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Reviews of USB2U Push Towards 3,000 on Trustpilot

Posted by USB2U on 31st March 2015 | Permalink

Confidence is one of the key factors when you’re buying from a company that you deal with over the Internet. Confidence that you’re in safe hands, confidence that you’ll actually get what you ordered and in time for when you need them and confidence that should things go wrong (as they occasionally do) that the company is able and willing to front up and deal with the issues.

Of course it’s not unheard of for companies to exaggerate claims about their capabilities to stretch the truth a little or to flat out lie about what the quality of what they are selling and to avoid dealing with any post sales issues or queries that might arise.

In an age when a great looking website can be thrown up in a matter of hours/days its relatively easy for anyone to claim they are the “greatest” supplier, that they have “thousands of satisfied customers” and that they can deliver top quality products in a matter of days. But, should you trust everything you read on a companies own website and take it as fact?

Printed Twister USB Sticks

Printed Twister USB Sticks

Before you place any order for promotional products (like branded USB memory sticks) that are going to carry your brand and logo on them we’d strongly advocate that you try and validate some of the comments claimed on the companies website that you plan to buy from. It’s one thing having a bad Internet shopping experience when you’re buying something for yourself but trusting your company’s brand and reputation to a 3rd party based purely on what they say about themselves is to put it mildly “a little risky”.

The Internet not only enables the little start up companies to compete with the bigger boys BUT more fundamentally it gives a strong voice to customers to share their shopping experiences (good and bad) with other prospective customers. Just as you’d use a site like Trip Advisor to review a hotel or holiday company before you make a booking we’d strongly advocate using 3rd party review sites like Trustpilot to see what customers are saying about suppliers of products like branded USB memory sticks.

Arguably such review sites (providing there is a critical mass of reviews and providing they are recent) are a safer way to gauge the capabilities of a company to deliver against their promises.

At USB2U we strongly encourage all of our customers to review the service they’ve received from us on Trustpilot. We already have around 2,9000 reviews and we expect to smash through 3,000 reviews in the next couple of weeks. So, if you’re thinking of ordering your branded flash drives from us then don’t just take our word for how good our service is check out what thousands of customers are saying – we’re currently ranked as “Excellent” with a trust score of 9.7 out of 10.


Chinese Public Holidays – Why it Matters When Buying USB Memory Sticks

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The majority of Chinese workers live and work in cities, whilst many of their relatives remain in their ancestral towns / villages. With such a vast country, returning home can take many hours, if not days. This coupled with increased prosperity and disposable income has resulted in national holidays taking on greater importance.

The 4th April is the start of ‘Tomb Sweeping’ and is regarded as the most important custom in the Qingming Festival from which the name of Tomb-sweeping day is got. Cleaning the tomb and paying respect to the dead person with offerings are the two important parts of remembering the past relatives. Weeds around the tomb are cleared away and fresh soil is added to show care of the dead. The dead person’s favourite food and wine are taken to sacrifice to them, along with paper resembling money. This is all burned in the hope that the deceased are not lacking food and money.

So why would this impact on Branded USB Memory sticks? In short, the vast majority of Promotional USB Memory sticks are manufactured in the Far East, in particular China. This includes all the component manufacturers such as flash chip suppliers and the assembly / finishing factories.

On the run up to a major holiday, chip manufacturer start to slow and stop production. This in return results in a shortage of supply and increase in prices prior to and for a short period after the holiday.

The leadtime for delivery is also increased as factories and couriers will shut over the holiday period. This delay is compounded by backlogs that are built up at Chinese Customs, which can add several days to the delivery.

So what can you do to protect yourself? Firstly try to order ahead of major holidays (see list below) and if this is not possible look for a provider that holds UK stock of USB Memory Sticks, such as USB2U.

Chinese New Year has passed and the price of USB flash has rocketed. They are starting to stabilise now, but the pattern will continue, so be mindful if you are looking to order branded USB memory stick or frankly any Chinese manufactured products.




Will the Cloud Kill the Branded Flash Drive Market?

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A colleague of ours had a conversation the other day with a friend who was doubtful about the longevity of the branded USB flash drive market.  They thought that with the advancement in technology and the shift to the cloud that the use for USB drives would dies out as people no longer saved files offline.  We have written a few articles in the past about this and debated the pros and cons of the cloud over offline storage and more importantly for us – the USB memory stick.

The cloud is a great way of storing files and being able to access them on any computer with an internet connection, not having to worry about carrying data around with you or forgetting the files at home when you need them for an important meeting.  However, the key aspect and advantage that our colleague’s friend missed was that branded flash drives are not about customer offline file storage – it is about marketing, brand exposure and getting the sales and marketing information in the hands of your customers.

The cloud and internet is undoubtedly one of the best innovations of the 21st century and has revolutionised business and marketing.  However, if you rely solely on the internet to get your brand and business known and you will end up paying Google and other search engine companies a lot of money and may be missing out on many other equally beneficial opportunities.

We get a range of customers from one-man band photographers to large corporate organisations order flash drives for a number of reasons from internal use to pitch presentation hand-outs.  The biggest use for the branded flash drives that we provide is to market companies and get valuable information into their customer’s hands.  There is an extremely high chance that brochures or advertising and marketing material that is sent on a flash drive will be read and browsed.

Although the cloud certainly has benefits for individuals and companies for data storage, back-up and hot-desking it will not replace the need for the benefits that branded flash drives bring.  There is longevity in the branded flash drive market and still many more uses and benefits to be had.

USB Flash Drive Vs Cloud


Taking Branded Memory A Step Further

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Using branded USB flash drives as a promotional giveaway has many benefits but one big advantage over other promotional merchandise is the usefulness and valuable appeal. Since a USB flash drive is a piece of electrical technology it has a much larger appeal to customers and potential clients than a pen, key ring or post-it notes. The appeal to customers is evidently the usability of the USB device for personal use so the larger the amount of memory the better.  If you are anything like us you probably have a few different branded USB flash drives that you have collected over the past few years floating around your desk and in your drawers, but you only seem to use the 8GB or 16GB memory stick because you know that you will rarely be stuck for space.

It is obvious that the more memory that you have in your custom USB flash drives the more useful they will be to customers, the more they will use them and the more brand exposure that you will get from each memory stick.  The down side is that the memory stick is the most expensive component of the flash drive and more memory means slightly more money per drive.  We understand that the size of memory in your promotional USB flash drives will depend on the company, project budget and use of the flash drives, however the benefits to be considered are the customers re-use of the flash drive, the perception of the company from the memory size and the data size that can be pre-loaded onto the drive.  One company that we did a job for was well aware of these benefits and didn’t want to risk anything.

We have just branded a large batch of 500GB 2.5” hard drives pre-loaded with only just over 7GB of pre-loaded data.  ‘Why 500GB hard drives for only 7GB of data?’ you might ask.  It’s clear that this company understands the benefits of giving potential customers or existing clients a sleek, useful and compact device as a promotional give-away.  The company is giving the hard drives away at a conference to all who attend.

Although many companies maybe couldn’t afford, need to or want to give away a similar promotional gift the benefits for any company who does should be quite substantial.  Imagine getting a branded 500GB hard drive as a gift, any time that you use it you are bound to think of the company and how they gave it to you for free.

A large memory hard drive might be a little outside of many people’s budgets however, some of our custom USB memory sticks go up to a large 32GB memory size and will make a similar impact on clients.


A Great Time of Year for a USB Corporate Gift

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It’s the holiday season and many employees are using their paid leave to go on holiday. They usually bring back simple gifts for their colleagues who were holding the fort in their absence.  Our office is no different; we have had bags of fruity sweets brought back from countries on the continent with the flavours that no one likes still left months later.  Employees’ bringing small gifts back with them from holiday is a nice gesture; it shows that they were thinking about their colleagues in the office whilst soaking up the sun somewhere a little more relaxing.  The same applies between companies.


Although no companies take a ‘holiday’ as such, small gifts and gestures can make a company feel valued, thanked or just thought of.  Unexpected but well-timed and thoughtful corporate gifts can strengthen relationships just as much as big expensive and extravagant corporate hospitality.

If at this point in the article you expected us to suggest that useful, large memory branded USB memory sticks would make an ideal gift to the employees of another company, you would be right.  However, there are other things that we think would also make perfect gifts.  We also offer a range of USB corporate gifts comprising of fans, and speakers.

The USB fan is a welcomed new gadget in time for the hot summer months and can show employees that you care about their comfort in the suns heat. The central area of the fan allows for a resin dome sticker that supports full colour printing, ideal for displaying complex logos. The airflow produced by the fan is big enough to provide an accurate cold blast without blowing papers and or pens around on a desk.

Pod Speaker
The small pod speaker is an impressive and quirky portable speaker, great for employees to take on holiday as the speaker charges via a USB lead and can be played outdoors on the battery or when plugged in at a desk. When closed the speaker is only 35mm high, which is makes for easy transportation. There is also little mess with wires or wrapping them around the speakers when storing the pod as the headphone jack and lead is retractable. The area on the pod allows for clear printing of a company logo and is a great functional promotional tool.

USB Pod Speaker

Small Speaker Bar
These compact yet powerful computer speakers fit easily under a monitor or neatly on an office desk for those who listen to music whilst working. The speakers source power and play music from a computer connected via a USB port. This makes them simple and easy to connect as there is no need to play around with drivers or (headphone jack ports).

Large Speaker Bar
These large speakers lay low and wide whilst providing a strong and clear sound. There are three buttons displayed on the top of the speakers, which turn the power on and off and control the volume without having to change it on the device or computer. The port on one end of the speaker connects via USB to the computer sourcing power and music. The other end of the speakers allows for another device such as a phone or an MP3 player to be played through the speakers when plugged in.

We think that along with custom USB flash drives, these corporate gifts are ideal as a ‘middle of the year’ present which will certainly stand out and won’t get lost with the competition of other company gifts at Christmas.  To see more images of the fans and speakers and to find out more visit the Other USB Gifts page on the ‘products’ navigation bar at the top of the page.


Graduation Photos sold on Branded USB Flash Drives

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It’s the end of the educational year and students are leaving school for the summer. Some of the lucky/unlucky students (depending on how you see it) are leaving three years study at University to enter the big wide world of work.  University Graduates means University Graduations and there are many of them each year throughout the UK.  Last week our local University, The University of Northampton was holding it’s Graduations.

USB Memory Sticks Used at Graduations

The graduation process is a good celebratory end to a three or four year course of study.  It can be however, quite expensive.  Behind the ceremony and the awards, graduations can cost a lot of money for the students on top of three years of accommodation and living costs.  Graduates need to pay for gowns and these have to be bought with a specific company so the cost is dictated and there is no shopping around for price.

Photos are another cost for those graduating.  Everyone knows that the graduation is about the photo taken holding the scroll and wearing the gowns.  Like the gowns, the photos can only be ordered through one company and they have an interesting price structure.

The photography company for the graduation sold the photos in packs.  The prices of the packs were a bit of a surprise because they were quite complicated.  There were packs with different sized images, packs with frames, packs with single photos, packs with family and single photos etc.  The only constant was that as the amount of photos and photo sizes went up so did the price of the pack.  There was one thing about their pricing that was easy to understand and made a lot of sense, for an additional cost you could have all of the photos that they took saved onto one USB flash drive or CD.

Along with CD’s the photography company was using branded USB flash drives to save the images and sell to graduates.  We are selling more and more branded flash drives to photographers as they move from CDs to USB memory sticks.  We are slightly biased but there are many reasons why USB flash drives are better than CDs.  For example, the device is more impressive, transfer speeds are much quicker, the branding is much more impressive and one of the biggest differences – the memory stick is re-usable.

Customers are more than likely going to copy the photos from the stick onto their computer and keep the flash drive for personal use, something which cannot happen with a CD.  The USB flash drive then acts as a marketing aid and a continual reminder of the photography company.

So for those companies and especially photographers out there wondering whether they should change from CDs to branded USB memory sticks we hope that you make the right decision and embrace the change.


USB Clips Making Their Mark

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The USB Clip flash drive is the newest addition to our Metal product range. This sleek looking USB memory stick hasn’t been available long but it has already attracted a lot of attention and orders.

USB Clip Drive

The Clip USB flash drive is small and neat yet useful and impactful.  Unlike all other USB flash drives the casing of the USB Clip doubles up as the USB connector, which allows the drive to be so compact.  Despite this, the USB flash drive is still available in the standard memory sizes from 512MB to 16GB.  The memory Clip is available in two colour finishes, either gold or silver.  There are also two options for branding the clip drive; the logo can either be printed in up to 4 spot colours for a vibrant look or it can be engraved to give a more professional feel.

Along with the various colour and branding options the clip on the USB drive allows it to have multiple uses.  As the name suggests the drive can be ‘clipped’ onto clothing (seen in the images on the product information page of the flash drive) or it can be used to clip together handouts from a presentation or documents in a report whilst stored with soft copies of the necessary files (suggested in a recent article about presentation handouts).

The Clips popularity has caused us to order a range of samples to send to the customers who’d like to view and feel the quality of this brilliant USB flash drive.  To see more photos of the clip drive and to read a little more in detail visit the USB Clip information page and to view the complete metal range of USB memory sticks visit the product range page.


Some Unusual Uses For Branded USB Memory Sticks

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Most companies that buy USB Memory Sticks printed or engraved with their logo on will be buying them as a basic promotional product. Typically they are simply given away at trade shows, handed out to customers and clients to build loyalty or drive new business or sometimes they’re used to support a product launch

Increasingly companies are pre-loading the USB memory sticks before they are given away with a usual “pre-load” containing PDF’s of sales brochures, presentation slides, media clips and links to web sites. Pre-loading the drives in this way saves money on print, transportation and the storage of brochures and these savings help build the case to buy the flash drives.

Some Branded USB Memory Sticks are being used in a slightly different and more innovative way and here are just a few examples:

4D Babyscans On a USB Stick

Babybond, the UK’s first ISO Quality Endorsed ultrasound provider is now offering their 4D Bonding Scan results on a USB Memory Stick.

4D Bonding Scans provides levels of early mother and child “bonding” that were simply unattainable prior to the introduction of their service.

The scans produce high quality still and moving images that are captured digitally and these “digital” files are then stored either on a DVD, CD or USB memory stick. The introduction of a USB memory stick as an option to take the Bonding Scan results away on is another innovation introduced by Babybond and reinforces their pioneering approach

Race Track Day Performance Recorded on USB Memory Sticks

USB Track Days

USB Track Days

Lots of the race circuits in the UK that offer “Track Day” experiences are now including the option to buy a USB memory stick on the day. The USB sticks dynamically record data from the engine management system and other sensors in the car to show you how well you have driven it. Photos from the day can also be pre-loaded onto the stick to give you a fantastic souvenir from your Track Day.

Talking newspapers on a USB Memory Stick

A Talking Newspaper, as the name implies, is an audio recording of the newspaper(s), magazine or in some cases a summary of local affairs. The recordings are often made by volunteer readers and have historically been recorded onto a cassette tape, or CD that is then posted out to the reader. Today, in some cases, cassette tapes and CD’s are being phased out and replaced with USB memory sticks

Theme Park Ride Photographs on a USB Stick

USB Theme Parks

USB Theme Parks

If you’ve been to a theme park then you’ll no doubt have purchased at least one photograph of yourself looking petrified on a thrill ride! The only problem with these is they are prone to damage once you’ve bought them and you can’t exactly “post” them on social networking sites that easily to show your friends just how daft you looked! So, some of the more innovative Theme Parks are now offering these “action shots” pre-loaded onto a branded USB memory stick.

So, when you think branded USB memory sticks don’t just think of “freebie” promotional items because they are now being used in all manner of interesting and innovative ways.


Branded USB Memory Sticks – Do Judge A Book By Its Cover!

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First impressions really count when is comes to Branded USB Memory sticks. However good the Memory stick looks, the impact can be lost if it does not have appropriate packaging or no packaging at all. One of the key things to consider when ordering Branded USB Memory sticks is how these are going to be handed to / used by clients as this will have a bearing on the type of packaging to use. It is not just the initial impact that is key, but how memory sticks are stored after use. The following is a list of options that will help you to decide which is the most appropriate packaging to use. No packaging. Ok there is the odd time to skip the packaging, for example if they are being inserted into another delivery vehicle e.g. fulfilment pack. However, do ensure that your supplier places the branded Memory Sticks into individual bubble bags or in trays to avoid them scratching in transit. Small Cardboard Box. This entry level box protects the customised memory sticks and is very cost effective. Most suppliers will provide these free of charge. These can be printed for great impact. Don’t expect users to keep these, as most will be filed away in the bin as soon as they are opened. Boxes with windows.

magnetic box and window tin packaging for branded memory sticks

magnetic box and window tin packaging for branded usb flash drives

These are ideal to show the Branded Memory Sticks off in its full glory, as they can be positioned to appear in the window, so no need to print on the box. These come in both cardboard or metal material. Tin Boxes. These gives the Promotional Memory Drive greater gravitas and is an ideal executive gift box. They can be engraved or imprinted with a logo or marketing message that links in with the Branded Memory Stick. It also offer more room to add a neck tie, key ring or printed insert. Price can be expensive so shop around! Blister Pack. If the Branded Memory Sticks are for retail use, then blister packaging may be the solution. It allows the memory sticks to be displayed and a printed card inserted, with a marketing message or to simply show off the Memory Stick in its best light.

blister pack examples for branded usb flash drives

blister packs for branded usb memory sticks

Other things you may need to be aware of: – Make sure the size of the packaging will allow for any accessories e.g. Branded lanyard – Ensure that you order your packaging with the memory sticks, otherwise if these are shipped in separately you would be charged duty on the shippment. – Suppliers are now offering packaging in recycled material – worth asking. – Remember the bigger and heavier the packaging the more it will cost to ship the Branded Memory sticks in.


Printed USB Flash Drives – Don’t Forget The Data

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When you consider just how much information you can store on say a 1GB USB flash drive it’s a shame if your don’t use some of this space to pre-load your sales and contact material onto. The pre-loaded data doesn’t have to be anything specially produced for the flash drives. If you have got sale brochures in an electronic format or say PowerPoint presentation files or even media files these can all be pre-loaded on printed USB flash drives before you distribute them.

Any files that are pre-loaded can either be “protected” so that they cannot be erased or they can simply be loaded just

USB Data Loading

USB Data Loading

like any other data which then allows the user to delete the files. If the files you are pre-loading are large and take up a significant amount of space on the flash drive then its recommended that you allow the user to delete them. If you don’t do this then the relatively small amount of space left of the drives for them to store and carry around their personal data will mean the USB drives won’t get used which sort of defeats the object of giving them out.

Typically data is pre-loaded onto the USB flash drives during their manufacture. Its done this way simply because it’s the most cost effective way to load the data but it does mean you need to be organised and have your data ready early in the process of buying branded USB flash drives.

You can pre-load the data after the flash drives have been manufactured and printed (just before delivery to you) but expect to pay a little more for this service because data loading at this stage is more labour intensive and take longer. Loading data at this late stage may, depending on your supplier, preclude options like “protecting the data” or installing the data as an “auto-run” (this is a solution when the files automatically run when the USB flash drive is connected to a PC). Protecting data and auto-runs are normally only available during the manufacturing process because the process is flash controller dependent.

At USB2U we have invested in state of art professional data loading hardware that allows us to offer data loading solutions in the UK including multi-partitioning of USB drives with CD-ROM and Read-Only Partition Support, auto-runs and protected files.

If you’d like a quote for branded USB flash drives with or without data pre-loading just give us a call or fill in our on-line quote form and we’ll get back to you in a flash!