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Branded Flash Drives – Prices Fall As Sterling Exchange Rate Recovers

Posted by USB2U on 4th August 2010 | Permalink

There has never been a better time to purchase branded memory sticks. Several factors have come together to make the perfect storm allowing the sharp fall in Branded Memory stick prices. The two primary drivers are a six month high for the UK Pound against the US Dollar and an over capacity of flash memory in the Far East.

The exchange rate has continued to improve given that it hit a 14 month low in May. Since that time, Sterling has risen by more than 11 percent, due especially to the stronger than expected news about the UK economy and the austerity plan put in place by the new government. Investors who bet against the UK Pound have been forced to unwind their deals, which helped to push the UK currency higher.

This has also been helped by the fears that the US economy may not be doing as well as investors had hoped.

Why is this important for the price of branded memory sticks? In short, almost all Flash chips used for Branded Memory sticks are manufactured in the Far East and the US Dollar is the preferred method of payment. Branded Flash Drives are more susceptible to short term currency movements because orders are placed on factories and paid for as customers confirm their requirements. Whilst some forward buying of stock does take place the wide range of styles, colours and memory sizes coupled with the fact that many customers take advantage of pantone colour matching the body of Memory Sticks it is impossible to forward buy too much.

With the improvement in global transportation and the ability to manufacturer and ship within a few days rather than weeks more Branded Flash drives are manufactured to order, hence why currency variation has such as dramatic bearing on price.

There is also a lull in the manufacturer of electronic items, which has reduced the price of flash chip, the core cost for any Branded Memory Stick.

So will this last? Whilst all the underlying factors are improving the currency rates have been so volatile over that past months that it is difficult to predict whether this will continue on an upward trend or in fact fall back again.

What is certain is that the demand for flash will increase over the coming weeks in preparation for the Christmas trading period and this will drive the price of flash up. Especially for 1Gb and 2Gb memory sticks.

So if you are thinking of purchasing Branded Flash Drives, anytime over the coming months, then it may be prudent to secure today’s price as there is no telling how long the perfect storm will last.

Branded Memory Stick


Cheap USB Flash Drives for Universities & Fresher Fairs

Posted by USB2U on 5th July 2010 | Permalink

If you’re looking for some USB flash drives at a bargain price then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got some exclusive deals for Schools and Universities that’ll blow your socks off! Well we hope they will anyway.

To be clear when w talk about cheap USB flash drives we’re not talking about “cheap and nasty”, poor quality, poor performing flash drives but instead we’re talking about fantastically discounted offers that are only available to Schools & Universities in the UK.

University Flash Drive

University Flash Drive

We recognise that following the recent election that school and local education authority budgets are coming under renewed pressure and we want to help you get the “best bang for buck” when procuring USB flash drives. As an example we’ve got some cracking Buffalo super fast Firestix 1GB flash drives that have an amazing read/write speed of 32MB per second and we’re almost giving these away at under £3 each – numbers are limited so they are available on a first come first served basis only.

If you’d rather get some flash drives printed with your school or university logo or crest on then not a problem as we supply tens of thousands of these every month! Just let us know what you need (numbers, memory size, type of flash drive) and send us you logo and we’ll not only get back to you with some cracking prices but we’ll also work up some examples of memory sticks for you to consider.

With USB2U there are no hidden extras, not nasty incidental costs that are tucked away in the small print and there is certainly no compromise on the quality of products. We will give you our best price in a simple, uncomplicated proposal with examples of what you flash drives will look like and remember that we only ever supply branded memory sticks with Grade A flash memory chips modules and we certainly never supply re-cycled or “re-graded” flash modules.

All of our school and university customers are guaranteed immediate 30 day terms and all we need from you to get the process started a school or university Purchase Order or an email confirming your order. That’s it. Simple isn’t it.

Still not convinced? Well, here is the full list of discount and benefits we offer to any school or university:

  • Free design & mock-ups on the USB Flash Drive(s) of your choice
  • Free samples – they won’t all be working samples but they will show what the flash drives look like in the flesh
  • Free plain coloured lanyards or key ring attachments with every memory stick
  • Free data loading – limited to a maximum of 100MB which is an awful lot of data
  • Free delivery to any UK mainland address
  • Free small gift box or individual poly bags
  • No quibble 30-day payment terms on all orders
  • Rock bottom pricing

If we have go your interest just give us a call or fill out our on-line enquiry form and one of our team will get in touch with you.