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Engraved USB Keys

Posted by USB2U on 18th October 2010 | Permalink

On reaching your 21st birthday in England it was traditional to be given the “key to the door”. This of course assumed that the 21 year old was still living at home and the giving of the key was a symbolic way of showing that you were now old and mature enough to be trusted with a key to your front door.

Keys, whether they are given on a 21st birthday or not, have been with us for centuries with wooden “keys” being used by the Egyptians some 4,000 years ago. Whilst there is some dispute about the origins of the “modern” key as we it today many attribute its development to an Englishman, Robert Barron who first patented his double-acting tumbler lock and key in 1778.

USB Keys - Metal

USB Keys - Metal

Since the 18th century keys have come a long way and are now a in common use throughout the world to provide controlled access to property, vehicles and machinery to name but a few. Most people will today carry a range of different keys with them in the course of their daily life and will typically store them on a key ring or keychain. Common key types include; house keys, car keys, master keys, padlock keys, control keys, skeleton keys and tubular keys.

Today you can add to this list USB keys. These keys are technically not a “key” in the sense that they lock and unlock

Example USB Keys

Example USB Key

something but instead they are USB flash drives that are manufactured in the shape of a key. This allows the user to attach them to their key ring or key chain along with their other keys and thus carry them easily and securely.

USB keys are easily customised (engraved) with a company logo or design and make excellent promotional giveaways or executive gifts. Whilst they won’t unlock anything in the traditional sense its common when they are used as a promotional product for data to be pre-loaded onto them so that when they are inserted into a PC the data stored on them is “un-locked” and available to the user.

Lots of branded and promotional USB memory sticks are being given away at the moment but USB keys are a little bit different and as such are more memorable and stand out from the “crowd”. They’re cute, portable and robust and they do a fantastic job of promoting the brand engraved on them. If you’re looking for ideas for a branded USB memory stick then its certainly worth considering metal USB keys.


Unlock Your Sales Potential With USB Keys

Posted by USB2U on 22nd July 2010 | Permalink

If you’ve got a new product or service you’re launching then one of the best ways to grab people’s attention and build awareness of it is to give them something for free. Ideally this “something” needs to be relevant, it needs to have a perceived high value and it needs to be useful and engaging enough for the recipient to want it and to want to use it on an on-gong basis.

USB Keys

USB Keys

Make sure you brand is clearly visible on whatever you giveaway and make sure its appropriate for your target customer base. There are plenty of promotional products to consider these days including caps, mugs, key fobs, pens, umbrellas and T-shirts. One of the more recent entrants to the promotional market is the USB flash memory stick. USB flash drives not only look fantastic when branded up with a company logo but they have the added benefit of being able to be pre-loaded with sales and marketing material, dynamic links to web sites, media files, presentation files and so on.

engraved USB Keys

engraved USB keys

Of course USB flash drives are a little more expensive than some of the other available options and they won’t be the right choice for every product but, in terms of perceived value and potential re-use they are an excellent choice. Continued re-use of the item which in turn generates brand awareness, brand loyalty and which then hopefully creates a brand advocate is exactly what you want.

Combine this effect with the benefits of distributing large amounts of sales and marketing material without the usual print and transportation costs and you begin to understand why USB flash drives are so popular.

It is not just new products that can benefit from the positive effects of distributing USB flash drives. Sending USB flash drives to your existing customers pre-loaded with the latest news about your company and an update on your products has been proven to deliver a lift in sales. Likewise equipping your sales force with branded flash drives to hand out as they met their customers is a nice touch and a great way to enable them to “thank” their customers for their previous support.

When choosing a USB flash drive for your campaign its easy to get overwhelmed by the range of models available. Safe chooses include the small, capless, twister model or the credit card USB that is ideal for complex and large prints. Alternatively you might consider something a little more unusual like the USB keys. These keys are small, robust, and as you’d expect fit neatly on a keyring and look fantastic engraved or printed.

If you are looking give a “shot in the arm” to your sales or to help with a product launch then Flash Drive Keys might just be the answer.