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Professional Photography USB Flash Drives – New Package Goes Live

Posted by USB2U on 17th November 2014 | Permalink

Never ones to let the grass grow green under our feet we’ve been busily working away on a range of new packages for the professional photography sector. Today we’re delighted to announce the launch of our Wooden USB Twister Stick and Wooden Flip Box bundle. More will follow over the course of the next few weeks!

Today’s exciting new package offering includes the ever popular capless “Twister” USB memory stick but instead of the body being made from plastic (like the vast majority of twister sticks in the market) the body in this package is made from an attractive light wood. To compliment it we’ve combined it with a matching light wood flip style gift box and to top the whole thing off every box is supplied in a black velvet style drawstring bag.


Wooden-USB-Twister-Package for Professional Photographers

With prices starting from £6.70 per unit they’re not going to break the bank and this price includes the USB sticks, the gift box, the drawstring bags and delivery. There are no artwork set-up or origination charges to pay and our in-house design team will happily work with you on multiple iterations of mock-ups and samples to make sure you get exactly what you need (we don’t charge for design support unless we are re-drawing your artwork from scratch!)

The USB sticks are printed but the boxes can either be printed or engraved – you decide. There is no difference in the price whichever option you choose.

In putting these packages together for professional photographers our focus has not only been on who great they look but also on the quality of the core components. For example we don’t use standard “promotional grade” USB memory or controller chips in any of our bundles because we know that they’re simply not going to be up to the job. When you’ve moving lots of large, high quality images around you need a USB stick that is going to be up to the job, is reasonably quick and will survive over the years. For this reason we always supply upgraded memory and controller chips so when you are comparing prices do bear this in mind.

It’s not enough to simply look for “Grade A” products either because you can get Grade A promotional flash drives but these are likely to be much slower at handling data, they’ll typically have a shorter expected lifespan (they’ll support a smaller number of read/write cycles) and they may not be able to handle video footage! If you’re a professional photographer of videographer then your start point should really be a company that specialises in the supply of products to your sector and one that really understand your particular needs. Buy standard promotional Grade A products at your peril or at least understand the risks when you buy them and then think about whether you want to risk your hard won reputation with them.

At USB2U we’ve been around in the UK since 2002, we have dedicated account managers that only look after our photography clients, we invest heavily in new products specifically for this sector and we are a regular attendees at shows like the Photography Show at the NEC. But don’t take our work for it check out what other photographers are saying about us on TrustPilot.


Review of USB2U Flash Drives by Professional Photographers

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In today’s highly competitive flash drive market a clear focus on quality, service and value is absolutely critical. Arguably when it comes to supplying flash drive packages to professional photographers the bar gets raised even higher.

Why? Well professional photographers aren’t just buying USB sticks to give away at a trade shows. They’re not using them to give to a team of roving sales people who can hand them out as a “promotional gift” and they’re certainly not looking to post them out in their thousands to a prospect list!

No, most professional photographers are using them to hold and store some of the most precious memories any of us will ever have!

USB flash drives have for many photographers become the obvious replacement for CD/DVD’s. Partly it’s because less and less people now use CD/DVD’s, partly it’s because they’re a format that is now a little dated and old fashioned and partly it’s because the range of USB flash drives now available are much more attractive, particularly when combined with great packaging (something that was harder to do with a large CD/DVD).

Quality, quality, quality is what’s needed. Cheap and cheerful standard promotional USB sticks that have poor read/write speeds, a short life span and a relatively high failure rate are certainly not the order of the day. At USB2U we understand this. Not only have we invested in taking time out to meet and talk to photographers at shows like The Photography Show but more fundamentally we have hired a dedicated Photography Sector Account Manager who, because her mum is a professional photographer, really understands photographers and what makes them tick.

USB Flash Drives for Professional Photographers

USB Flash Drives for Professional Photographers

We’ve also put together a dedicated web site aimed specifically at photographers and all of the products and bundles that feature on the site have been carefully selected – so expect high quality packaging options combined with high performance flash drives all of which are then hand finished (printed or engraved) in our own Northampton based facility. This way we get to control the quality locally and nothing is sent out until we are 100% happy with it.

The feedback we’ve been getting over the last 18 mths (since the new website launched) has been amazing. Here’s just a sample (more can be viewed on the TrustPilot site where there are well in excess of 2,000 customer reviews):

Sally (Amplified Studio): “We went for engraved wooden USB’s that came in gorgeous presentation boxes to match. The price was good, and communication was excellent. Nothing seemed too much trouble. The turnaround time was also faster than expected. I will certainly be using USB2U for all of our USB’s from now on and can’t wait to start giving these out to our clients.”

Iain Struthers Photography: “Great speedy service at a reasonable price. Ordered 25 wooden usb sticks for presenting to my photography clients. They are stunning items and have been very well received by all who have seen them. Will definitely be using them again!”

Steve McKenna L.M.P.A. (SMK Photographics): “Got my USB drive delivered and love them. From first initial point of contact all the way through to the finished product we were kept informed of what,why ,how,& when Great product & going down a treat with my customers”


Handmade Wooden USB Boxes from a Sustainable Source

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We love our little wooden USB gift boxes and fortunately our customers seem pretty happy with them too! When we started to look for a range of gift boxes that we could offer to professional photographers we wanted at least one box that was manufactured from wood (and the wood had to be from a sustainable source), it had to be a really good looking box and it had to be a box that we could engrave or print in the UK.

Finally any wooden USB gift box we supplied had to be something that we were proud to associate our brand with and it had to be a box that we were confident that our customers would be happy to put their brand/logo on.

Our handmade wooden slide boxes tick all of these boxes and some. They’re available in a light wood or dark wood, they’re from a sustainable source (with certificates to back up the claim), each one is handmade and hand finished which does of course mean you will get slight variations in size, colour and graining but that is part of the charm of buying a natural product.

Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

We bring them into the UK with no logo on and no internal finish (stuffing) because we prefer to print or engrave them in-house using our own highly skilled staff and state of the art print and engraving kit. This way we get to control the final finish and quality of the boxes and we can respond more quickly to requests from customers.

The wooden slide boxes are usually combined with our Woodland USB memory sticks (available in the same light and dark wood). As a package they look amazing, they’re warm to the touch, slightly rustic looking and very tactile.

We finish the boxes off with a natural coir fibre insert (we’ve tried straw but it was just too big and looked silly) so when the boxes are sent out they arrive fully assembled with the USB sticks inserted and the filling neatly in place.

Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB Gift Box and Memory Sticks

The price for these boxes (printed or engraved and with the coir fibre inlay) is around £2.50 to £3.00 each which is amazing value when you consider how much work goes into them and how much the competition charge for some of their boxes (£8 – £20 is the norm).

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking for some USB flash drives and USB gift boxes that will help you stand out from the crowd and will be loved by your clients then our wooden USB sticks combined with our wooden USB sticks are a great option.


How are Professional Photographers Promoting their Business

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It’s not easy these days being a professional photographer. Before the days of digital photography, Photoshop and other “apps” for adjusting and tweaking photos very few of us would have dared to take the risk of and responsibility of taking the photos on someone’s special day.  After all with film based photography you pretty much had one shot to get it right and even then you wouldn’t know until the film had been developed if you’d got a series of images that would satisfy the client (assuming of course you’d remembered to put the film in!).

Life In Foucs USB Sticks and Packaging

Life In Foucs USB Sticks and Packaging

Today of course it’s all so different. Anyone with a smart phone has a camera and the very latest phones have some pretty good cameras that turn out some great images (to be fair though the best images do come from people with a flair and passion for photography). The cost of a good, top end “pro” camera is not that high particularly when you consider that you don’t have to pay for film and processing costs anymore! And of course easy access to a plethora of “apps” that can turn even the most basic pictures into something stunning has raised the confidence levels of everyone taking photos and has spurred on thousands to declare themselves a “professional photographer”.

If you livelihood depends on your photographic skills and it’s something you’ve worked damn hard at over the years then lots of enthusiastic amateurs entering the fray is not ideal. Of course quality rises to the top but the danger is that prices get dragged down and the market just gets muddied for everyone.



To help with their marketing and to ensure they differentiate their service many professional photographers are now embracing the web and Social Media. Website showcasing their work and featuring testimonials from their clients are now de rigueur but many are now extending this to include flckr, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter. It’s no longer enough to just be a great professional photographer now you need to become a social media expert!

Alongside this the way in which the end product, the portfolio, is delivered to the client has changed. CD’s and DVD’s are considered by many as “old fashioned” and the new kid on the block is the USB Memory Stick, But, we’re not just talking about any old USB stick you might pick up at your local supermarket. No, these are beautifully crafted USB sticks that are engraved or printed and are often delivered in matching gift boxes. Even then some photographers will add their own little finishing touches to differentiate their service and personality from the next photographer – think ribbons, bows, bottles, little boxes in larger boxes.

With an estimated 50,000+ professional photographers in the UK it’s a tough market it’s not getting any easier. Core photographic skills are almost a given requirement but over and above this there is growing pressure on professional photographers to up their levels of marketing.




Wedding Photographers Guide to Buying Faster USB Memory Sticks

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If you’re a professional wedding photographer (or any professional photographer for that matter) and you’re thinking of changing from CD’s and DVD’s in favour of USB memory sticks with your logo printed or engraved on them then there are some basic things you need to be consider before you commit to buying them:

  1. Most suppliers of memory sticks printed with a company brand or logo are supplying then as “giveaway” promotional gift – the sort of thing that are handed out like sweets at trade and retail shows. Typically these memory sticks won’t get a huge amount of usage and the demands the sticks in terms of read/write cycles (the number of times the USB sticks is used) and the read/write speeds (the speed taken to transfer files onto the USB stick) are pretty light.

    Typical read/write speeds of a “standard” promotional USB sticks can be as low as 2MB per second (write) and 6MB per second (read). Whilst this is slow it’s fine if all you’re doing is loading up a couple of sales brochures onto the sticks but, if you’re a professional photographer or wedding video company you may (depending on what you are doing with the drives) need to specify certain minimum requirements – read/write speeds, grade of memory chip etc.

  2. If you buy standard promotional USB Flash drives and you then start to load very files or lots of high quality images onto them then pretty soon you’ll notice that they’re not the quickest of products. If you’ve been used to working on Apple Mac’s and you use top end Memory Cards with fast read/write speeds, or Firewire or Thunderbolt to move data around then by comparison a promotional USB flash drive is going to be a “horse and cart”.

    For example top end SD cards or CF cards have a read/write speed of around 40MB per second – X10 times the speed of standard promotional USB flash drives. Thunderbolt is on a different planet with transfer speeds of 10GB per second!

  3. All promotional USB memory sticks will be USB 2.0 rather than the latest and faster USB 3.0 The reason is cost – USB 3.0 memory sticks are still priced at a premium so unless you ask for USB 3.0 the prices you’ll be quoted will almost universally be for USB 2.0.
  4. If speed of data transfer is an issue for you then ask for a price for USB 3.0 memory sticks – these have read write speed of around 50MB – 100MB per second so they are blisteringly quick! The downside is cost and you need a PC or Mac that is equipped with USB 3.0 USB ports to take advantage of the speed improvements. They’ll still work on USB 2.0 PC’s but only at USB 2.0 speeds!
  5. A sensible compromise if you’re looking for decent data transfer speeds it to ask for “upgraded” USB 2.0 flash drives – they’ll be a little more expensive but you should get something that has a longer warranty period and better performance with speeds closer to the High performance products sold by brands like Kingston and Lacie. Remember if you don’t ask for this you will just get “standard” promotional USB flash drives which are fine they’re just slow! By default USB2U always quote professional photographers for upgraded USB 2.0 products.
  6. Ideally talk to your supplier about what you plan to use your USB memory sticks and get them to recommend a solution. If you’ve chosen your supplier well and they know their industry they should not only be aware of the issues but they should be able to put forward a range of different solutions.
Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers

Wooden USB Sticks for Professional Photographers


New – Sample Packs of USB Flash Drives & Boxes for Photographers

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If you’re a professional photographers and you’re still not quite sure if making the move from CD’s and DVD’s to USB flash drives is right for you then this is going to be good news.

Until recently most suppliers of USB packages aimed specifically at the photographer market have asked for a minimum order of 25 pcs (some even specify 100 pcs) but based on the feedback at The Photography Show in March of this year we decided to reduce the MOQ for all of our Photography “bundles” to just 10 (ten)! This has reduced significantly the initial cash outlay to make the move to USB’s and gives photographers the chance to test the different types and styles of USB sticks and gift boxes without making a large commitment.

But even an MOQ of 10 pcs is too many for some so in response we have now introduced the option to buy a “sample pack” of any of our Photography USB Bundles – Prices start at around £25 and for this you’ll get a fully customised (printed or engraved) 4GB or 8GB USB memory stick (with a high performance chipset) and you’ll get a printed or engraved box to go with it. To be clear it will be your logo, design, artwork and text that goes on the USB stick and box and there are NO additional set-up costs or print origination costs to worry about either.

USB Flash Drive Sample Packs for Photographers

USB Flash Drive Sample Packs for Photographers

The beauty of the sample option is that you can order two or three different packs to test which works best for you before you commit to a larger order (when the price per unit will drop significantly) BUT, you can also use the sample pack option to order fully personalised USB sticks and boxes – again, one of the things we were asked for at the show was the option to engrave or print clients names on the sticks – so for a wedding shoot the sticks (and gift boxes) could have the names of the bride and groom printed on them – the Sample Box option gives you this scope!

The lead time for the Sample Packs is around 7 days from artwork approval. The ordering process is easy as well because we’ve “bolted” this onto our sister site USBNow which has a secure check-out payment process and allows for payment by credit card, debit card and PayPal. For more information visit USBNow and the USB Flash Drives – Photographers section!


Ten Is the Magic Number for Professional Photographers

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Like lots of our competitors the minimum order for printed USB memory sticks has always been twenty five (25) but the feedback we were given at The Photography Show in Birmingham was so supportive of our “show offer” that we have now decided to reduce our minimum order quantities. From today all of the discounted USB bundles and packages of our USB2U photography web site have been had their minimum order quantities reduced to ten (10)!!

So, if you’re a professional photographer, wedding photographer or videographer and you’ve been thinking of making the switch from CD’s and DVD’s but you’ve been out off by the level of upfront commitment you needed to make to buy 25 USB sticks and boxes then this is going to be good news.

Starting today you can get yourself ten fully personalised USB sticks and ten personalised USB gift boxes to go with them for around £100! That includes all of the artwork set-up costs, the printing (or engraving), custom inserts for the USB sticks and delivery by Royal Mail Special Delivery.

You can choose from six different bundles including our very popular wooden USB sticks and wooden USB gift boxes or you might opt for our USB cards with the option of a leather wallet or a printed gift box.

Whichever “bundle” you choose you’ll be getting upgraded (high performance) USB sticks that we assemble specifically for professional photographers – these ensure a higher read/write speed, more read/ write cycles (a longer life) and they all come with a ten year warranty. We print/engrave all of our sticks in the UK so the lead time for any order is normally just a few days (depending on how busy we are).

The feedback from photographers to our range of bundles has been amazing:

A perfect job with perfect service

Having used simple DVDs to provide clients with high res files in the past I had it in the back of my mind that I should present them with something a little more refined. I’ve found that in USB2U, the customised memory sticks I’ve just received have blown me away and the feedback from clients just from posting an image of the sticks to facebook has been amazing. Don’t hesitate order some today! (Russell Lewis Photography)

A very efficient service from start to finish and great communications every step of the way.

I found USB2U very easy to deal with and they provided clear instructions and guidance where necessary – I had seen their website a year or so ago, but since the introduction of their ‘professional photographers’ section on their website, it has greatly improved my ability to present digital images to my clients and brings image and video presentation up to date. With quality in mind, the processing chips are uprated to make sure that my professional products are made to last. (Taylors Photographic)

Innovative stylish products, great quality with fast efficient and friendly service.

Had the chance to view the woodland style USB drives in wooden boxes at USB2U Stand at the Photography Show. Had been looking for a stylish way to present digital images to clients and this product is in a class of its own.  The little touches like the small magnets, to hold on the cap & sliding lid for the box, give that touch of class to what is a very elegant product. The team at USB2U where friendly, helpful and professional enabling the artwork processes to be achieved in a few hours and delivery was on time and as promised. A great experience all round (Andy Meany Photography )

USB2U Memory Sticks and Boxes for Taylors Photographic

USB2U Memory Sticks and Boxes for Taylors Photographic


USB2U Launches New USB Sticks and Gift Box Packages for Professional Photographers and the Feedback is Universally Excellent

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The market for professional photographers is tough and it’s incredibly competitive. Arguably since the arrival of digital photography and the paradigm shift it created the barriers to entry have been reduced – anyone with a decent digital camera, a Mac and software editing software can “claim” to be a professional photographer. In the UK alone there are said to be around 45 – 50,000 professional photographers!

To survive professional photographers are having to up their game and put more emphasis on their branding, marketing, and the way they deliver their images to their clients. Websites, Pinterest Pages, Facebook pages and Twitter accounts are now de rigueur. Of course there is no substitute for being brilliant behind the lens and having a engaging manner with clients that puts them at ease but to be a commercial success brilliant marketing and presentation is now just as critical.

Long gone are the days when professional photographers could offer their clients their portfolio on a CD or DVD. Whilst printed images, albums and folios still reign supreme clients still want (expect) to be given digital copies of their images so that they can post them on their Facebook pages, blogs and other Social Networking and of course make their own prints.

USB Sticks and Boxes for Photographers

USB Sticks and Boxes for Photographers

Branded USB memory sticks are the new way for photographers to delivery digital copies of prints to their clients but USB stick suppliers (much like photographers) have had to up their game as well. It’s no longer good enough to supply basic models printed with a brand of logo – photographers are demanding innovative USB solutions that include attractive packaging options and they want something that can’t be picked up in the High Street. In response to this USB2U has launched a new range of USB sticks and gift boxes aimed specifically at the photography sector and the feedback has been universally excellent:

Tim Simpson Photography said: “This is the second time we have used USB2U. This time we had the wooden presentation boxes too. At Tim Simpson Photography we try to do things with style and little differently. We feel this product backs this up, we know our clients are impressed when they receive their images presented this way. A great product.”

Lavenham Photographic said: I ordered some wooden USB sticks for my wedding photography business and could not be happier with the quality of the finish! The engraving of my logo is so fine and detailed, (even with a very small fine font) and nobody I’ve shown them to has ever seen anything like them before. For conveying the impression of being ‘special’ ‘different’ and ‘high quality’ they are absolutely spot-on.

Elisha Clarke Photography said: “I am delighted with me new USBs! The wooden boxes and USBs have a beautiful and professional finish. Everyone I show is impressed.”

USB2U will be at The Photography Show at the NEC, Birmingham held on the 1st – 4th March 2014.


Come and See us at The Photography Show at the NEC 1-4 March

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If you’re as a passionate about photography as we are about promotional USB memory sticks then you need to get yourself tickets to attend The Photography Show. It’s a brand new event and it’s open to anyone with an interest in photography. It’s taking place from 1-4 March 2014 at the NEX Birmingham.

For all details of opening times, how to get tickets and all the latest news on the show be sure to go to The Photography Show website and make sure you also sign up to their Twitter account for the very latest news.

USB2U at The Photography Show

USB2U at The Photography Show

We’ve had some much interest in our branded USB memory sticks and gift boxes that we’re going to be exhibiting at the show – we’re on Stand L1 – come and see us, we’ll have tons of give-aways and loads of show offers running throughout the 4 days the show is on. We’d love to meet you and get your feedback on our products and service.

We’re also running a very special competition every day that will see us giving away over £1,000 worth of our stunning wooden USB memory sticks and

wooden USB gift boxes – entry is open to everyone you just need to call by and enter the prize draw. We’ll post details of the winner at the end of the day on our Facebook and Twitter accounts – be sure to sign up and follow us!

If you can’t wait for the show then take a sneak peak at what we can do on our brand new mini-website. It’s dedicated to photographers and features a range of stunning high specification USB sticks and USB gift boxes. There’s are lots of gorgeous images of actual USB sticks we’re produced for professional photographers (you might even recognise and name or two) and we’ve also put together some discounted “bundles” that might be of interest.

USB2U Photographer offers

USB2U Photographer offers

More than anything we’ve tried really hard to pull together USB sticks and complimentary gift boxes that we know will appeal to your customers, there’s a strong focus on natural wood, eco-friendly box fillings and solutions that you simply can’t buy on the high street. From the feedback we’re getting we seem to have got the balance about right but we’re interested to hear what you think at the show.

They’re be a few of us there for the 4 days but if you do stop by make sure you have a chat with Bethany – she looks after most of our photographers and her mum is a highly regarded professional photographer so she’s got the industry in her genes!


USB2U Welcomes Paul, Bethany, Tracey and John-Paul to the team

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It’s been a very busy year at USB2U with more and more customers turning to us to supply them with their branded USB memory sticks. Our customer numbers have rocketed, sales enquiries continue to increase and more importantly our customer seem to love what we do. Don’t take our word for it check out the hundreds of lovely comments on TrustPilot from our customers from the past few months and you’ll get a good feel for what our customers think about the service we offer.

What’s really encouraging is the number of sales to customers outside of the UK and the stellar growth in sales to professional photographers. The increase in sales in the Photography sector was largely expected but the growth from outside of the UK (and in countries as far afield as Australia) has been really surprising – with little to no advertising outside of the UK our international growth is largely being driven by word of mouth which is really gratifying.

Of course with all of this increased activity we need more great people to help us grow the business and to support our customers – it’s critical to us that we maintain the same of level of service we’ve always prided ourselves on.

With this in mind we’ve been on a bit of a recruitment splurge and we’re delighted to announce that Paul, Bethany, Tracey and Jean-Paul have joined our team. Bethany is going to focus on our Professional Photographer customers (it helps that her mum is a highly regarded local professional photographer), Tracey will be supporting the sales team and Paul and John-Paul are seasoned sales professionals who will give us scope to expand the business in 2014.

USB2U-Hires-new-staff-to-underpin 2014 growth

USB2U-Hires-new-staff-to-underpin 2014 growth

Now in our 12th year we’re one of the leading suppliers of branded USB memory sticks in Europe and whilst we don’t have any plans for world domination it would be nice to see further growth in our non-UK sales in 2014 – remember we can, and do, ship anywhere in the world!

So if you’re looking for a trusted supplier for your promotional USB flash drive in 2014 then irrespective of where you are in the world why not give us a try. If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking to move to USB sticks from CD’s and DVD’s then give Bethany a call – she knows her stuff and she’d love to hear from you!