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Prepare for GDPR with Hardware Encrypted USBs

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With GDPR fast approaching, there is a growing need for companies of all sizes to take a long hard look at their current business policies and procedures when it comes to data protection. The ramifications of ignoring the new EU regulation entirely are well known by now, with the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) given authority to fine businesses as much as 4% of their annual turnover or €20 million if they are in breach of the law.


Encrypted USBs and Data Protection

Kingston DataTraveler Privacy 3.0Encrypted USB sticks offer a quick and easy solution to protect businesses and ensure they are compliant with GDPR if employees share personal data between departments or within their team. It’s easy enough to see why firms are choosing to invest in them when you take into account just how many data breaches occur each year from USBs and hard drives being lost, misplaced or stolen. When not encrypted, these devices can be easily accessed by a third party and put thousands of people’s data at risk. Making encrypted USBs readily available to staff can ensure that data can still be shared safely and with confidence.

In general hardware encrypted USBs that are manufactured with their own built-in encryption are considered more robust and a securer option compared to those that use software encryption. As they are pre-loaded with the encryption already on, they also don’t require the user to have any prior knowledge of how to setup or use, making it significantly more accessible to all employees. Many of the encrypted USBs offered by USB2U are also anti-brute force attack, adding another layer of protection that standard software encrypted USBs do not.


Using Software Encryption

While many companies opt to use software encryption to protect flash drives; it could be argued that the solution offered is not necessarily advanced enough for large organisations or companies which handle large amounts of personal data. A software encrypted device, for instance, is only as secure as the operating system it is used on; therefore if there is a potential security issue then the USB itself can still be compromised.


Data vs Security Breach

Encrypted USBs ensure that data can never be accessed by unauthorised personnel. Even if such flash drives were to be lost or stolen, the information could not be accessed and therefore, it’s only considered to be a security breach rather than a data breach. Consequences for security breaches, in general, tend to be a lot less severe and in most cases don’t end up with companies being fined.


What we offer

Kingston DataTraveler 4000 G2USB2U offers a selection of hardware encrypted USBs which can be customised with a logo/brand, offering an ideal solution for businesses seeking to improve their overall data protection and help them take a step forward in becoming fully GDPR compliant. Whether it is our Kingston® DataTraveler models or new SafeToGo® USBs, we can offer a bespoke solution for businesses of any size, with the added benefit of being able to brand onto each stick via our printing and engraving facilities.

Additional services such as serial numbering, printing individual names on to each stick and SafeConsole® management options are available on request!

For more information on our encrypted USB sticks please contact [email protected].


Special Announcements from USB2U at the 2018 Photography Show!

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USB2U Photography Announcement

The Photography Show 2018 is now in full swing and with it, we have some exciting news to share with you!

Introducing UDP 3.0

UDP 3.0 ChipMoving forward, all of our Photography USB Bundles will feature UDP 3.0 flash memory as standard. This is down to our continued commitment to offer the best quality USB products to our clients and ensuring that we are offering a product that is both reliable for our photographers and their customers for years to come.

We’ve listed some brief FAQs below which go through the main benefits of this technology over other chip types.


What is UDP?

UDP 3.0 is a new type of flash memory designed to be more robust, efficient and reliable than anything that has come before it. The UDP module is made up of one solid component making it more resistant to wear and tear. As well, the flash memory boasts slightly faster read/write speeds compared to standard flash chips.


How does UDP memory differ from normal flash memory? 

One of the main differences is the physical size of the memory chip. UDP chips are a lot smaller and therefore fit in the smallest of USB models including our USB cards! Standard memory sticks are typically made up of PCBs, which is effectively the flash memory, controller and other components soldered together on a board. In general, PCBs are considered to be less reliable as there are more moving parts to go wrong, compared to UDP chips which are one fixed piece.


Is UDP 3.0 more expensive?

In general, the price of UDP is marginally more expensive per unit than a standard PCB USB, however, what photographers are getting out of this is a more reliable product which is faster and more appropriate for professional use. We want your devices to last a long time so have invested heavily in this new technology.


Can I still buy PCB USBs from you?

You can still buy standard PCB USB sticks from us, however, we would recommend all professional photographers switch to our new more reliable UDP offering. When purchasing branded USB sticks, the main question you need to ask is whether the small additional saving is worth the risk of your customers’ overall satisfaction.

Online shop – Launching soon!

We have a new online shop launching soon, enabling our photography customers to purchase USB bundles in smaller quantities of 1, 5, 10, 25 &  50. This is designed to make life that little bit easier for our customers who aren’t especially keen on invoicing and want a more straightforward transactional buying process.

More to follow on this in the coming weeks!




4 Reasons to Visit USB2U at the 2018 Photography Show

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Photography Show 2018

USB2U are proud to announce that we will be exhibiting at the 2018 Photography Show for the fifth year running! The show will be taking place over 4 days at Birmingham’s NEC. The USB2U team will be on hand at stand J102 to showcase our amazing range of USB products perfect for photographers, as well as answer any burning questions you may have!

Below we’ve listed just a few of the reasons why this show is gearing up to be just as,  if not even more amazing than previous years!

1. Exclusive show discounts on USB bundles!

Luxury USB Box Bundle










At the show, you will find a number of our best selling bundles available to order at a reduced price compared to our standard website prices. These deals are exclusive to those attending the show and are only available for the 4-day event.


2. Enter our competition!

USB2U CompetitionVisit our stand (J102) and enter our competition for the chance to win 5 FREE USB Luxury Prints Bundles,  personalized with your own photography logo. We will be drawing one winner at the end of each day so it doesn’t matter when you plan on attending the show – just remember to enter the competition when you pop by. No purchase necessary.


3. Not one, but two huge announcements!

We have a couple of really great announcements to make at the show so be sure to visit us to find out what they are. Trust me, you won’t want to miss them!



4. Come and meet Abbey

If you’re looking for the best advice on which digital packaging solution to go for, make sure you speak to Abbey. Abbey is USB2U’s very own dedicated Photography Account Manager. Having worked with professional photographers for over 2 years now, she knows everything there is to know about our best-selling USB bundles and the latest trends. She is also clued up on the latest technology advancements, as well having a keen eye for detail, helping you choose the best photography packaging for your business.

We will have most of the USB2U account management team on hand over the course of the event, so be sure to pop over to say “hi” to some new and old (we’ll say experienced) faces.

We look forward to seeing you there for what promises to be an enjoyable event.


There’s still time to register for an advanced ticket for the show!




The Actual Memory Size of your USB Flash Drive

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If you have ever come across a USB flash drive before, you will probably have noticed that they are often advertised by a set memory size which usually ranges anywhere from 128MB – 256 GB.  While this is the case, when you insert a USB stick into a computer you’ll often find that the storage space you actually have on the device doesn’t quite match up to what was originally advertised. This is something our customers question us about quite frequently, as for many a 32GB USB should be just that, 32GB in storage space.


Where does the loss of storage space occur?

The storage loss is down primarily to the way in which a computer naturally reads data and how manufacturers choose to advertise storage capacities. While we would perceive 1 kilobyte of data is equal to 1000 bytes this isn’t exactly accurate due to the way in which data is stored using binary code on a computer (think 1 and 0’s), which means that 1 kilobyte is actually equal to 1024 bytes so not a rounded amount as we would assume. The common prefixes therefore are

  • 1 Kilobyte (KB) = 1,024 Bytes
  • 1 MegaByte (MB) = 1,024 Kilobytes or 1,048,576 Bytes
  • 1 Gigabyte (GB) = 1,024 Megabytes or 1,073,741,824 Bytes


Because these numbers are not necessarily pretty to look at, manufacturers decide to rate most flash drive capacities on standard base 10 numbers so as per the above where 1 Mb = 1,000Kb or 1,000,000 Bytes, this means that for each 1Mb of data there is essentially 24Kb or 48,576 Bytes that is not accounted for. While this is barely noticeable on flash drives with low memory, those with much higher storage capacity see an increase in the discrepancy between the actual storage space and what is advertised.


What is the actual storage loss on a USB stick

The actual storage loss on a USB device is roughly 7% of the overall memory size, so for a 32GB device you can expect a loss of around 2GB. This, unfortunately, is a scalable loss as well, so the more memory size on a USB the more storage you will likely lose. The actual memory size of your USB flash drive is always marginally less than advertised regardless of the overall storage of the device.

Below is a chart which details the actual storage you get when using a USB stick as well as the overall loss you can expect to see.


Actual USB storage capacity

Customers should be aware that these are only approximations and in reality, the amount of storage space may be slightly more or less depending on the device you are using. It is important that people know about this issue in order to ensure that they are purchasing the correct sized USB to suit their needs. If the data you are wishing to load onto a memory stick, for example, is 1.9GB it would probably be worth going for a 4GB USB flash drive rather than a 2GB to ensure all the data can be copied across successfully with no problems.

What to do if the actual USB storage capacity is a lot lower than expected?

If storage capacity is lower than expected i.e. outside of a reasonable range of loss then there may be an issue with the USB itself. Firmware issues can mean the device will show less available storage or may corrupt the whole stick entirely and it should be replaced by the seller. Another widespread issue is the number of fake USBs on the market currently which are sold by third-party vendors. Many products are advertised as having a higher storage capacity than they actually do, in many circumstances a 4GB USB stick may turn out to have only a 1GB hard drive capacity.

Fake USBs - Infographic

It’s important that customers are made aware that these scams do exist, and can cause real issues for both individuals and businesses who rely on sharing information through USBs. People should always purchase their USB devices from a trusted sellers such as USB2U to ensure that goods received are genuine. Programs such as H2testw can help in determining the amount of actual storage on a USB stick and is an option to help determine whether or not the device is working as expected, as well as whether or not it is fake.


Did you know that USB2U are accredited to handle dangerous goods?

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Dangerous Goods Accreditted

As you may be aware USB2U sends out a lot of tech products to clients every day. As such the laws around sending out such products are constantly being changed and updated in order to ensure that health and safety remain’s paramount throughout the distribution and delivery process, as well as for the end consumer. For products such as Power Banks in particular, the restrictions on shipping these overseas are even greater due to the fact they are essentially batteries that hold a charge and therefore can become dangerous if faulty.

USB2U is a fully accredited supplier of dangerous goods through UPS, which means that we adopt best practices when handling and shipping these sort of products internationally. This ensures that they are not impounded, and ultimately means that there is minimal risk of delays on international orders.

This is just one important element in helping to offer professional and safe tech products to our clients. All products you will find on our website go through rigorous testing and come with a full certification of safety before they are sent out to our customers.

For more information about shipping dangerous goods please visit the UPS site or alternatively get in touch with our sales team at [email protected] who are happy to help with any questions you may have about ordering from overseas.




Introducing USB2U’s new Photography Account Management team!

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Having worked with professional photographers for over 8 years now, team USB2U are well positioned to continue to supply the best quality branded USB sticks and packaging on the market to the photography industry. We have the most beautiful USB products (if we do say so ourselves) and a fantastic choice of quality boxes to match. Combine that with our technical knowledge and state of the art UK printing, engraving and production, there is no question that if you’re looking for a USB supplier you can trust, you are in safe hands with USB2U.

We also know that what really brings this all together is the fantastic team we have looking after our lovely photographers and videographers behind the scenes.  Want to get to know our Photography Account Management team? Read on!

Introducing Abbey Allen...

Abbey Allen is now USB2U’s Photography Account Manager

Abbey has worked for USB2U for almost three years now and has a vast amount of experience across the business. She knows all there is to know about photography USB and packaging solutions and wanted to introduce herself personally to her new clients:

“Hello Happy Snappers! My Name is Abbey and I’m the new Dedicated Account Manager for Photographers here at USB2U. Some of you may remember me as Godfrey’s glamorous Account Executive and although I know I have very big shoes to fill I do hope that I’ll do you proud 🙂

I have been with USB2U for 2 ½ years and have moved with the company from our humble office in Lodge Farm to our much larger office in Moulton Park. I started working in our operations department and gradually worked my way up the ranks to be looking after you, I believe this provides me with a unique insight into exactly what happens to your order every step of the way.

I am a sucker for a good wedding picture, and often get a little lost scrolling through customers websites ( I love looking at what you guys do!). I may not be the best photographer myself, but I am surrounded by creative people in my day-to-day life and I truly understand the amount of time and effort that goes into making each picture even more special, and I strive to put the same amount of effort into my work.

I look forward to working with you, be it for the first time or the fiftieth. Please feel free to get in touch if you need anything at all! [email protected] 


Supporting Abbey in providing the best possible customer service to our Photography clients is Dawn Haffner, USB2U’s newest member of the sales team:

Dawn Haffner joins USB2U as Photography Account Executive


“Hello! I’m Dawn and I am the new Photography Account Executive. I’ve been with the company for 3 months now and absolutely love getting to know our wonderful customers. I really enjoy my job role and working with Photographers – because they usually have such fantastic ideas of what will look good for their USB package, and it’s our privilege to take their vision and turn it into gorgeous products.”

Abbey and Dawn will be exhibiting at the Newborn Photography Show in Coventry on the 15th and 16th May and look forward to seeing you there!



We’re Back From The Photography Show!

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Well it’s certainly been a busy few days but we’re back from the UK Photography Show and we’re still buzzing from the excitement! Team USB2U were exhibiting from Saturday 18th until Tuesday 21st at the NEC’s annual show, and as always we had a blast! It was great meeting everyone, we spotted some familiar faces amongst the crowds and managed to chat to a tonne of new ones too, and we received some great feedback on our fantastic range of Photography bundles.

We’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who stopped by at stand H102 to say hi, we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone next year! If you didn’t manage to make it to Birmingham at the weekend, you can still browse our fantastic range of photography USBs here, or why not check out our gorgeous professional photographer packaging?

If you entered our competition on the day, we’ve announced all the winners over on our facebook page where there are loads more photos from the show, don’t forget to like us for regular updates, competitions & giveaways!

team usb2u


Why do I need vector artwork for print?

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If you work in a creative industry like us and are dealing with logos and brands on a daily basis, you will be familiar with AI and EPS file formats for logos. But why do we ask for these files when it comes to printing onto our range of USBs as well as their packaging?

A Vector file type is either .eps, .ai, .pdf and .swf, and you’d need to set up your artwork as a vector graphic to start with before saving them in these formats – you couldn’t, for example, open a JPEG and re save it as a .swf.

So why don’t we use JPEGs? JPEGs are typically low resolution files and they’re mainly used for websites because the smaller file size helps load the pages quickly. They might look ok to the eye but once you zoom in or try to print from them you’re likely to end up with poor, blurred results.

Take a look at the images below and it’s easy to see why Vector artwork is preferred over a JPEG, the images are much sharper, crisper, and look loads better printed onto USBs!


The print quality difference between a logo in jpeg format and a logo in EPS vector format

Spot the difference – jpeg or vector artwork?

USB2U show the difference between vector and jpeg artwork engraved on wood

Crisp or fuzzy logo? We know which we prefer…


If you’re still a bit unsure then you can always ask your design team to supply you with vector artwork, or you could take a look at our artwork guidelines for a detailed overview of Vector and Raster graphics.


A Great Couple Of Days At The 2017 PPExpo!

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We’ve spent the last two days at the largest trade show in the industry and had a fantastic time!

The PPExpo was a brilliant success and we enjoyed catching up with lots of familiar faces, as well as meeting some new ones. We also got to show off the excellent range of PXK tech products, which we’re now proud to be the exclusive distributor of in the UK and Ireland – 2017 is going to be an exciting year!

A huge thanks to everyone that came to visit us at stand Z52 to say hi, we had a blast and we’re already looking forward to seeing everyone next January. If you didn’t manage to get to our stand, you can still browse the PXK range here, or why not take a look at our extensive range of tech gifts?

Keep your eyes peeled for the winner of our giveaway, you could be the lucky winner of 20 FREE Rainbow Power Banks branded with your logo!

USB2U at the PPE Expo






Come and visit us at the 2017 PPExpo!

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USB2U are exhibiting at the PPE show

The Promotional Product Expo is recognized as the largest trade show in the industry, and this year it will take place at The Ricoh Arena in Coventry between 25-26 January 2017.

We are excited about exhibiting at the show, and you will find us on stand Z52.

There are so many great reasons to visit us!

  • We are now the sole distributor of PXK’s tech products in the UK and Ireland. Come and find out more!
  • We have some great new products to share with our resellers – come and see what’s new.
  • Pick up our catalogue and a ‘Get out of Jail Free’ card to grab yourself a free upgrade to our UK stock express service…

… plus many more.

If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time: http://bit.ly/2hUAWw4

Team USB2U look forward to seeing you there!

See our extensive tech gift range here.

USB, Power Bank and Tech Gift stock in the UK over Chinese New Year

Don’t forget we carry plenty of USB, Power Bank and Tech Gift stock in the UK over Chinese New Year