Boxes and Memory Sticks

The price for these boxes (printed or engraved and with the coir fibre inlay) is between £2.50 and £3.00 each which is fantastic value when you consider how much work goes into them and how much the competition charge for some of their boxes (£8 – £20 is the norm).
So, if you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking for some USB flash drives and USB gift boxes that will help you stand out from the crowd and will be loved by your clients then our wooden USB sticks combined with our wooden USB sticks are a great option for you. Similarly however, if you are an eco-friendly business or organisation also looking for something a little more substantial in your USB sticks, these products are definitely worth considering.
For more information about our wooden USB gift boxes or wooden memory sticks, feel free to email us at [email protected]



Wooden USB Memory Sticks – Ideal for Jenga

Posted by USB2U on 9th September 2015 | Permalink

Small, uniformly shaped wooden blocks are commonly associated with the brilliant family game Jenga but at USB2U we tend to associate them with professional photographers. The reason? Well, wooden USB memory sticks have become the go to product of choice for the majority of thousands of professional photographers that we supply.

We’re don’t think it’s because as a sector they’re all secret Jenga fans who while away hours furtively playing Jenga with each other in secret club venues. No, we think they’re buying the wooden USB sticks because they look and feel fantastic, because they’re not the sort of thing you can get down your local Tesco store and because when combined with an attractive gift box they make a brilliant “package” to hand a professional portfolio out on.

USB Jenga

USB Jenga – Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB sticks have undergone a bit of a renaissance lately with interest fuelled by their strong “eco” credentials and the launch of lots of new designs and styles but it’s the photography sector that have really taken them to their hearts.

If you check out our Facebook page, our Flickr pages or our Pinterest pages you’ll see loads of great example of our wooden drives – some printed but most engraved with nearly all of them supplied in one of our range of complimentary wooden gift boxes. Lots of the photos are sent to us by delighted photographers who have gotten great feedback from their clients – we’re always delighted to get these photos and happy (with permission) to share them.

Wooden USB Memory Sticks

Wooden USB Memory Sticks

As you can see from the images we supply a range of different styles and most of them come in a light wood or dark wood option (all from sustainable sources) and some are available made from bamboo – an ideal choice if you really want to push the eco message.

If you choose a wooden USB flash drive you don’t have to compromise of storage capacity or performance – they are available in memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to a massive 32GB. The ones we supply to the photography sector all have upgraded components (flash memory modules, controller chips and capacitor) or they can be supplied as a USB 3.0 drive (the latest and fastest USB specification)

To really appreciate just how good these products are it’s worth seeing them in the flesh. Ask our team to send you some samples – get enough and you’ll be able to play Jenga (actually, no, don’t do that we don’t want to encourage that)

USB2U Wooden USB Memory Sticks

USB2U Wooden USB Memory Sticks


5 Reasons to Attend USB2U’s Photography Open Evening

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At 6.30pm on Wednesday 23rd September 2015, USB2U will open the doors of their new home at Gilt Edged House to professional photographers from around the local area for an evening of networking, knowledge sharing and most importantly – prosecco!

In June, the entire USB2U team uprooted from their humble office in Duston to an impressive premises in Moulton Park, with ample room for growth in print, production and more. USB2U have been trading for almost 13 years now, and we have become the most trusted supplier of Branded USB Memory Sticks to the photographic sector in the UK and worldwide.

USB2U Photographers Open Evening, Weds 23rd Sept 2015

USB2U Invite Professional Photographers to visit their HQ

But there are so many companies out there offering custom USB Sticks, we hear you cry, what makes USB2U so special and why should I come and see them?

Here are just 5 reasons why we think you should come along and say hello:

  1. You get to see what goes on behind the scenes and watch our state of the art equipment in action. Unlike other suppliers who print their memory sticks in the Far East, USB2U print and engrave the vast majority of their Branded USBs and Presentation Boxes right here in the Midlands. We do this to the highest standard, keeping a close eye on quality and delivering unparalleled results. Watching your logo come to life on our laser engraving machines is quite epic and you’ll want to see it for yourself.
  2. You can finally put a face to that name. Whether your Account Manager is Godfrey, Natalie or another member of our friendly sales team, this is the perfect opportunity to get to know who you are ordering your USB sticks with.
  3. You can ask our USB experts about the latest technologies and products. We pride ourselves in having the most knowledgeable staff who know everything there is to know about a USB Memory Stick. Have a technical query about high spec drives or USB3.0? Just ask. Not sure how to create vector artwork? Please shout and we will show you.
  4. You can take advantage of our special offers and discount codes and save yourself some cash. When you run a small business, it’s vital to be savvy about your finances. We’ve been there and know just how important it is. Don’t pay over the odds and make sure you grab yourself a deal.
  5. And finally… Prosecco. Need we say more?!

The Professional Photographers Open Evening is the first event of its kind for USB2U and it is definitely one that we are hoping to continue to run moving forward.  Don’t forget to RSVP. We hope to see you there.


Advice for Professional Photographers thinking of buying USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 30th April 2015 | Permalink

There has been a marked shift in the way in which professional photographers supply digital copies of their images. Fewer and fewer are using CD’s and DVD’s instead preferring to make them available on USB memory sticks or simply uploading them to a cloud based storage service from which their clients can download them.

Cloud based options are an easy and simple solution but they don’t really offer much in the way of driving additional revenue, building brand loyalty or giving the customer something really personal and tangible. In an increasingly competitive photography market it’s important for photographers to differentiate their service and in pure commercial terms it critical that every revenue opportunity is maximised. When you’re a professional you’re running a business and whilst some of the elite or privileged might be able to just focus on the photography for the rest it’s about earning enough to stay in a business they love and putting food on the table.

There are now some absolutely amazing USB packages available that have been put together specifically with the professional photographer but why buy these instead of just picking up a decent Kingston or Lexar drive from your local Staples or PC World Store?

The standard drives will do the job but they won’t exactly make anyone’s heart miss a beat if they’re given their wedding or family portfolios on one of them and charging a premium for them might be a challenge! Equally don’t expect to see lots of Facebook posts or Tweets about them and how they were blown away by them – these standard USB sticks are boring, they’re about function not flair, they’re not designed to lift peoples spirits they’re designed as a business tool.

Great photographs work on an emotional level so if you are going to use USB sticks to distribute them on then surely it’s best to use one that looks as though some care, creativity and thought has gone into its choice? Use one that reflects your own style and approach and works in harmony with your photographs and your typical clients.

When shopping for USB memory sticks here are some basic tips to help you:

  1. Find a specialist supplier – the vast majority of USB memory sticks suppliers are mainly selling them to companies that give will them away at trade shows and exhibitions or press events. These are usually cheap and cheerful flash drives that will have slow(ish) read/write speeds and will have limited branding and packaging options. Ideally find a supplier has a proved track record of supplying photographers, understands the industry and has developed a range of packages specifically for the photography sector.
  2. Buy a product that is fit for purpose – The typical read/write speeds of a “promotional USB sticks” is usually little more than 2MB per second (write) and 4MB per second (read). This is fine if they are just being data loaded with a couple of PDF sales brochures but, if you’re a professional photographer you will need to get USB sticks with better (upgraded) flash memory and better controller chips. If you don’t then be prepared to spend several hours copying your photographs onto each USB stick.
  3. Consider using the latest USB 3.0 sticks. USB 3.0 is the new standard for USB. USB sticks that use this standard will have read/write speeds of around 50MB – 100MB per second so they are very, very fast! They cost a little more than equivalent USB 2.0 sticks (but not as much as you might expect) but to take advantage of the speeds they offer you’ll need a PC or Mac that is equipped with USB 3.0 USB ports. Even if your clients only have PC’s with the older USB 2.0 USB port on them they will still be able to use them they’ll just run a bit slower. The real benefit is the time you’ll save loading the images onto the sticks.
  4. Get Physical Samples and Mock Ups – Ask for free samples to help you choose which model to go with and get your supplier to work up various mock-ups and examples for you. Again, a good supplier will have an in-house design team and they should be able to suggest and illustrate a number of options that will work with your brand or logo. Don’t pay for this. Mock-ups should be free and will not (should not) bind you to placing an order.
  5. Don’t forget the packaging – the style and type of box you choose can help lift the overall impact your USB sticks make when you hand them over to your client. Printed or engraved boxes are relatively inexpensive providing they are purchased with your USB sticks so make sure to ask about the available options.
  6. Check our what other photographers are saying about the supplier and their products – there are plenty of 3rd party review sites like Trustpilot that will help you to see what other customers are saying but there are also lots of “private” photography forums and boards where you can ask for advice or just read other threads/posts on this subject.
  7. Take all claims of “A Grade” USB and chips with a pinch of salt – every USB supplier now claims this and they get away with it because they know they are rarely ever challenged and when they are it’s often after an order has been placed and fulfilled. Better to trust what other customers are saying that taking the claims of the supplier at face value.
USB Flash Drive Pacakages from USB2UUSB Flash Drive Packages from USB2U

USB Flash Drive Packages from USB2U

USB Flash Drives for Professional Photographers

USB Flash Drives for Professional Photographers


We’ve got USB Gift boxes fully covered

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Innovation in the gift box space continues apace and no more is this evident than in the gift box (or keepsake) sector for Professional Photographers. Even for those enlightened photographers that have already made the move from CD/DVD to USB sticks it’s not enough to simply stand back and admire your work. No, you need to keep on pushing, you need to keep on challenging yourself and your suppliers, you need to differentiate and increasingly you need to add value to the packages you offer to your clients.

It’s a dog eat dog market with lots of competition and whilst the “superstar photographers” at the top end of the market rarely have gaps in their bookings for the mere mortals of the professional photography world life can be a little more challenging. Digital cameras and easy to use editing software packages are a double-edged sword – yes, they make it easier to take great photographs and manipulate them but they lower bar for everyone. There are now lots of “keen amateurs” entering the business who’ll offer a wedding shoot or portfolio session for peanuts and of course with little in the way of overheads it’s increasingly difficult to compete with them.


Gift Boxes from USB2U

Full Print USB Gift Boxes

The trick is to focus on your art, to let your images and clients do the talking. Brush up your skills, buy the best kit you can afford and spend time understanding how to really get the best from it.

Get a brilliant website built and understand how to optimise the website when its built. Spend time on Social Media, build up a following on Facebook, encourage and participate in dialogue, encourage reviews on 3rd party review websites, post images to Flickr, Pinterest and Instagram. Blog, yes, blog, write about yourself, express your personality off the page, and do it on a regular basis.

USB Pine Gift Box

Pine Gift Box with full colour print to lid

Get close to the best local wedding venues and get them to endorse your work and add you to their list of recommended professional photographers. Enter the industry competitions, challenge yourself, push yourself and just to anything you can to get known, get endorsed and get recommended.

In terms of differentiating your offer you could look to add some of the latest printed wooded gift boxes that were launched by USB2U at the 2015 Photography Show. These can be purchased on their own or bought as a bundle with a matching USB stick. The latest innovation with these boxes is the full colour print to the whole surface are of the box lid. The results (as you can see from these examples) are stunning and will really help to lift your proposition.

At USB2U we’ve got packaging for professional photographers covered!


Five Days and Counting – Come See USB2U at The Photography Show

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The weather forecast for this weekend (according to the BBC) is “cool and breezy with scattered showers” so not exactly the weather for doing a great deal outside. The gardening and other chores can wait until things perk up a little and the promises you made to get your bike out or take the kids for a walk in the Spring sunshine to see the new season lambs might have to be put on hold – well for a few days at least!

This weekend your time, if you’re a professional photographer or budding amateur that’s thinking of going professional this year, would be better spent at The Photography Show in Birmingham. The show takes place at the NEC in Hall 5 and runs from this Saturday (21st March) until Tuesday (24th March) and it’s going to be massive. Last year over 29,000 professional and enthusiast photographers attended the show and the organisers expect this year’s numbers to be even higher.

USB2U at The Photography Show

USB2U will be a The Photography Show at the NEC this were

With a mission to create a “photography day out you’ll never forget” the organisers have pulled out all the stops to bring together a 4 day program that is rammed full of exciting, informative and education elements with plenty of fun and shopping opportunities along the way. There will be plenty of chances to have a play with some of the very latest kit, to hear first hand from some of the world’s most inspirational photographers (Tom Stoddart and Mary Ellen Mark to name but two) what makes them tick and how they approach their work.

There will be advice clinics (run by Bowens) and plenty of in-show seminars and workshops to help you brush up on your skills. If you do decide to go then don’t forget your own camera because there will be tons of photo opportunities throughout the event and of course there will be lots of competitions to enter with some amazing prizes on offer.

We’ll be there again this year (come see us on Stand H131) but having been overrun last year we’ve invested in a bigger stand this year! We’ll also have more of our amazing USB2U team on hand to talk you through our USB Memory Stick and gift box packages and there will be plenty of show discounts and offers that you can take advantage of.

We’re taking lots and lots of examples of printed and engraved USB memory sticks and examples of our new wooden gift boxes that we’re keen to get feedback on – we love them but we’d still value your opinion.

If photography is your thing then we’d strongly recommend making some time to come to the show later this week and if you do please make sure you stop by and say hello – we’d love to show you what we can do and if you’re an existing customer we’d love to catch up with you and get your feedback on our work.