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Best Time to Buy Your Promotional USB Flash Drives is NOW

Posted by USB2U on 9th December 2014 | Permalink

As Christmas approaches you’re no doubt thinking about your own shopping and what presents to buy for friends and family. In the run up to Christmas personal shopping tends to take centre stage. Even if your job is to source promotional products for your company for 2015 it can be difficult to focus on work acquisitions when the pressure to make sure you get “just the right” gift for you loved ones looms large.

However to ignore the buying opportunity in the market now for items like printed USB memory sticks (printed with your company logo on) is likely to be expensive. Maybe not expensive for you personally but expensive for your company who will pay more for any USB sticks purchased in January rather than December.

The smart, savvy buyer will know that the pricing of USB Memory Sticks follows broadly the same trend every year and they will pick their moment to get the maximum return for their spend. There are two “windows” every year when pricing is low and that is now (in the run up to Christmas and the end of January) and in the summer.

USB Flash Drives

Promotional USB Flash Drives

Pricing is historically low now because there is less demand (the Christmas effect). The factories in China that manufacture flash memory have already sold and shipped their Christmas stock and as a consequence there is an over capacity of production capability and stock. But, leave it too late and things take a dramatic turn and the reason is Chinese New Year.

In 2015 most USB flash memory stick factories will stop taking orders in mid to late January in preparation for their annual two week closure to celebrate the New Year. So, there is a buyers “sweet spot” from now until mid-January. As you might expect the laws of supply and demand are driving this and as we get closer to the factory closures the prices and panic levels rise!

Our advice, and we say this every year, is to buy now. We understand that not everyone has budgets released until the New Year but we can work with you on that. We’re happy to take orders now and lock in your price at today’s rate and only invoice you next year when your budget is available. If you’re good for terms (and we offer terms to the majority of our customers) then you won’t even have to pay for them until February 2015!

Go on – get ahead of the pack and bag yourself a bargain and reduce your stress levels at the same time. Trust us – buying promotional USB flash drives at any point around Chinese New Year is not for the faint hearted.


Custom USB Memory Sticks – Don’t Compromise

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For the last 4 years we’ve been predicting the day when fully customised USB sticks would eclipse the sale of printed promotional USB sticks but we might have been too optimistic in our forecast.

Whilst there has been an increase in demand for custom models they are still a long way from knocking the standard versions off their pedestal. It’s a surprise to us not least because the market in the USA has seen a significant growth in the sale of custom versions and we expected the UK and Europe to follow suit.

We’ve also seen unit prices tumble and historically high set up costs have been removed from all but the smallest orders (less than 100 pcs). Lead times have been cut to just a couple of weeks and the whole customer engagement process (the supply of CAD drawings, physical samples etc.) has been improved dramatically.

So why aren’t more customers buying or commissioning their “own design” USB sticks? We can only assume it’s because we’ve failed to get the message out about just how easy it is to and how competitively priced they are. In the UK we still tend associate “bespoke” and “custom” with expensive.

Equally there is a perception that anything “custom” made will have a long lead time and require lots of active involvement on the part of the customer to get it done – nothing could actually be further from the truth! At USB2U we take away all the pressure and stress. We design the USB sticks for you and we manage the whole production and delivery schedule for you. All you need to supply is the basic idea or concept (in as rough a format as you want).

Custom USB Memory Sticks

Custom USB Memory Sticks from USB2U

In our opinion you should definitely consider Custom USB Sticks for your next event or show. You’ll love them and you’re customer will appreciate the extra effort and thought you’ve put into them. Here’s a basic checklist to help you through what is a painless process anyway:

  1. Firstly be clear what a custom USB memory stick is. It is not a standard “factory owned” design that is printed with your brand or logo. A bespoke USB stick, just like a bespoke tailored suit, is manufactured specifically for you and you will “own” the finished design.
  2. Pretty much any 2-D or 3-D shape can be produced so don’t be afraid to ask for what might seem impossible.
  3. There are lots of different material and finishes to choose from with the most popular being plastic, PVC, ABS, Silicon, PET, rubber and wood. If you’re not sure what’s going to be best for you then leave it to us.
  4. Build in a week or two more for your order (that’s all) This will give us enough time to develop a few ideas for you, get your approval on the final design and then get your order sampled and manufactured.
  5. Choose a supplier that has experience of producing custom USB sticks and us ideally located in the same county as you!. There are plenty of companies around offering “standard printed sticks” but very few have any experience in bespoke flash drives and you will need a supplier that has in-house design support to help you develop the concepts you’re your flash drive and produce the 3-D drawing for the factory to work from.

At USB2U we LOVE working on custom USB projects so give us a call and chat through your ideas with us.

Custom USB Sticks - Sumo

Custom USB Sticks – Sumo


Custom USB Memory Sticks – Our Customers Love Them!

Posted by USB2U on 6th November 2014 | Permalink

Custom USB memory sticks are surging in popularity at the moment. There was a time when a printed USB stick was good enough but today custom (fully bespoke versions) are snapping at their heels in terms of popularity and numbers sold.

Every year tens of millions of promotional flash drives are given away by companies looking to promote their brand, to advertise their products or to disseminate large amounts information. With prices falling and memory capacities increasing the market shows no signs of slowing but there is a marked shift in buying patterns towards the fully customised models.

Of course when people talk about “custom USB memory sticks” they often mean standard “factory” designs that are printed, engraved or embossed but in our terminology a custom version is designed and manufactured to a customer’s specification. It’s a unique one-off product and the customer will own the finished design.



We typically make our custom sticks in a shape of a particular product or something that reflects the broad thrust of a client’s business. Products tend to be more popular which is why you’ll see lots of trucks, ships, tools and medical instruments! Anything is possible.

Custom USB flash drives can create a real buzz and generate lots of internet chatter and discussion on social networking sites so they are a great way get “viral” discussions going.

Don’t be put off by the costs! There is a real misconception that they are going to cost a fortune and there will be large upfront set-up fees and tooling costs. Relax – there aren’t. Providing you are ordering at least 100 pcs there should be no set-up or tooling cost and the unit cost for the custom sticks will only be marginally more than a stand (printed) stick!

Custom USB Memory Sticks - Shapes

Custom USB Memory Sticks – Shapes

The only downside is the lead-time which can be anything up to 6 weeks albeit 3-4 weeks is more typical. The lead time is longer simply to allow for the design and approval process so if you do want to use a custom USB stick then you need to plan ahead.

Don’t worry if you don’t have artwork or a specific design in mind. We have our own team of in-house designers who enjoy a challenge and they’ll happily work with you on developing ideas and concepts for you to consider. Hopefully the images shown here and on our Pinterest pages will help to inspire you.


Promotional USB Flash Drives – Do You Box

Posted by USB2U on 30th October 2014 | Permalink

Having been around for 10 years some people have already suggested that promotional USB flash drives are past their sell by date and the market is in decline. In reality nothing could be further from the truth. Continued falls in the price of flash drives coupled with high levels of competition in the market have actually driven sales up over the past few years and the appetite for promotional flash drives continues unabated.

Companies, schools and universities are increasingly finding novel ways to use their flash drives. The relatively cheap access to gigabytes of data storage is fuelling their creativity. If you’re given a promotional flash drive today then expect, in most cases, for it to be crammed full of media files, data files, product sheets, social media links and so on. If you’re the company buying promotional drives then you’re in for a pleasant surprise when you discover how much £2 – £3 per stick will buy you! (Certainly compared to just 2 -3 years ago)

With costs of the core product falling its perhaps no surprise that more and more people are spending an extra 20p – 40p to get a printed gift box to go with them. And don’t think for this trivial amount of money you’re going to get something tacky because you’re not – surprisingly this will buy you a plastic magnet box printed with your logo and supplied with a custom fit foam insert to fit snuggly around your drives!

If your USB flash drives are going into a media pack or just handed out at a trade show or sales event then a gift box might be overkill but if you’re handing them out as a “thank you”, perhaps to delegates or speakers at a conference then they are better given away in a gift box.

Bear in mind that the large, flat surface offered by the box gives you lots of scope to print larger and more complex images than you can typically print on the flash drive itself. So if you’re want to reinforce your marketing strap-line or perhaps print out your phone number and website then doing it on one side of the box is a great option.

If you are interested in getting some gift boxes for your branded USB flash drives its worth keeping an eye out for any special offers from USB drive suppliers. In a highly competitive market it’s common for suppliers to occasionally offer “free” printed gift boxes with orders of a certain quantity.

Promotional USB Flash Drive Gift Boxes

Promotional USB Flash Drive Gift Boxes


Flash, Bang Wallop what a USB Stick

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One of the great things about going to an organised party is the growth in the use of Photo booths. Whether it’s a wedding an office Christmas party, an “off-site” works bash/sales gathering or a children’s party then don’t be surprised to when you turn up to find a Photo Booth.

Originally these types of booths were confined to the dark corners of bus and railway stations. They were the sort of place you’d go to get a passport photo taken on the cheap and whilst you might mess around in them with your mates it was a stretch to ever see them being used the way they are today.

Don’t think drab grey box sitting in the corner of the room either. No, todays photo booths are big bold and bright and are often branded in the colours of the company hiring them (if it’s a corporate bash) – they’re there to inject some fun, some humour and levity into the proceedings and to encourage people to get together and “bond” in front of the camera – often helped on with ample supplies of dressing up props and drink!

The photographs produced by the booths might not win any awards in terms of composition, style and setting but what they will do is supply photos that will give everyone a bit of a laugh and something to talk about around the table. They’re great fun and with prices to hire them starting at only a few hundred pounds they’re definitely worth looking at if you’ve got an event coming up in the near future.

If you want a Photo Booth but don’t want the hassle or worry of organising it then there are lots of companies that will take care of everything for you including encouraging participation and usage of the booth on the day. A good place to start is

The photos from your “shoot” will typically be delivered on a classic print strip or 8” x 6” photo but increasingly Photo Booth companies are now offering digital copies of the photos on branded or custom USB memory sticks. These are not only great mementos but they make uploading the images onto your Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest pages really easy!

If you’re a Photo Booth operator and you’re looking to offer your clients a branded USB memory stick option then please give us a call. We’d love to work with you.

USB Sticks for Photo Booths

USB Sticks for Photo Booths


Promotional USB Memory Stick Price Volatility

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It’s particularly difficult time to be buying promotional USB memory sticks at the moment. It’s not that there are any fundamental issues with supply it’s just that the pricing is all over the place.

The biggest problem is the weakness of the pound (£) against the dollar ($).

Pretty much every USB stick in the world is manufactured in China and USB memory sticks are traded in dollars. So if you’re a UK company (as we are) and you’re looking to import stocks from China then the exchange rate is critical in terms of setting price and margin. Ideally you also want reasonable levels of stability so that the prices you quote can be supported for more than a day or two. At this moment the pound is in “freefall” against the dollar so it’s a brave supplier that will hold their prices for any more than a day or two!! Not ideal for all parties.

The problem, no surprise, is the forthcoming Scottish Election on independence. With the polls now suggesting things are going to be very very close the uncertainty over the future of the UK has cast a long shadow over the currency markets. In the past few weeks the falling pound has resulted in a 6%+ increase in the price of imported USB memory sticks.

USB Memory Stick Prices Rise on Back of Scottish Election Worries

USB Memory Stick Prices Rise on Back of Scottish Election Worries

Unfortunately the next few weeks are likely to see the pound come under further pressure so price volatility is going to be with us for the foreseeable future.

Whilst all of this is going on the seasonal changes the usually impact the promotional USB market are also happening. It’s around now, as buying chase their Christmas stock that prices start to rise. So we’re about to see a “double whammy” of currency instability coupled with annual price rises. The combined effect could lead to prices increasing by around 20%.

Our advice is to buy now. Talk to your supplier, negotiate the best price you can get but don’t hang-around whilst you’re doing it. When you have a price you’re happy with then get your order confirmed and lock in the price. The exposure on the price/currency volatility is then your suppliers responsibility and at the moment they’re going to be in a very uncomfortable place.

Hopefully after the election things will settle down but at the moment there is just so much doubt and uncertainty about that it would be a brave man that would bet on it.


USB Lanyards & USB Name Badges – Ideal for Conferences & Seminars

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If you’ve got a conference, seminar, press event or show coming up any time soon then one of the many challenges you’ll have to wrestle with is how you make sure that the attendees can be identified easily. Of course you’ll also be expected to supply them with copies of the speakers’ slides and notes together with any associated Press Releases and marketing material.

In today’s security conscious world the identification of people attending an event is of paramount importance. You need to know that the people attending have actually been invited, they are who they say they are and once identified to you as the organiser that other attendees can easily identify who they are, who they work for and ideally what position they hold. The obvious way of doing this is to go through a sign-in process and the attendees with a name badge – a version they either pin to themselves of a version they attach to a lanyard.

At larger events a common technique is to add a Barcode to the name badge so the badge holder can be “scanned” and identified at various points around the event (handy for controlling access to VIP areas or just for tracking who went where).

If you use a USB Name Badge or USB lanyard you can get all the benefits of a standard badge and lanyard but with the added benefit of supplier the badge holder with a digital copy of the speakers notes, slides etc.

USB Lanyards and USB Name Badges

USB Lanyards and USB Name Badges

A USB name badge can be pre-printed with the attendees’ details and can include a bar code or QR code. Or, to keep it simple you could continue to use the current style/type of name badges you use today but substitute the usual lanyard with a USB lanyard – these can be printed or embroidered with you logo and marketing message as usual.

Either way you get a brilliant way of distributing all of your marketing material to every attendee. No more printing of speakers’ notes and slides, no more building a secure website login to allow attendees to login and download them – just load them up onto the USB lanyard or USB name badge and you’re done. The “uploading” of the data can usually be done for you free of charge by the USB suppliers you just need to have your data ready before they are ready to deliver them to you.

An added benefit of using a USB flash drive solution is that they tend to be retained by the recipient so you get much more continued brand exposure than you ever would with a regular name badge or lanyard.


USB Wedding Favours – Recent price drops make them an attractive idea

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If you’re one of the thousands of happy couples that are going to tie the knot this year then amid all of the euphoria, stress and excitement that you’ll be going through there will no doubt be a million and one things for you to organise to make sure your happy day goes to plan.

The big things tend to be easy to remember (the church, the registry office, the rings, the dress, the venue and the flowers etc.) but it’s the little things that can get overlooked or they can just burn hours and hours trying to get them just right. Of course finding the suppliers for everything on your wish list is never easy!

If you’ve decided there’s enough budget left to provide Wedding Favours to your guests then there are literally hundreds and hundreds of ideas you could consider including the old favourites of chocolates, sweets , cup cakes and keyrings – most of these, if you include a nice little box to put them in are going to cost around £5 each. If you want them personalised then typically you’ll also need to add the cost of the artwork set-up and print costs which can add another £20 – £30.

Another option, and one that is gradually gaining in popularity, is a USB Flash Drive Wedding Favour.

USB Wedding Favours

USB Wedding Favours from USB2U

USB flash drives, and in particular engraved wooded USB flash drives have become really popular with professional wedding photographers who are now using them instead of DVD’s – the tend to buy them in “bundle” that include a printed or engraved box and the end results look stunning.

Having seen them some couples are now looking at buying these Flash Drive and Box bundles and using them as wedding favours. The boxes and sticks can be fully personalised and of course the one thing you can do with a memory stick favour that you can’t do with any other type of favour is to pre-load them with tons of digital files – so for example you could pre-load a little movie saying “thanks” to all your guests and load that on the flash drive. Or, you could put together a collection a montage of photos, music and videos that tell the story of who you are, how you met, how the relationship blossomed and finally images from the Hen and Stag do (if you dare!)

All of these files can be copied onto each USB drive by your supplier – typically at no extra costs.

Custom USB sticks for Wedding Photographers

Custom USB sticks for Wedding Photographers

With prices for USB flash drives falling you can expect to pick up a really nice engraved wooden USB memory stick for £3-£4. USB2U have some lovely packages on their photography site which are well worth a look at.


Branded USB Sticks from USB2U are Gilt-Edged Promotional Products

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Promotional products have been with us for over 200 years albeit the first “gift” was just a button that was handed out to encourage voters in the USA to elect George Washington to office! In the subsequent two centuries things have gotten a little bit more sophisticated but in the UK it was only in the 1950’s that things really started to take off and companies began to harness the power of promotional gifts.

Today tens of thousands of companies give away promotional gifts with a value that runs into the hundreds of millions of pounds every year! They give them away to promote what they do, what they sell or just to help build their brand and develop customer recognition and loyalty. Promotional products are typically printed, engraved or embossed with the company’s name, logo or marketing strap line.

They’re commonly used as a “give-away” at trade shows, exhibitions, sporting events, conferences and as part of marketing campaigns where recipients might for example be asked to sign up to receive email offers from the company offering the gift.

In 2012 the BPMA (British Promotional Merchandise Association) commissioned a piece of research on behalf of its members to establish what the most popular promotional product was. The results from 1,000 respondents not only showed that promotional gifts had an incredibly positive effect and were, more than any other form of medium, likely to engender brand loyalty and encourage buying behaviour.

They also showed that the most popular product to give is a USB memory stick closely followed by the more humble mug!

Gilt Edged Promototional Products from USB2U

Gilt Edged Promototional Products from USB2U

So, if you are looking for a “gilt-edged” promotional product (something defined as high grade, top quality and with very low risk) then you won’t go far wrong with a promotional USB memory stick! There are lots of different styles and models to choose from and with prices (in volume) starting from well below £2.00 per unit they’re not going to break the bank either.

Unlike other give-aways they can also be used to hand out loads of information about products and services. Simply pre-load the USB sticks with files, video clips, photos, price lists etc. before they are handed out! These days you don’t even have to worry about the grunt work of loading the data onto each USB stick – just hand the data files to your supplier and they’ll do the rest for you and usually they won’t charge for this value added service either!


It’s All In The Packaging

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You could have the most aesthetically pleasing Promotional Memory stick, some highly interactive data, accessories galore, but all this good work can be diminished if it does not have appropriate packaging or no packaging at all.

One of the key things to consider when ordering Branded USB Memory sticks is how these are going to be handed to the end users and the impact and statement you want to make. The right packaging not only protects the USB memory stick, but it also shows them off in their best light, offers print space for additional branding, storage for the user and the opportunity to add other items within the packaging such as a leaflet or business card.

A montage of photographs of different USB Memory Sticks with branded packaging

Packaging for USB Memory Sticks - Availaible from USB2U

There is now a plethora of packaging options for you to consider that can be clustered into the following:

No / or Basic Packaging. If you already have packaging to insert the Branded Memory Stick into then they can be despatched with no packaging. However you should ensure they are either placed into individual bubble bags or in trays to avoid them scratching.

Small Cardboard Box. This entry level box protects the USB memory sticks and is very cost effective. Most suppliers will provide these free of charge. Looks great printed.

Boxes with Windows. These are ideal to show the Branded Memory Sticks off in their full glory as the branding can be positioned to appear in the window.

Tin Boxes. These give the Promotional Memory Drive greater gravitas and make ideal executive gift boxes.

Wooden Boxes. These are really in vogue and work particularly well with wooden memory sticks. Great option for the Photography Market.

High Gloss Boxes. Looking for something which allows for a large expanse of print and in full colour?  These would ideal.

Blister Pack. If the Branded Memory Sticks are for retail use then blister packaging may be the solution. It allows the memory sticks to be displayed and a printed card inserted.

Other things of note:

–        All boxes can be printed or engraved with a logo or marketing message.

–        Make sure the size of the packaging will allow for any accessories e.g. Branded lanyard.

–        If foam is used to hold the memory stick in place then ensure this is cut to the exact profile.

–        Ensure that you order your packaging with the memory sticks otherwise the cost will be higher.

–        Suppliers are now offering packaging in recycled material – worth asking.


If you have ever had the opportunity to open a brand new Apple product you will know the important role packaging plays in the perceived value of the product and quality of what’s inside. A useful rule of thumb for your Branded USB Memory sticks.