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Data Loading on USB Flash Drives – An Evil Necessity

Posted by USB2U on 17th January 2014 | Permalink

One of the primary reasons that so many companies are using promotional USB flash drives is because they are looking for a simple, easy and convenient way to distribute lots of information to their customers (or prospective customers). Whether it’s information on new products, pricing, seminar or conference notes, video presentations or any mix of these then USB drives that are pre-loaded with the data are a great solution.

CD’s and DVD’s used to be the preferred option but so few laptops and desktop PC’s now ship with a CD/DVD player that it’s a risk relying on people being able to use these. Arguably with the shift toward tablets (most of which don’t have USB ports) the same issues apply to USB sticks but most people still have a PC or laptop at home or work and all of these will have a USB port.

The other benefit of handing out a USB drives with your data pre-loaded onto them is that flash drives have a high perceived value (much higher than a CD or DVD) and as such people like being given them and that in turns help them to build a bond with any brand printed onto the drive. If you hand out flash drives with spare capacity on (and this is typically always the case) then you’re giving something away that has on-going use after your data has been read. This in turn means your flash drives (with your brand printed on them) will get repeat usage and your brand will get repeat exposure.

USB Data Loading Services from USB2U

USB Data Loading Services from USB2U

The real headache is how you get the data onto the USB flash drives before you hand them out! Often files, video and presentation notes are not ready to load until right at the very last minute and if this means you have to load the data yourself then in could take hours and in some cases days! Transferring 1GB of data from your PC could take 10+ minutes per drive – multiply this by say 500 and you can see the challenge!

By far the best way is to get your promotional USB flash drive supplier to data-load them for you. Typically they will have industrial data loading machines that will bulk transfer the files to multiple drives (each machine usually has a “master slot” and can copy the data to up to 20 USB drives in the same time that you could copy one!).

Most suppliers offer this service free of charge for up to 200MB of data but the charges for larger data loads are only pennies – it’ll be the best money you ever spend. No one in their right minds would voluntarily opt to data load their own USB sticks one at a time on their PC.


Printed USB Flash Drives – Don’t Forget The Data

Posted by USB2U on 27th October 2010 | Permalink

When you consider just how much information you can store on say a 1GB USB flash drive it’s a shame if your don’t use some of this space to pre-load your sales and contact material onto. The pre-loaded data doesn’t have to be anything specially produced for the flash drives. If you have got sale brochures in an electronic format or say PowerPoint presentation files or even media files these can all be pre-loaded on printed USB flash drives before you distribute them.

Any files that are pre-loaded can either be “protected” so that they cannot be erased or they can simply be loaded just

USB Data Loading

USB Data Loading

like any other data which then allows the user to delete the files. If the files you are pre-loading are large and take up a significant amount of space on the flash drive then its recommended that you allow the user to delete them. If you don’t do this then the relatively small amount of space left of the drives for them to store and carry around their personal data will mean the USB drives won’t get used which sort of defeats the object of giving them out.

Typically data is pre-loaded onto the USB flash drives during their manufacture. Its done this way simply because it’s the most cost effective way to load the data but it does mean you need to be organised and have your data ready early in the process of buying branded USB flash drives.

You can pre-load the data after the flash drives have been manufactured and printed (just before delivery to you) but expect to pay a little more for this service because data loading at this stage is more labour intensive and take longer. Loading data at this late stage may, depending on your supplier, preclude options like “protecting the data” or installing the data as an “auto-run” (this is a solution when the files automatically run when the USB flash drive is connected to a PC). Protecting data and auto-runs are normally only available during the manufacturing process because the process is flash controller dependent.

At USB2U we have invested in state of art professional data loading hardware that allows us to offer data loading solutions in the UK including multi-partitioning of USB drives with CD-ROM and Read-Only Partition Support, auto-runs and protected files.

If you’d like a quote for branded USB flash drives with or without data pre-loading just give us a call or fill in our on-line quote form and we’ll get back to you in a flash!