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Promotional USB Sticks with a logo that will last a lifetime

Posted by USB2U on 15th June 2015 | Permalink

If you’re buying USB memory sticks with your logo on then one of the primary reasons for buying them will be to promote your company and your brand – if all you wanted to do was hand out USB sticks then you could just as easily buy them without your logo on. Arguably it would be easier (and cheaper) to buy them this way but what would be the point!

Let’s face it if you’re going to spend a minimum of several hundreds of pounds on giveaways (like USB sticks) then you absolutely must get your them branded with your logo. Yes there is a small overhead to arrange this (versus buying blank) and you will pay marginally more for the finished product but promotional gifts like USB sticks are all about brand development and without a brand on them you fail at the first hurdle.

BUT one of the things you will need to consider when you buy promotional USB memory sticks with your logo on is exactly how the logo is applied. Do you opt to have the logo printed or is it better to get the logo engraved or embossed on the sticks.

Printing is usually done in one of two ways:

  • Silk Screen printing – using this technique each colour of your logo will be printed individually onto the case of the USB stick (onto which the logo is being applied) with the case often being baked in a small print oven between colours. The baking process tends to be used when metal surfaces are printed on because it hardens and toughens the print and protects it against chipping and scratching. On plastics its typical for a primer or bonding agent to be used.
  • Digital UV Print – UV printing is relatively new but its very popular because its allows full colour printing (photo quality) in a single pass using the latest UV printers. There’s a bit like a large photo printer you might use at home but with special UV inks that are dried and hardened by a UV lamp built into the printer. In many cases it’s still necessary to prime and thoroughly clean the USB sticks before they are printed but with care and an experienced operator the results can be stunning.

Whichever method is used the fundamental problem with printing is that over time the image printed will chip and scratch. Once the “bond” the ink forms during the print process is broken then it’s just a matter of time until the complete logo disappears.

Given the primary objective for buying USB sticks with your logo on is the on-going brand exposure you get from them then the quality of the print is a key consideration. Ink almost wiping straight off metal USB sticks is not unheard of!

An alternative is to choose a USB stick that can be engraved or embossed. OK, you’ll lose the ability to have your logo printed in full colour but the logo will last forever!

On the right model of USB stick, engraving looks brilliant. It’s tactile and the amount of detail you can get may surprise you. Both branding options (printing or engraving) have their merits but if you want longevity then it has to be engraving. Still not sure, then just ask for samples before you place any order.

Engraved Twisters By USB2U

Engraved USB Memory Sticks


We Make ‘Cool USB Flash Drives’

Posted by USB2U on 2nd August 2011 | Permalink

In attempts to be a fully pro-active company as opposed to a reactive company we like to keep an eye on the micro-environment and on the wider industry.  Being a promotional USB company this sometimes means looking at new USB models and styles.  This can oftentimes be quite a fun job especially with the imagination and creativity of some people with a lot of time on their hands out there.

lego brick usb flash drive

Lego Custom USB Memory Stick

Searching ‘cool USB drive’ on Google Images is not the most effective way of keeping up to date with new USB flash drive news but can certainly be an entertaining 5 minutes looking at some wacky things that people have come up with.  Nintendo Wii remote controls, Lego bricks, wine corks, cars, clothes pegs, vegetables and figurines are a small number of the shells that people have made to case their USB flash drive in.  We think that these flash drives are certainly cool and deserve some kudos, some of them can even make you laugh or have you stare in amazement at the level of attention and detail.  These novelty drives, although extremely imaginative, seem also very impractical.

One of the greatest benefits of USB flash drives is that they are portable and can be stored with a large amount of data for their size (up to 256GB for one specific flash drive).  It has to be asked how often some of these novelty USB drives would be used for what they were made for, or how much they would sit on a desk as an ornament.  I’m sure many of us have had the situation where our USB flash drive fit into our laptop or the back of a computer tower because they pack the USB slots so close together and our flash drive is a little too bulky to fit between the leads and existing USB connectors.

PVC custom USB sticks

A Selection of Our Custom USBs

We also sell a variety of novelty branded USB flash drives disguising themselves as other things.  Although in most cases our Promotional USB memory sticks are not as bizarre as some that can be found on Google but fortunately, they are much more functional.  Take, for example our USB mini people which can be customised to our customers requirements.  Our USB pill drive, not surprisingly resembles a pill, the credit card range are almost exactly the same size as the real thing and our USB key drive disguises itself nicely on a key ring.  We sell many more in our standard range of Logo USB memory sticks; metal and plastic USB bottle, USB pen range, USB bottle opener, the list continues.  All of these drives are easily portable and extremely functional.  If however, a custom USB flash drive really is what you are looking for then we have just the thing for you.

We can cater for your custom USB needs by customising the shape, colour, size, almost everything about the USB flash drive.  Contact us via telephone, email or via our quote form so we can work with you to produce your perfect custom USB and who knows, maybe your USB will be seen in our next search for ‘cool USB drives’ on Google Images.


Graduation Photos sold on Branded USB Flash Drives

Posted by USB2U on 27th July 2011 | Permalink

It’s the end of the educational year and students are leaving school for the summer. Some of the lucky/unlucky students (depending on how you see it) are leaving three years study at University to enter the big wide world of work.  University Graduates means University Graduations and there are many of them each year throughout the UK.  Last week our local University, The University of Northampton was holding it’s Graduations.

PCB wearing a gown and mortar board

USB Memory Sticks Used at Graduations

The graduation process is a good celebratory end to a three or four year course of study.  It can be however, quite expensive.  Behind the ceremony and the awards, graduations can cost a lot of money for the students on top of three years of accommodation and living costs.  Graduates need to pay for gowns and these have to be bought with a specific company so the cost is dictated and there is no shopping around for price.

Photos are another cost for those graduating.  Everyone knows that the graduation is about the photo taken holding the scroll and wearing the gowns.  Like the gowns, the photos can only be ordered through one company and they have an interesting price structure.

The photography company for the graduation sold the photos in packs.  The prices of the packs were a bit of a surprise because they were quite complicated.  There were packs with different sized images, packs with frames, packs with single photos, packs with family and single photos etc.  The only constant was that as the amount of photos and photo sizes went up so did the price of the pack.  There was one thing about their pricing that was easy to understand and made a lot of sense, for an additional cost you could have all of the photos that they took saved onto one USB flash drive or CD.

Along with CD’s the photography company was using branded USB flash drives to save the images and sell to graduates.  We are selling more and more branded flash drives to photographers as they move from CDs to USB memory sticks.  We are slightly biased but there are many reasons why USB flash drives are better than CDs.  For example, the device is more impressive, transfer speeds are much quicker, the branding is much more impressive and one of the biggest differences – the memory stick is re-usable.

Customers are more than likely going to copy the photos from the stick onto their computer and keep the flash drive for personal use, something which cannot happen with a CD.  The USB flash drive then acts as a marketing aid and a continual reminder of the photography company.

So for those companies and especially photographers out there wondering whether they should change from CDs to branded USB memory sticks we hope that you make the right decision and embrace the change.


Get the Visual Basics Right When Buying Branded USBs

Posted by USB2U on 20th July 2011 | Permalink

Before some products are bought it is really beneficial to test them, for example before a car is purchased it would be taken for a test drive to judge its feel and see how it runs.  Other products however, are pretty standard and simple information suffices to make a decision – a remote controlled car might be bought just knowing the battery duration and top speed.

Some products will depend on the quantity that is bought as to whether it is tested.  For example, when ordering a meal in a restaurant requesting a taster to help make a decision would be a pretty strange demand whereas, if the restaurant was catering for a wedding a tester would be an acceptable request.  Whatever the product is, the more information that can be obtained about it, to help make the decision, the better.  This can save problems and hassle once the product is bought.

Buying USB flash drives fall into the various buying categories above.  USB2U always provide grade A chips, this means that it is a pretty standard product and won’t need too much testing – as long as it connects to a computer, lasts a long time and stores the amount of data it should then there isn’t much variation.  The quality of the product however and the look of a logo on the memory sticks makes a huge difference, it says something about the perception of a brand.

For these reasons above we offer free visual mock-ups and free samples.

Photoshop mock-ups of branded USB sticks

USB Visual Mock-Up

USB Samples

We send out samples of our USB flash drive cases (without the memory chip) so that the quality of the product can be seen before companies make a larger purcase.  As described above this can really help when making a decision.

Visual Mock-Ups

An accurate visual mock-up of how a company’s logo will look on a one of our flash drive models can make a huge difference.  With the knowledge we have of our competitors we know that our in house design team offer the best visual mock-ups of your branded USBs in the business.  As explained above this is a really important part of the process and our in-house design team have it down to a tee.

So if you’re not sure how your logo or brand will look on a particular USB memory stick then simply fire an email over to us with your artwork attached and our in-house design team will work their magic and send you back a range of different examples for consideration.  It’s the same for any custom USB (bespoke) ideas you might have – just give us a call and talk through what you you’re imagining and we’ll work up some concepts and 3-D drawings for you.


Let Branded USB’s Give You Some Confidence in Presentations

Posted by USB2U on 19th July 2011 | Permalink

Most of our employees here at USB2U have a business background and are always looking for ways to improve their business skills.  Recently one of our employees ‘stumbled upon’ an interesting article sharing pointers and advice on how to give polished presentations.  The article was an interesting read and included pointers about where to sit, how to use a digital presentation to your advantage and the sort of language to use.

One piece of advice stood out above the rest.  It gave advice on how to most effectively use handouts to accompany a presentation.  The article said that handouts should never be given out at any time during a presentation.

We all know what happens if handouts are given to us at the beginning of a presentation.  Even if you haven’t given a presentation recently, you’ve most likely been in one where this has happened.  Eyes go down, everyone reads ahead and if you’re lucky they are sometimes on the right page.  It’s more likely that your audience are trying to calculate how much longer they will be sat for by the amount of pages and slides.

As we all know, if handouts are to be used, they should be provided after a presentation to add value or accompany it as opposed to being a competitor for your attention.

We all have a stack of paper from previous presentations on which we took notes, never to read or refer to again, yet we cant bring ourselves to put them straight in the bin in case we need them in the near future.  Months later on the cycle of the blue moon when we come to tidy our desk, we dig out these presentation slides and have no hesitation in throwing them away.

USb Clip Drive

Clip Style USB Flash Drive

‘What has this got to do with logo USB flash drives?’ I hear you ask.  Well, if handout information should be something that adds value to a presentation, but if people don’t refer back to the information, what’s the point in the handout?  Wouldn’t it be much more effective if you used an impressive company branded USB memory stick?

Think about the change in attitude of your audience when at the end they are given a useful USB flash drive.  It’s more likely that they would get back to their desk and plug the flash drive into their computer to find out what has been saved.  They could find a PDF version of your presentation, the hand out document, web links taking them directly to the Internet pages that you referred to and anything else that you found necessary to give the added value that your presentations deserves.  Referring back to your presentation information will become interesting.

Our new Clip USB flash drive is a small, sleek and professional looking memory stick that is perfect for this purpose.  It can double as a paper clip holding documents together or sit nicely on a suit or jacket pocket.

Using a branded USB memory stick can add value and make that impression that your presentation needs to secure the job, win the pitch or impress your boss.


Extreme USB Data Protection

Posted by USB2U on 14th July 2011 | Permalink

Protecting a company’s data can be very important, whether it’s financial stats, tactical plans or confidential information.  Considering some of the headline stories in the past few years it’s not necessary to explain the various ways that data storage devices can be lost and the seriousness of information getting into the wrong hands.  However, we have found a USB flash drive that gives a slightly different meaning to data protection.

The Cryptex USB flash drive seen on the Da Vinci Code USB Stickright was made by a Russian man who goes by the alias of “Tarator”.  He deigned the USB flash drive on AutoCAD and then had it fabricated from metal, it is therefore a real working Cryptex as opposed to a USB shell concept.  It resembles a smaller version of the Cryptex used in the Dan Browne book and film “Da Vinci Code”, yet, we’d say that a USB stick was a much more rewarding prize than a piece of paper.  Forgetting the code could be quite annoying especially if your presentation is saved on it or you’re in a rush to have the information saved and you can’t get it opened.

These USB flash drives would certainly make an impact for any company if given out as a promotional gift with their own clues and passwords.  They would be especially suitable for a security company or a software data encryption company.  This flash drive design however, is not available to the public and it is currently unknown whether or not it will be taken to production.

Unfortunately USB2U don’t sell a Cryptex USB flash drive or even a puzzle flash drive however, we do offer a password protection service on the data pre-loaded onto logo USB memory sticks.

You can restrict access to any data you load onto your flash drives by protecting use of the flash drive with a password. We can set the password to anything you want during the manufacture process or we can leave it set to a standard “default” password that the user will be prompted to change on first use.  So how does it work? When a user accesses the USB Flash drive, they are presented with a padlock icon. When this is clicked the user is prompted to enter a password. It’s as simple and secure as that!

If this isn’t enough protection for the information that you want storing on your branded USB flash drives then we would suggest trying to replicate the Cryptex USB memory stick.  Good luck!


Leading Fashion Brands Choose Black and White USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 10th November 2010 | Permalink

If you’re looking for a striking, impact making and top quality USB memory stick to carry your logo where do you start? After all there are literally hundreds of different designs and styles of USB sticks available and they’re available from a wide range of companies.

Black USB Memory Sticks

Black USB Memory Sticks

One option is to follow the cues from the fashion world, after all they tend to be leaders rather than followers and they tend to be very precious and protective of their brands. In following these top brands you can pretty much guarantee you’re not only going to get an excellent product but you’re going to be buying it from a supplier that has met the high levels of service and quality.

Black white USB sticks

Black White USB Sticks

What’s interesting about these particular branded USB sticks is the black and white theme that’s evident on all of them. USB sticks come in all manner of different standard colours and the outer shells of the sticks can even be pantone matched to a particular colour if the standard colours are inappropriate. Despite the wide choice of colours available these customers have all opted for a standard black or white USB stick that has then been printed with a contrasting black or white print.

The finished printed USB sticks look stunning and illustrate that sometime simple really is

Armani USB

Armani USB Sticks

best. So, if you’re looking for a recommendation for a particular style or type of USB flash drive for your company you could do a lot worse than follow the lead of design houses like Armani or fashion icons like Converse.

These particular USB flash drives were supplied by USB2U who are now widely recognised as one of the leading suppliers of branded USB sticks and custom (bespoke) flash drives in the UK. USB2U have been around since 2002 and are trusted to handle the supply of USB sticks to all manner of companies, schools and local authorities.


Branded USB Flash Drive with A FREE Laynard

Posted by USB2U on 2nd November 2010 | Permalink

USB Flash Drives are incredibly popular at the moment with millions of them given away every year. Their popularity is underpinned by their ease of use, their portability, their convenience and the fact that you can customise them with a company logo relatively easily and cheaply.

Whilst they are relatively inexpensive, branded USB flash drives look fantastic and do help to build and maintain brand loyalty. If you use the memory that is a core part of the flash drive to load your company’s sales material onto then you can offset the cost of the USB flash drives against the cost of getting physical sales brochures, presentations slides, etc. printed, transported and stored.

Free USB Lanyards

Free USB Lanyards

Attendees at trade shows and fairs, press events, or conferences are reluctant to take and lug around with them loads of heavy brochures no matter how fantastic they look. Look at the bins outside of any show hall to see just how many are “dumped” into the bins outside of the halls. Contrast this to the popularity of a USB flash drive. These are devices that people not only want but actively seek out and if they are printed up with your brand on and your sales material pre-loaded onto them then its far more likely they’ll look at your content.

Simple things like printing your web site URL on the drives and/or your phone number make it easy for prospective customers to get in touch with you.

Another thing to consider when handing out flash drives is whether you supply them with a key ring attachment or a lanyard. Both are popular but both typically add to the overall cost of the branded USB flash drives, which understandably puts people off from ordering them.

If you’re buying branded USB flash drives from USB2U during November the goods news is that you don’t need to worry about the extra cost because we are giving away a free lanyard with every memory stick ordered – all we ask is that you order over 100 USB drives to qualify and that you specify on your order that you want them and which colour you want. We won’t automatically add them to every order we send out so just make sure you mention it to one of the team if you want to take advantage of this offer.


Packaging Options For Branded USB Flash Drives

Posted by USB2U on 20th October 2010 | Permalink

There are two schools of thought on whether you should put your printed USB flash drives in a gift box or not with the pro-box lobby being keen to ensure that the USB drives not only look the part but have a real impact when handed out. There’s no escaping the fact that branded USB flash drives look better boxed up, they look more like a “proper gift” and the when handed out the they create more of an impact.

USB Gift Boxes

USB Gift Boxes

Whilst most branded USB flash drives are supplied as a minimum in individual “poly” bags these are designed to protect them from bumps and scathes in transit rather than adding anything to the overall aesthetic. If you are simply going to remove the flash drives from these bags and incorporate them into your own presentation pack then any packing over and above the “poly” bags would be a waste.

But, if you are for example handing out the branded USB flash drives to delegates or speakers at a conference, or to prospective customers or high net worth clients then gift boxes or presentation tins really are a good idea. Gift boxes can also accommodate any lanyards, key rings or other marketing material that might be appropriate. Giving these items away in a single gift box simply looks better and is less clumsy than handing them out separately.

You don’t have to spend a fortune on USB gift boxes either. In some cases suppliers of branded USB sticks will offer a plain white gift box free of charge. Other options include plastic “snap” boxes with magnetic clasps and metal tins (with our without a cut-away window). If you really want to go the extra mile you can also get the boxes or tins printed to compliment your USB sticks and your advertising campaign or event.

USB Printed Gift Boxes

USB Printed Gift Boxes

The anti-box lobby typically cite the waste associated with the supply of boxes and tins, which will, in most cases, just end up in the bin. It’s not just the waste of the boxes and tins but the additional air miles the additional energy that is used in manufacturing them and transporting them around the world – 99% of all gift boxes supplied to house branded USB flash drives are imported from China. So, if you have a company that is in any way involved in environmental or green issues or is sympathetic to them then it might be best to avoid what some might consider as “unnecessary packaging”.

If you would prefer to see your branded USB flash drives in a box then at USB2U we offer a wide choice ranging from free plain white gift boxes to custom blister packs and metal tins. Just give our team a call and chat through the options – we’ll even pay for the cost of the call.


Branded USB Bottle Opener Flash Drives – What a Corking Idea

Posted by USB2U on 19th October 2010 | Permalink

Sometimes when your tasked to come up with a suitable corporate gift or promotional giveaway its difficult to come up with that “killer idea”. Let’s face it there are thousands and thousands of promotional products these days that compete for your marketing budget so its no surprise that sifting through them to come up with something suitable is hard work!

Every so often though we come across a product that triggers a “wow” response and a product that begs the question why more and more people are not buying it. One such product is the USB Bottle Opener. This excellent product integrates a USB memory stick within a metal bottle opener, which in turn can be attached to a keyring. So not only do you get the convenience of a handy bottle opener on your bunch of keys but you also get a really neat way to carry around your data with you!

USB Bottle Opener

Branded USB Bottle Opener

The benefits of giving away a branded USB memory stick in terms of perceived value, positive brand association, continued usage and brand recall are well known and documented but the USB bottle opener takes this to another level. Clearly they make an ideal promotional product for drinks companies (soft and alcoholic) but they’re equally suitable as a general promotional product or “gift” for staff or customers.

Whilst USB bottle openers do cost a little more than standard USB flash drives they certainly are worthy of consideration for your next event or campaign. Any slight increase in cost can be more than offset by uploading collateral onto the USB bottle opener flash drives that you’d normally print and hand-out.

Available in memory sizes from 512MB all the way up to 8GB. These are tough, rugged and relatively “heavy” USB flash drives that are certainly man enough to take the bumps and knocks of being on a bunch of keys.