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We Make ‘Cool USB Flash Drives’

Posted by USB2U on 2nd August 2011 | Permalink

In attempts to be a fully pro-active company as opposed to a reactive company we like to keep an eye on the micro-environment and on the wider industry.  Being a promotional USB company this sometimes means looking at new USB models and styles.  This can oftentimes be quite a fun job especially with the imagination and creativity of some people with a lot of time on their hands out there.

Lego Custom USB Memory Stick

Searching ‘cool USB drive’ on Google Images is not the most effective way of keeping up to date with new USB flash drive news but can certainly be an entertaining 5 minutes looking at some wacky things that people have come up with.  Nintendo Wii remote controls, Lego bricks, wine corks, cars, clothes pegs, vegetables and figurines are a small number of the shells that people have made to case their USB flash drive in.  We think that these flash drives are certainly cool and deserve some kudos, some of them can even make you laugh or have you stare in amazement at the level of attention and detail.  These novelty drives, although extremely imaginative, seem also very impractical.

One of the greatest benefits of USB flash drives is that they are portable and can be stored with a large amount of data for their size (up to 256GB for one specific flash drive).  It has to be asked how often some of these novelty USB drives would be used for what they were made for, or how much they would sit on a desk as an ornament.  I’m sure many of us have had the situation where our USB flash drive fit into our laptop or the back of a computer tower because they pack the USB slots so close together and our flash drive is a little too bulky to fit between the leads and existing USB connectors.

A Selection of Our Custom USBs

We also sell a variety of novelty branded USB flash drives disguising themselves as other things.  Although in most cases our Promotional USB memory sticks are not as bizarre as some that can be found on Google but fortunately, they are much more functional.  Take, for example our USB mini people which can be customised to our customers requirements.  Our USB pill drive, not surprisingly resembles a pill, the credit card range are almost exactly the same size as the real thing and our USB key drive disguises itself nicely on a key ring.  We sell many more in our standard range of Logo USB memory sticks; metal and plastic USB bottle, USB pen range, USB bottle opener, the list continues.  All of these drives are easily portable and extremely functional.  If however, a custom USB flash drive really is what you are looking for then we have just the thing for you.

We can cater for your custom USB needs by customising the shape, colour, size, almost everything about the USB flash drive.  Contact us via telephone, email or via our quote form so we can work with you to produce your perfect custom USB and who knows, maybe your USB will be seen in our next search for ‘cool USB drives’ on Google Images.


USB Clips Making Their Mark

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The USB Clip flash drive is the newest addition to our Metal product range. This sleek looking USB memory stick hasn’t been available long but it has already attracted a lot of attention and orders.

USB Clip Drive

The Clip USB flash drive is small and neat yet useful and impactful.  Unlike all other USB flash drives the casing of the USB Clip doubles up as the USB connector, which allows the drive to be so compact.  Despite this, the USB flash drive is still available in the standard memory sizes from 512MB to 16GB.  The memory Clip is available in two colour finishes, either gold or silver.  There are also two options for branding the clip drive; the logo can either be printed in up to 4 spot colours for a vibrant look or it can be engraved to give a more professional feel.

Along with the various colour and branding options the clip on the USB drive allows it to have multiple uses.  As the name suggests the drive can be ‘clipped’ onto clothing (seen in the images on the product information page of the flash drive) or it can be used to clip together handouts from a presentation or documents in a report whilst stored with soft copies of the necessary files (suggested in a recent article about presentation handouts).

The Clips popularity has caused us to order a range of samples to send to the customers who’d like to view and feel the quality of this brilliant USB flash drive.  To see more photos of the clip drive and to read a little more in detail visit the USB Clip information page and to view the complete metal range of USB memory sticks visit the product range page.


The Top 5 Most Popular USB Memory Sticks For Putting A Company Logo On.

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With thousands of styles and designs of USB memory sticks now available it can be a little daunting when you’re looking for them for the first time particularly if you’re buying lots of them with your company logo printed on. After all, it’s not the sort of thing you want to get wrong particularly with your company name emblazed across the sticks.

To help narrow down the choice we thought it might be helpful to compile a Top 5 List illustrating the most popular USB Memory Sticks being purchased by other companies. Of course just because someone else is buying them does not mean they are going to be right for your company but at least it illustrates what sticks are the most popular and what most people are spending their money on.

Top Selling USB Memory Stick List:

No.1 – The Twister USB Memory Stick

Twister USB

Twsister USB

Still at number one years after its launch, the Twister USB flash drive continues to dominate the branded flash drive market. Its success is down to its simplicity, the fact there is no cap to lose or worry about and because it comes in a wide range of colours and looks great printed. The fact that its one of the cheapest USB flash drives available helps of course!

No.2 – The Chic USB Flash Drive

Simple straight lines with a good sized and flat surface area for printing have helped The Chic model make its into the number two slot. Available in either a glossy or rubberised finish. The Chic can be pantone matched for a very small additional fee.

No.3 – The Twister Mono Flash Drive

Twister Mono

Twister Mono

This new variant of the classic Twister is gaining lots of plaudits and customers. The simple idea of producing them with matching “clips” (the bits that twist or rotate) so that you can produce and “all black” or “all white” version has created a new set of customers for this model.

No.4 – The Flip USB Credit Card

USB Credit Cards are very much the “new kids on the block” and boy are they making their presence felt. It was only a year or so ago that early version of these were still pretty thick and as a result no so popular but, the new versions of the USB credit cards (including the Flip) are only 2mm thick and they look fantastic not least because you can print on the whole of the surface area of the card.

No.5 – The Trident USB Memory Stick

USB Credit Card

USB Credit Card

No not our nuclear submarine ballistic missiles but one of the newer and slightly funky USB memory sticks. Popular because is a reasonable size without being too big, it has a good print area and a good strong loop to connect a key ring or lanyard to.

The Twister has been the perennial favourite USB flash drive with companies for the last 5 or so years and whilst we have seen many pretenders come and try to take its crowd this particular model continues to reign supreme.

If you are looking for a safe choice then you won’t go far wrong with the Twister.


Logo USB Memory Sticks

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Have you got a logo you want to print onto a USB memory stick. No problem. Getting memory sticks branded up with your company logo on or perhaps even the logo from your local sports team or music group is easy. In fact it matters not what the event, show or function is. Providing you have your logo saved digitally either as a high quality Jpeg file or even better as a vector file in either .eps or .ai format (any designer or printer will know what these are) then branded memory sticks can be produced from it.

These days its not just companies that are choosing branded memory sticks with a logo printed on them. Logo USB sticks are being purchased for all sorts of activities including:

  • Logo USB memory sticks for press events and product launches are popular because the attending journalists can be supplied with all of the presentation material, product information, links to web sites etc. pre-loaded onto the logo USB.
  • Schools and universities buy bucket loads of USB memory sticks with their school logo or crest on and then either give them away to their pupils or sell them through the school shop. They are ideal for students to save their homework and studies to.

    Logo USB University

    Logo USB University

  • Local sporting clubs are increasingly using logo USB memory sticks to help with the promotion of the club and its activities, to encourage corporate sponsorship and to hand out to the team members with club details and fixtures on.
  • Promotional companies are frequent users of logo branded USB memory sticks. Typically smaller capacity flash drives will be given away to promote a new product or brand or used as part of a competition. With the price of logo USB flash drives falling they are now easily within reach of the budgets of most large brands that are looking for a different and exciting promotional gift.

  • One of the more unusual uses for logo memory sticks is a wedding. Whilst the take up has been small there is a growing trend for the happily married couple to hand out USB memory sticks to their guests after the happy day. The memory sticks typically contain a thank you for the wedding gift and copies of the wedding photographs.

    Logo USB

    Logo USB Weddings

  • Track and event days – if you are attending a track race day where you get to experience the thrill of getting behind the wheel of an Aston Martin, Ferrari or Porsche then don’t be surprised at the end of the day to be handed a logo USB memory stick with all of the track data, your personal performance statistics and photographs of you on the track. Of course it will also provide information on future events and track days in the hope that you will be lured back.

So when you think of USB memory sticks with a logo printed on don’t just think about one that you can buy in the high street or sticks that are handed out by companies in their thousands at trade shows. Today logo USB flash drives are finding uses in lots of new and innovative ways.


Logo USB Custom Memory Sticks – What & Why?

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If you’re considering getting some USB memory sticks with your logo printed on them then why not take it one stage further and get a memory stick produced in the shape of your logo!

It’s true that the most popular approach is to simply print a brand or logo onto a standard factory designed stick but with the cost of custom memory sticks falling its now pretty much possible to make a memory stick in the shape of anything.

Here are some excellent examples of custom USB sticks made in the shape of a logo:

Custom USB

We specialise in working with our customers to produce customised memory sticks and whilst you need to allow an extra couple of weeks for the production process the overall effect can be amazing.

Don’t get put off by concerns about the costs either. Historically custom USB sticks were very expensive because the factories charges high initial set up fees and mould fees but today with so much competition in the market these are negligible.

Custom USB

Clearly a custom USB stick in the shape of your logo will be unique to you and really help with brand development and exposure. They also tend to create a strong “viral” marketing effect as they generate quite a lot of chatter and discussion.

If you’re interested get in touch with our sales team, send us over your logo and our in-house designers will work up some ideas and concepts for you.


What Are The Most Popular Logo USB Disks?

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Its always interesting to know what other people are buying when you’re shopping so we thought we’d share with you what the most popular logo USB memory sticks are. The list below is based on actual orders placed with us over the last couple of years.

Most Popular USB Drive

Whilst fashions and designs will inevitably change over time these are very much the stalwarts of the logo USB sector at the moment.


Twister USB Drive

The Twister style memory stick is the “daddy” of the logo USB series of memory sticks accounting for over 50% of all branded memory sticks sold.

This fairly plain memory stick has become the preferred choice for many because there are some key elements to the design that make it a real winner.

  • a) It’s available from stock in a wide range of colours and the plastic (or rubber) body shell can be pantone matched at very little cost to one of the primary colours from your logo. Pantone matched versions are getting more popular and look sensational.
  • b) The twisting metal casing (hence the name) protects the USB connector from accidental damage and means there is no cap to lose.
  • c) It’s relatively small. The Twister is a compact USB Memory Stick so it’s easy to carry, and store and despite its size it carries a logo well..
  • d) It’s tough. The combination of the metal case and the rubberised body make it a particularly tough memory stick.
  • e) It’s easy to print on and its one of the few memory sticks that you can print a true 4 colour process onto. Real “photo-effect” finishes are possible making it the ideal choose if you have a complex brands or logos to reproduce.
  • f) Its popularity means that its quite often available from stock, handy if you’re up against a tight deadline for your logo USB sticks.


Chic USB Drive

The Chic style memory stick is a classic shaped design that’s pleasing on the eye, takes print well and just looks good branded with a logo. Of course its important that you choose the right colour to compliment your logo but if you struggle to find the right standard colour the Chic can also be pantone matched.

Here a few additional reason why the Chic is a popular logo USB stick:

  • a) Smart design – The Chic is a slim design and has a nice clean surface to print your logo onto with a metal trim to make it really stand out.
  • b) Supports Pantone matching of body – if you’d like your corporate pantone colour matched to the body of the drive we can do this at an affordable price.
  • c) Choose rubberised or glossy finish – there is no additional cost. When you place your order just let your Account Manager know which option you’d like.
  • d) Integrated loop for key rings or lanyards – if you want to connect a lanyard or key ring to your branded memory stick then again it’s easy with the Chic because the design incorporates this.
  • e) Cost – from our Classic Series its popularity means it’s one of the least expensive memory sticks so if you are working on a tight budget it’s a great choice without having to compromise on the quality or look of the product.


Probe USB Drive

The Probe logo USB flash drive has real panache and versatility. It comes in a range of different colours and can have an alternative coloured cap to the body allowing you to make a real statement. Can be printed in up to 4 spot colours and on both the cap and body. It’s available in a Gloss and Matt finish.

Like the Twister and Chic the Probe memory stick can also be pantone matched. The key features of the Probe are:

  • a) Choose rubberised or glossy finish – there is no additional cost. When you place your order just let your Account Manager know which option you’d like.
  • b) Integrated loop for key rings or lanyards – if you want to connect a lanyard or key ring to your branded memory stick then again it’s easy with the Chic because the design incorporates this.
  • c) Cost – from our Classic Series its popularity means it’s one of the least expensive memory sticks so if you are working on a tight budget it’s a great choice without having to compromise on the quality or look of the product.