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Chinese Public Holidays – Why it Matters When Buying USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 8th April 2013 | Permalink

The majority of Chinese workers live and work in cities, whilst many of their relatives remain in their ancestral towns / villages. With such a vast country, returning home can take many hours, if not days. This coupled with increased prosperity and disposable income has resulted in national holidays taking on greater importance.

The 4th April is the start of ‘Tomb Sweeping’ and is regarded as the most important custom in the Qingming Festival from which the name of Tomb-sweeping day is got. Cleaning the tomb and paying respect to the dead person with offerings are the two important parts of remembering the past relatives. Weeds around the tomb are cleared away and fresh soil is added to show care of the dead. The dead person’s favourite food and wine are taken to sacrifice to them, along with paper resembling money. This is all burned in the hope that the deceased are not lacking food and money.

So why would this impact on Branded USB Memory sticks? In short, the vast majority of Promotional USB Memory sticks are manufactured in the Far East, in particular China. This includes all the component manufacturers such as flash chip suppliers and the assembly / finishing factories.

On the run up to a major holiday, chip manufacturer start to slow and stop production. This in return results in a shortage of supply and increase in prices prior to and for a short period after the holiday.

The leadtime for delivery is also increased as factories and couriers will shut over the holiday period. This delay is compounded by backlogs that are built up at Chinese Customs, which can add several days to the delivery.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Firstly try to order ahead of major holidays (see list below) and if this is not possible look for a provider that holds UK stock of USB Memory Sticks, such as USB2U.

Chinese New Year has passed and the price of USB flash has rocketed. They are starting to stabilise now, but the pattern will continue, so be mindful if you are looking to order branded USB memory stick or frankly any Chinese manufactured products.

timetable of Chinese public holidays



How to Choose the Perfect Branded USB Flash Drive Model

Posted by USB2U on 16th August 2011 | Permalink

Here at USB2U we boast one of the largest ranges of branded USB flash drives. Although that is a good thing because it gives our customers a lot of options when choosing their perfectly customised USB memory stick, it can make things a little more difficult.  We are constantly gaining new customers who are new to buying promotional memory drives so, to make it a little easier on them we want to offer some help and guidelines when choosing the best logo memory stick for their company.

  1. stick man juggling usb sticks

    USB2U Product Range

    The first thing we have done to help select the right branded USB memory stick is to separate them into 11 categories:

    1. Classic USB Range – A collection of the most popular branded USB flash drives.
    2. Metal USB Range – A little tougher and durable and can be very sophisticated and stylish.
    3. Leather USB Range – An executive and professional option that allow for a stylish embossing.
    4. Credit Card USB Range – A very functional use of a USB flash drive that allows for a large printing area making them great for promotion.
    5. Key USB Range – An easily portable and impressive use for a USB memory stick that usually makes an impact.
    6. Pen Range – Perfectly living up to the name ‘USB pen drive’ this range doubles in functionality and is perfect for conferences.
    7. Wood Range – A tactile option that shouts ‘eco-friendly’.
    8. USB People Range – This fun USB option expresses individuality and can be personalised to a profession or personality.
    9. Novelty Range – This branded flash drive range includes wristbands, carabineers, batteries, metal cans, etc.
    10. Eco Friendly Range – This range of flash drives are a mixture of other models but the cases are recycled.
    11. Custom Range – This range is completely dependent on you, if you can imagine it, we can make it.

      USB2U Sample Product Range

      USB2U Sample Product Range

  2. Now you understand the various branded USB memory stick ranges it is important to understand what your company flash drives will be used for and what you want to get from them, that will largely help you decide which model is most applicable to you.  For example, if you need them for purely promotional purposes and want to hand as many as you can out at a trade fair then a cost effective flash drive from our classic range would probably be best.  However, if you want to say something through your flash drives to your customers, such as, ‘we are an experienced and professional brand’ a logo USB flash drive from the leather range may be more fitting.
  3. What artwork do you want on the custom USB flash drive?  If you just want, say, your logo and a web address then all of our flash drives will usually accommodate for a standard logo size however, if images and a lot of colour will better portray your brand then something from the credit card range will be perfect for a large printing area and full colour printing.
  4. The budget for your promotional USB memory sticks will no doubt be a major deciding factor.  We do not publish the prices of our flash drive due to the volatility of the cost of the flash drives but if you make an enquiry via our enquiry form we will get back to you within 2 hours (during office hours) with the costs and help you in your quest to find the perfect promotional USB memory sticks within budget.

These guidelines and points to consider should give you a good idea of the kind of branded flash drive that is right for your company.  However, if you are still no closer, then give us a call or make an enquiry and one of our dedicated, experienced and knowledgeable account managers will help you find out which USB model is best for you.


We Make ‘Cool USB Flash Drives’

Posted by USB2U on 2nd August 2011 | Permalink

In attempts to be a fully pro-active company as opposed to a reactive company we like to keep an eye on the micro-environment and on the wider industry.  Being a promotional USB company this sometimes means looking at new USB models and styles.  This can oftentimes be quite a fun job especially with the imagination and creativity of some people with a lot of time on their hands out there.

lego brick usb flash drive

Lego Custom USB Memory Stick

Searching ‘cool USB drive’ on Google Images is not the most effective way of keeping up to date with new USB flash drive news but can certainly be an entertaining 5 minutes looking at some wacky things that people have come up with.  Nintendo Wii remote controls, Lego bricks, wine corks, cars, clothes pegs, vegetables and figurines are a small number of the shells that people have made to case their USB flash drive in.  We think that these flash drives are certainly cool and deserve some kudos, some of them can even make you laugh or have you stare in amazement at the level of attention and detail.  These novelty drives, although extremely imaginative, seem also very impractical.

One of the greatest benefits of USB flash drives is that they are portable and can be stored with a large amount of data for their size (up to 256GB for one specific flash drive).  It has to be asked how often some of these novelty USB drives would be used for what they were made for, or how much they would sit on a desk as an ornament.  I’m sure many of us have had the situation where our USB flash drive fit into our laptop or the back of a computer tower because they pack the USB slots so close together and our flash drive is a little too bulky to fit between the leads and existing USB connectors.

PVC custom USB sticks

A Selection of Our Custom USBs

We also sell a variety of novelty branded USB flash drives disguising themselves as other things.  Although in most cases our Promotional USB memory sticks are not as bizarre as some that can be found on Google but fortunately, they are much more functional.  Take, for example our USB mini people which can be customised to our customers requirements.  Our USB pill drive, not surprisingly resembles a pill, the credit card range are almost exactly the same size as the real thing and our USB key drive disguises itself nicely on a key ring.  We sell many more in our standard range of Logo USB memory sticks; metal and plastic USB bottle, USB pen range, USB bottle opener, the list continues.  All of these drives are easily portable and extremely functional.  If however, a custom USB flash drive really is what you are looking for then we have just the thing for you.

We can cater for your custom USB needs by customising the shape, colour, size, almost everything about the USB flash drive.  Contact us via telephone, email or via our quote form so we can work with you to produce your perfect custom USB and who knows, maybe your USB will be seen in our next search for ‘cool USB drives’ on Google Images.


A Custom NHS Reform Calls for Custom USB Drives

Posted by USB2U on 15th June 2011 | Permalink

The NHS reform has recently had a lot of media coverage, but what’s it all about?  The Coalition Government announced a proposed NHS reform last summer and it consequently received a lot of criticism.  The original proposition included opening the NHS up to allow for promoted competition in the form of private companies, passing the responsibility of the budgets and purse strings over to GP’s and to roll it out quickly to be in full effect by 2013. USB2U has already provided a wide range of medical USB branded flash drives from our classic pill drive to a customised branded syringe drive for Boots.  All of these drives were pre-loaded with marketing content designed to lobby and sell to potential customers.  A branded USB packed with marketing information and sales material would be a great idea for private companies to lobby to GP’s to provide medical services for the NHS.

syringe USB stickSubstantial criticism caused by the proposition lead to an independent review.  The review suggested the following amends to the original proposition: to have managed competition as opposed to more promoting competition, nurses and hospital doctors would also be included in the control of the budgets alongside GP’s and the roll-out would be slowed down and the consortia of nurses, doctors and GP’s take control in areas of the UK where they can.  As the review has called for a more managed approach to competition in the NHS it will take additional marketing touches like a branded USB drive packed with pre-loaded marketing material to stand out and secure the business.

Yesterday David Cameron spoke about the independent review of the original proposal.  He said that although the reforms general aim of wanting better care for patients was kept, the details and how that is achieved has changed.  Surprisingly the prime minister admitted that they had made mistakes in their proposal, but they had called for the review and they were amending the proposal accordingly.

Similarly to the new aim for the NHS, ours is to meet the individual needs of our customers whatever the purpose and shape of the USB drive.


Custom USB Drive – UK Banks Profits Recover

Posted by USB2U on 6th August 2010 | Permalink

With a bumper set of results announced by the UK Banks this week, the industry seems to have recovered from the financial turmoil of the past few years and are again reporting large profits. This is great news for the exchequer, tax payers who own major stakes in some of these banks and the economy in general.

Some of the banks issued their press packs including the financial information via Branded USB Memory sticks. This follows a long trend of banks making use of Branded Memory sticks.

usb sticks for banks

Bank Branded Memory Sticks

There are numerous reasons why banks now embrace Branded Memory sticks including the following:

  • Branded USB Memory sticks are a unique way to get their brand in front of an existing or potential ‘key’ customers.
  • Branded USB Memory sticks are a great way to disseminate information to key customers, staff, or city analysts.  The data can be passive, so the user would need to click on the files, or interactive for a more immersive experience.
  • Branded USB Memory sticks are excellent ‘keep sakes’ and with a high probability that users will save their own information on them. Making the USB a valued tool that has a high intrinsic value.
  • The cost of USB Flash Memory has fallen dramatically over the past few years, so they have become a far more cost effective promotional item.
  • USB Branded memory sticks now come in over 100 different models or can be designed and built to order…..making them truly unique to bank brands.
  • The speed of delivery is now as little as 48hrs, which includes a logo print – so ideal for emergency use – great if banks need to get information out quickly.
  • Branded Memory sticks can be ordered in as little as 25 units – so it can be a targeted campaign.
  • CD / DVDs are now seen as old hat, with Branded USB Memory sticks taking over as the media of choice for sending content.
  • The technology has improved making Branded USB highly robust and reliable.
  • Security and encryption technology is now well advanced to protect any sensitive information stored on the Branded Memory sticks.
  • Finally, there are now several professional providers of Branded USB Memory sticks in the UK, making the process of ordering very simple.

Whilst some pundits perceive banks as technology dinosaurs, they are certainly waking up to opportunity of Branded Memory sticks.


Custom USB Flash Drives Come of Age in 2009

Posted by USB2U on 3rd January 2010 | Permalink

Whilst 2009 was another good year for the ever popular branded and promotional USB memory stick the key trend to emerge from 2009 was the growth in the sale of custom flash drives. Unlike branded memory sticks which are typically “factory designs” that are then printed on, a custom memory stick is, as the name suggests unique to the client. It’s a fully bespoke 2-D or 3-D shape that is fabricated to include a USB connector and flash memory.

Custom USB

The beauty of custom USB memory sticks is that they can be produced it a shape or design that is either a facsimile of your brand or logo or in a shape that represents the product or service you are promoting.  For example if you are an automotive company and you want to promote the launch of a new model to your dealership or existing customers then you could get a custom memory stick manufactured in the shape of the new car. This in turn can be attached to a branded keying and the custom memory stick can be pre-loaded with all of the sales data sheets, performance reviews and media files showing off the car.

Similarly if you’re a pharmaceutical company and you have a new drug to announce/launch then you could commission a custom memory stick in the shape of the drug and distribute these at the press launch and any subsequent conferences and seminars. Again the on-board flash memory can be pre-loaded with data sheets on the product, its target market, pricing, availability and any supporting presentation files or media files.

With custom memory sticks the limitations are really only defined b y your imagination. Historically the price of a custom memory sticks was a limiting factor because the factories that produce then were reluctant to accept small runs of less than 500 pieces and even when they did the set up costs were horrendous. But, in 2009 as competition for business increased and manufacturing and set up processes improved the barriers to entry reduced dramatically.  Today the price of a custom memory stick is on a par with a standard printed memory stick and in most cases the factories are now absorbing the origination and mould costs themselves.  It’s also possible to get small runs of 100+ custom memory sticks produced for only marginally more than a standard printed stick.

USB Wristband

The winner from these changes during 2009 was the end customer, particularly smaller companies that wanted a relatively small quantity of memory sticks. The only thing to bear in mind when considering custom memory sticks is a slightly longer lead time. Because the factories will have to produce a mould and physical sample the lead time extends from a typical 10 days to 21 days so plan ahead.

Custom memory sticks deliver a real “wow” factor and done well they can create a “viral” type of buzz as word goes around about the sticks. The visual impact coupled with the functionality ensures a much greater likelihood of any marketing or advertising messages getting across to target audience and just as importantly for that message to be repeated over and over again with the continued use of the custom memory stick.

During 2009 here at USB2U we saw a huge increase in the demand for custom USB memory sticks from a diverse range of clients and we expect this trend to continue into 2010. As experts in the field we are able to offer you a free consultation service to talk you through the art of the possible, to share with you the range of materials and moulding options and to work up designs for the factory to manufacture from – this is a free consultation and design service with no commitment. If you are considering a bespoke or custom USB memory stick in 2010 give us a call. We’d love to hear from you and to work with you on your project.


Custom USB Memory Sticks Help You To Make An Impression

Posted by USB2U on 14th September 2009 | Permalink

If you’ve got an important announcement, product launch or brand launch and you want to tell people about it then, one way is to commission a custom USB memory stick. Whilst the USB Memory stick won’t do the job for you on its own it will, when used as part of a co-ordinated campaign, increase significantly the amount of “buzz and excitement” around any such announcement.

Custom USB Memory sticks are Memory Sticks that are manufactured in a 2-D or 3-D shape to match your product or

Custom USB Car

Custom USB Car

brand characteristics. Think of say a memory stick in the shape of a car to support the launch of a new model – not just any old car shape but a proper 3-D representation of the car down to the smallest of detail.

With the advances in technology the USB factories can now supply pretty much anything and they can do so at a fraction of the cost from a couple of years ago. The challenge is more to do with the idea or concept to support any initiative rather than can the shape be moulded and produced.

There are plenty of excellent examples of custom USB memory sticks around including USB Batteries, USB Erasers, USB Wine Bottles, USB Beer Bottles, USB Explosive Signs, USB Guitars and so on.

When these custom USB sticks are handed out at an event they create a frisson that can almost be felt. It would be easy to over state the impact but whilst people are now used to getting standard branded memory sticks a custom USB memory stick is still a little different and they do raise the excitement levels.

Explosive Custom USB Sticks

Explosive Custom USB Sticks

So if you have some exciting news then extend that passion into the vehicle you use to deliver the message. A press release handed out on an A4 sheet of paper no matter how you dress it up simple won’t deliver the same “wow” as a custom USB memory stick loaded up with your company or product launch material, images, presentations etc.

Custom USB memory sticks also have a life beyond the event they are designed for. The recipient of the sticks is typically keen to “show off” the stick and this in itself creates a viral type of advertising. Not only this but because they can be used to store and transport data just like any standard USB memory stick they will get used and through usage the brand on the ship will continue to get promoted.

There are plenty of companies offering branded USB memory sticks but far fewer with real experience in the delivery of custom memory sticks. USB2U in the UK is one such company that can be relied on to deliver against the most challenging of requests.


Custom USB Flash Drive Lets You Seize The Day

Posted by USB2U on 1st September 2009 | Permalink

As businesses are trying ever harder to entice customers to buy their product and stand out from their rivals and peers, one of the best ways to go about standing from the crowd is to utilize the advances in customisation technology. Whether it is giving the end user the chance to have their name or emblazoned on a product or perhaps offering companies the opportunity to place their logo on a product they can offer to companies as a promotional tool, customization is in. There are so many products where the benefits from this method of working are coming in but the best ones are where there is a strong purpose and the product is likely to be used. There are many products which would fit into this category but the custom usb flash drive is easily one of the most effective.

Custom USB

One of the simplest reasons for having a custom usb flash drive is the fact that it may be difficult to tell different flash drives apart. Just think about the situation in a busy office where there may be a number of flash drives available. If the office is able to take advantage of bulk buying capabilities, it is very likely that all of these flash drives are going to appear very similar. This is great for the budget but may be very costly if you need to find a specific flash drive in a very short space of time. If you have important information on a particular flash drive, having to check each and every one until you find it is going to be very costly and time consuming. Having a customised flash drive enables companies to place specific titles or details onto every product making it easier to catalogue them.

Custom USB Memory Stick

This may seem like a boring or dull use of customisation for a great number of customers but the business benefits that will arise from working in this manner are going to be of great benefit. Having access to the data you need at a moments notice will help you run efficiently and in these tough economic times, any advantage which can be gained is massively important. It may not seem like the most important issue in a busy office but a custom usb flash drive definitely has the potential to make a company run more efficiently and effectively.

Aside from that, there is a definite coolness about having a custom usb flash drive and the cool factor is not something to be overlooked by firms. Customers are going to look for a key reason to purchase a particular product and there is not a lot to choose between for a number of custom usb flash drive. Therefore, anything which makes this product stand out from the rest of the market is going to be a potential crowd pleaser and what could be more unique than creating a message of your own making? This is why a custom usb flash drive could provide you with the edge you need to succeed.


Custom Memory Ticks Will Help You Save Time And Money

Posted by USB2U on 20th August 2009 | Permalink

One of the biggest crazes and fashions in recent times has been the drive and demand to have your own name across everything you use for other people to see. There have been many fashion statements and fads that have faded away in recent years but the chance to publicise yourself does not appear to diminishing in popularity at any point. There is no doubt that seeing your name in lights or in public has a strong attraction and this is also very true for something that normal people have in their everyday items. This is why using custom memory sticks has a lasting appeal and is very attractive to many consumers. The benefit of using memory sticks is apparent with people wanting to transport data quickly and easily across many different places and a memory stick is an ideal way to do this. With a great number of flash and memory sticks available, having one that is easily defined as yours is a great bonus.

If you use the memory stick at work or college, it may be bought from the same source as others which means that it may be easy to get the memory sticks mixed up with other peoples. This may be a small inconvenience but it could have disastrous effects if the information contained within the stick was important. This is where using custom memory sticks is really useful as it should minimise the chances of mistaking someone else’s stick for your own. Being able to identify your own memory stick quickly and easily should ensure that nothing bad happens when you need things to do smoothly.

It can be seen that a busy office or college will have a lot of people looking to pass information amongst themselves and may in fact need a number of memory sticks to contain all of the data. By using custom memory sticks, the task of naming and storing the proper data together should become easier as relevant titles could be apportioned to each stick. Having the name of the project, group or data type actually emblazoned across the memory stick should mean that it won’t fall off or be scratched away which should make it easier for everyone to know exactly what they are using. In a busy office, it can be easy to pick up the wrong thing in haste but this system should give everyone a better chance of finding the wrong stick to use.

It is no surprise that every person and company is considering the cost and budgetary effects of each product nowadays and the custom memory sticks is no different.  However, the benefit comes from the fact that these products are available in a cheap manner which provides fantastic value for money. Given the time and effort, not to mention safety security that having the name of each memory stick carefully laid out on it should ensure that the custom memory sticks pays for itself in no time at all. If you are after a product that is fashionable and highly functional, the customised memory stick may be one of the products you will find all year.


Custom USB Flash Drive Works No Matter Your Needs

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It used to be that a custom USB flash drive would amount to having your name or your company’s name or logo stuck onto a flash drive and that was it. The market ahs moved on massively since then though and the improvement available in this product range is phenomenal. If you can imagine it, it is probably fair to say that it is possible to create the flash drive and it is true that some sites offer customers the opportunity to customise their flash drive to their hearts content. In a day and age where individuality and standing out from the crowd is extremely important, this is an option that is extremely appealing to a great number of customers. In fact, some of the modern flash drives may leave you astounded as to what they are actually to be used for, so be careful that you remember what your flash drive looks like or it could be misplaced amongst a myriad of other products.

No one needs to be reminded about the harsh economic climate (or ‘Credit Crunch’) at the moment and it may be that the custom USB flash drive will seem to be costly. Obviously every firm and company needs to consider their expenditure very carefully but it shouldn’t be just about the bottom line of cost. There can be overall benefits arising from using these promotional tools and if a higher expenditure on these flash drives resulted in a far greater return of sales or income, then the money would be justified. Firms need to do everything in their power to appeal to as many potential customers as possible and providing quirky and memorable gifts and products to offer to potential consumers is one of the best way of doing so. If you want to stand out from everyone else, offer people something that no one else can.

One of the best custom USB flash drive products that are available are those that look exactly like a pen. This automatically amuses customers, clients or staff and should increase the opportunity for use. As stated, having a product that is likely to be used time and time again is of great benefit in the world of promotion and marketing and this product does a tremendous job. The custom USB flash drive in a pen shape can be branded extremely easily, ensuring that your logo is available on a whole host of products.

All of this means that no matter what you are hoping to use the custom USB flash drive for, it can be customised to your every wish or desire. Whether it is for home use to make it easier to pick up or recognise when you need it in a hurry or to use as a promotional tool for work, it is a fantastic product. In a time when every purchase should be considered and scrutinised, the benefits that will arise from using customised USB products will continue, offering tremendous value for money for any customer.