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Custom USB Flash Drives – Wowza!

Posted by USB2U on 29th November 2013 | Permalink

According to the Urban Dictionary the expression Wowza is used to describe something that is surprisingly amazing, something that has a real “wow” to it and is out of the ordinary. Now these are all expressions and phrases that we think really sum up some of the latest Custom USB flash drives that we’ve been producing.

Don’t get us wrong we love the regular printed and engraved USB memory sticks that we supply in their hundreds of thousands but there is something just a little bit special about the custom versions. It’s always exciting to be given the challenge of producing a unique drive for our customers and when they arrive in our warehouse there’s always lots of interest and excitement across the company to see the latest model.

Custom USB Flash Drives from USB2U

Custom USB Flash Drives from USB2U

Our reaction to these fully bespoke flash drives is typically equalled by our customers and more importantly the people that they are given out to. Let’s face it one of the primary objectives of giving away any flash drive is the grab people’s attention, to get them interested in what you’re doing, your brand, your new product or buying from you. We know from the feedback we get that they make a great impact when handed out at press launches particularly if the custom flash drive has been made into the shape of the product being launched and even more so when it’s been pre-loaded with the press release, product information links to web sites and promo videos!

There’s also a really strong likelihood that photos of the custom drive will make their way onto websites likes Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Pinterest – all of which helps to further promote the brand or product and of course gain those much wanted “likes”, links and comments across lots of Social Media sites.

Given the extra impact or “wow” factor they created compared to more basic printed versions it often comes as a surprise to customers to find that customised versions are only a few pennies more than standard versions. There are no set-up or tooling costs, the minimum order quantity is a little higher at 200 pcs and the lead time is a little longer at 3-4 weeks but the end results are well worth it!

You don’t even have to supply fully worked up 3D CAD drawings either because we take care of all of that – all we need from you to get started is some good quality images of the sort of thing you want your custom USB flash drive to look like – some photos or product brochures will do!

Interested? Just give us a call or email us at [email protected]


Standard or Custom USB Sticks – You Decide

Posted by USB2U on 5th November 2013 | Permalink

With hundreds of different standard models of USB memory sticks to choose from is it really worth the extra effort, cost and wait of getting your own custom shape of USB memory stick produced?

Of all the “standard” USB memory stick models available the one that probably offers the greatest degree of flexibility in terms of print is the credit card shaped version – the large print area on the front and back of the card means that pretty much any image no matter how complex can be accommodated. Typically this means that a full colour image (with full bleed to the edge of the card) is printed on one side and then a some text, often including phone numbers, website address and strap line or slogan is printed on the reverse.

The USB cards are only 2mm thick so slot neatly into any wallet or purse and they come in memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to 32GB.

Whilst the cards are stunning they don’t make quite the same impact (visually or physically) as a well-executed Custom USB stick. Compare the two actual USB sticks shown here for the bathstore – both look great but without doubt the one that’s going to get all of the attention is the USB duck – it’s in their corporate colours, it’s cute and it’s just a great design that works well with the bathstore brand. OK, it might not be as practical for everyday use as the USB card but that’s the trade-off.

bathstore USB Cards and USB Duck

bathstore USB Cards and USB Duck

If you want to hand out USB sticks that are going to generate a big impact, generate lots of “chatter” and really help to push and develop the brand then a fully bespoke version is going to be the best choice.

Don’t be put off by concerns of high set-up costs, big minimum order quantities and long lead-times because these factors simply don’t exist anymore.  There are now NO tooling or set-up costs, the minimum order quantity levels have been reduced from several thousand to 200 pcs and the lead times have been slashed to around 4 weeks!

You don’t even have to supply detailed 2D or 3D designs or artwork. All that’s needed is a good quality photograph of the product you want made into a USB stick and the rest is then taken care of by USB2U. At the end of the process you’ll not only take delivery of some great custom sticks but you’ll own the design so the sticks will be unique to you.


USB2U: USB Ordering Service FAQ

Posted by USB2U on 23rd September 2013 | Permalink

Flash Drive FAQ's

Although more and more companies are now buying USB flash drives with their logo printed on them to aid their marketing campaigns, the whole process of what and how to order them is a still a mystery to many. Many seem intimated of the very idea of ordering fully customised USB memory sticks because they think they’ll be very expensive, that you have to order thousands of them in one go, and because they think it will take months to organise.

To dispel these myths, our team have put their heads together and compiled a list of the most commonly asked questions we get from interested customers. Whilst this is not a complete list, it will hopefully help with some of the more general questions you may have.

If the answers you need are not here just pick up the phone and give us a ring on our freephone number 0800 008 7079. We’ve been supplying branded USB flash drives for over 10 years, so our experienced team will be able to help.

Q:  What size of USB flash drive (storage capacity not physical size) should I order?
A:  The most popular size of USB flash drive requested is 1GB or 2GB. This gives ample storage for you to pre-load your own sales brochures, conference slides, media files etc. and a 1GB or 2GB flash stick is big enough for the recipient to want to use it on an on-going basis. On-gong regular use of the flash drive ensures exposure of your brand or logo that’s printed on it.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity for printed USB flash drives?
A: Our minimum order quantity for standard printed USB flash drives is 50 pieces. If you are looking to order fully customised (bespoke) flash drives that are manufactured in a shape specific to you then the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Q: How quickly can you deliver printed USB flash drives to me?
A: A realistic timeframe to work to is about 2-3 weeks from initial quote to delivered, finished order, but we say between 7-10 working days from receipt of a purchase order and approved artwork. This is plenty of time to agree a design, to get physical proofs manufactured and signed off and then to produce the sticks and get them airfreighted in from the factory (they’ll be produced in our factory in China) and then finally this gives us enough time to QA them on arrival, repackage them and get them out to you via UPS.

However, if you’re in a hurry then we offer an Express Service that enables us to deliver printed flash drives within very short timeframes of receipt of order and artwork. This service only applies to a limited range of products and not all memory sizes will be available. If you are interested in the Express Service, you are advised to call to confirm what models and memory sizes are available.

Q: Will the price quoted include all of the logo/colour set up, origination and print charges?
A: Yes – our unit prices are fully inclusive of all colour set up and origination charges. We calculate a finished price for you per unit based on your artwork and the USB flash drive you want. You will pay more for a 2D or 3D custom design but typically you’ll only be paying about 50p to £1.00 per unit more (less if you’re ordering more than 500).
Bear in mind that you’ll also own the end product, so the small premium you pay will ensure you have exclusivity of use.

Q: Can you pre-load data files onto the USB flash drives and if so when do you need the data?
A: Yes, we offer a data-loading service on all of our USB flash drives. If your data and files are ready early enough we can pre-load them at the factory during the manufacturing process. Alternatively we can pre-load the data in our offices using our Professional Data Duplication Equipment just before they are shipped out to you – this gives you a little longer to prepare your data should you need it.

If you data is below 100MB we don’t charge for the data loading. For larger files there is a nominal charge, which your account manager will make, you aware of on the quote you are supplied with.

Q: Are CAD drawings of the design needed, and who is responsible for supplying this?
A: Our inhouse design team will take care of all of this; please see below for the artwork requirements we ask all customers to supply.

Q: What format do I need to supply the artwork in?
A: Ideally we need your artwork supplied in.AI or .EPS formats. These are high quality image formats that will ensure your logo or brand is printed properly. If you’re not sure what they are just give us a call. We have an in-house design team that can chat to you about the options and requirements and if need be redraw your artwork so that it is in a high-resolution format.


If what you want is a product making into a USB stick version, then what we’ll need is some high quality photographs of the product and the product dimensions. If it’s a word or phrase that you need making into a USB stick, then we just need a decent high resolution image to work with.


Q: Do you supply samples of USB flash drives?
A: Yes, we can supply samples of the vast majority of our USB flash drives free of charge. We can’t supply free samples printed with your own logo on, but we can supply a sample of the model you are interested in that’s already been printed with another logo.

Q: Can USB2U also supply accessories such as lanyards, key rings and gift boxes?
A: Yes, we offer a wide range of USB flash drive accessories including gift boxes, presentation tins, printed and plain lanyards and a range of key ring attachments. Throughout the year we often offer these free of charge as part of our various sales promotions, so always ask about our offers.

Q: How long will my quote be valid for?
A: Typically our quotes are valid for 3 days but occasionally when the flash memory market is volatile or the currency markets are turbulent quotes may only be valid for 24 or 48hrs. We’d prefer to be able to offer prices that are valid for longer periods of time but flash memory is a commodity product like coffee and tea, and as such the price is subject to significant fluctuations which are driven by events around the world.

Q: Does USB2U accept orders from outside of the UK?
A: Yes, we are delighted to accept international orders and we ship to anywhere in the world. To give you an accurate quote for the carriage costs, please let us know where you want the flash drives delivered to.

Q: Do you offer credit terms for orders of branded USB flash drives?
A: Yes we do offer credit terms to our customers but we do ask for your first order to be paid before shipment. Subsequent orders are available on 30-day terms.



Custom USB Challenge

Posted by USB2U on 28th August 2013 | Permalink

If there’ one thing we like doing more than anything else it’s working with our customers to deliver innovative, fun and exciting custom USB memory sticks that get people talking. Whilst we supply hundreds of thousands of promotional USB memory sticks every year to tens of thousands of companies it’s the custom requests that really get us excited. Why? Well, whilst “regular” promotional USB memory sticks are great and whilst they still account for well over 95% of all of the USB sticks we sell it’s the custom ones that we remember.

So, if you follow that logic through then if we remember them then you can be pretty sure that anyone that’s given one is going to remember it. Whether it’s a USB dinosaur, a set of USB lips, a USB duck or a USB Nike trainer they all create an impact, a buzz and typically a flurry of activity of social network sites and picture sites like Pinterest! It’s well known fact that people like to be given USB sticks (see the research from the BPMA) but they “love” to be given a well thought out and fun custom USB stick.

So, if your company is thinking about using promotional USB sticks as part of an overall advertising and marketing strategy then you might want to explore the options to commission your own fully bespoke USB sticks. Surprisingly they are not as expensive as you might think (prices are typically only a little more than “standard” sticks) and these days there are no set-up or tooling costs to worry about and the minimum order quantities are only a couple of hundred!

What you do need to factor in though is time! Mot good things are worth waiting for and it’s the same with any bespoke item be it a suit, a dress, a piece of furniture. It’s the same with USB’s – a standard model can be printed and delivered in as little as 24hrs but for a custom model made to your design then realistically you need to allow 4-6 weeks. It’s possible to rush things though in closer to 4 weeks but only if you have your design ready and you’re geared up to sign off photographic and physical samples/proofs at the drop of a hat.

So don’t be put off commissioning custom USB sticks because of cost – the very small incremental cost is more than offset by the impact and buzz they’ll make. But, do allow time to get them designed, the moulds built and the samples approved.

Hopefully the images shown here and on our own Pinterest pages will illustrate the art of what’s possible and encourage you to take up the Custom USB challenge.

Custom USB Sticks from USB2U

Custom USB Sticks from USB2U


More stunning Custom USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 28th May 2013 | Permalink

We’ve seen a bit of a run on orders for fully customised USB memory sticks over the past few weeks and as ever the end results look stunning. These latest examples illustrate the breadth of what’s possible and the quality of the finished product.



What’s interesting about these models is that they show you what can be achieved with PVC (the standard material used for custom USB memory sticks) and metal (as shown here with the F1 cars and Planes) – both materials make an impact but in subtly different ways:

  • Custom Metal USB Memory Sticks tend to rely on the shape of the product to get their message across, they’re often engraved but more than anything they’re heavy! If say you’ve ordered X500 of these then you’ll know it when they arrive because the box they come in will take some lifting!

    The upside of this is they make a real “physical impact” when they’re handed out and there is no denying the look of quality they exude. The downside is the weight – they’re not the sort of thing people are going to pop on the end of a keyring or carry around every day in their pocket. Think more “paperweight” than the small, light USB sticks you pick up in your local PC store.

  • Custom PVC USB Memory Sticks are easier to mould, easier to produce, they are typically manufactured in full colour and intricate detail is not a problem. The end results are visually stunning and are they rarely fail to impress. Of course some products lend themselves to being turned into a custom USB sticks more than others but anything is possible.

    Compared to the metal versions PVC models are light and a loop can be factored into the design/mould if you want your customers to be able to attach them to a keyring or lanyard.



Whichever custom option is chosen (metal or PVC) there is no doubt that they generally make a much bigger impact when handed out than standard “printed” USB sticks and they have a tendency to go viral with people posting photos of them on websites like  Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram! So, if you want to give your advertising or marketing campaign a bit of a kick then you might want to consider commissioning your own Custom Drives – remember at the end of the process you’ll own the design and mould so the finished drives will be unique to you!

Order Custom Flash drives from USB2U during May or June and we’ll waive the normal tooling and set up fees and we’ll drop the minimum order quantity to 200 pieces!


Custom USB Memory Sticks – Anything Goes

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If you’re think of buying a few hundred or even a few thousand USB memory sticks for your company, school or university then you’re probably thinking about simply getting some standard promotional USB sticks printed or engraved with your logo on. After all, isn’t this most people do?

Well, if you’d have asked us that question a couple of years ago then the answer would have been a definitive yes but just lately there has been an upsurge of interest in fully customised USB drives – to be clear, these are not “customised” with a logo but instead they are bespoke USB’s that are designed and manufactured in a shape that is unique to the customer that is buying them.

Custom USB Sticks - Tube

Custom USB Sticks - Tube

Most customers choose a specific product that they want their USB sticks to look like and typically the product in question clearly represents their brand or values. Some good examples are USB tyres for a tyre company, a custom USB removal van for a removal company, a custom USB toilet for a European company that rents out portable toilets! Anything is possible it’s just down to your imagination and if you’re struggling for ideas then throw the challenge at us and we’ll see what we can come up with. We’ll happily work up (at no cost) some free concepts and ideas for you albeit you might have to give us a day or two if our design team is busy and they invariably are.

All of the bespoke products we have designed and manufactured look amazing and they never fail to get rave reviews and brilliant customer feedback. What’s more they often generate Social Network “chatter” which in turn drives the profile of the product or company that has commissioned them! These are things you rarely get with a standard USB stick – yes people like them and yes they appreciate being given them but they simply don’t generate the same amount of buzz that you get from a unique and often “tongue in cheek” USB stick.

Custom USB Sticks - Lips

Custom USB Sticks - Lips

One of the reasons that more people are buying custom models is because the costs have been falling – tooling costs are now significantly less than they used to be (at the moment at USB2U we are waiving all set-up and tooling fees), minimum order quantities have fallen to 250 pieces and prices for each custom USB stick (1GB) are now around £4 per unit depending on how many you order – not a huge amount more than a simple printed USB stick but you get something that is unique to you and something that is really going to sell your brand and your products or services.

If you’re interested in getting your own bespoke sticks then simply give us a call on our FreePhone number or drop us an email. We post lots of images of our custom sticks on our USB2U Pinterest page – take a look.


Taking a bite out of the Custom USB Memory Stick Market

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Custom USB memory sticks are challenging the dominance of the standard range of promotional USB flash drives that have been the mainstay of the market for the last 10 years.

Whether it’s a case of overexposure, boredom or companies just wanting something that stands out from the crowd all of a sudden we are seeing a surge of interest in custom USB sticks. Falling prices for custom USB moulds, reduced leads times and falling minimum order quantities have all given bespoke option a real shot in the arm.

The current lead time for a custom model is around 4 weeks (it can be shortened a little if physical samples aren’t needed before the final production goes ahead – in this case photos from the factory will need to be signed off), the minimum order quantity is now 250 pcs rather than 500 and prices are often only marginally higher than comparable “standard” drives that use “factory USB shells”, e.g. the Twister, Chic or Trident.

Any 3-D shape can be created.  Don’t worry if you don’t have the design team or skills in house to come up with the concepts because a reputable local supplier should be able to do this for you as part of the “value” they add to handling your order. You will not be expected to develop CAD drawings or detailed specs – your USB supplier will (or should) do this!

Custom USB Memory Stcks

Custom USB Memory Stcks

Typically the drives will be manufactured from a slight soft and pliable PVC material rather than a hard plastic – this is just easier to work with and allows lots of detail to be produced on the finished product without fear of it snapping off. Other options such as metal or wood are an option but the lead times tend to be longer and they cost more so there is less demand for them.

The finished products always looks fantastic, without fail they generate rave reviews and they always seems to get people taking to sites like Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to post pictures of the USB sticks they’ve been given – all of this is a marketing managers dream and is rarely a reaction that is achieved today with “standard” USB drives.

So, next time you’re in the market for some promotional USB’s then you should explore the options to get your own custom versions designed and manufactured – they’ll be unique to you and they’ll give your brand building strategy a real shot in the arm!


Custom USB Memory Sticks – 5 Reasons to Commission Them

Posted by USB2U on 14th January 2013 | Permalink

When customers talk about custom USB memory sticks many simply mean they want a standard USB design customised with their logo or design rather than wanting a fully bespoke USB stick that is designed, fabricated and printed (or engraved) in shape that is unique to them.

Printed or engraved USB sticks are relatively easy to produce and supply and can often be turned around in a matter of hours. Fully customised USB’s on the other hand typically take around 4-6 weeks to supply and they do cost a little more than a simple printed stick but despite this they are definitely worth considering and here’s why:

  1. They can be made to look like anything – Custom USB Memory Sticks can be designed and manufactured to look pretty much like anything (see the images below). They don’t have to be made of plastic either with popular options being Metal or a softer PVC. The ends results are stunning and without fail they always generate extremely positive feedback.
  2. They generate create a real “wow” factor – people do like to be given USB memory sticks but give them a fully customised stick and you’ll really grab their attention. Because they’re different and “cute” and often done with some degree of humour they just get people talking and in many cases they’ll take to Social Networking sites to talk about the USB drive – get it right and the whole thing can go viral and generate lots of positive PR.
  3. They’re not that much more expensive – don’t be put off by worries about a large one-off set up, mould and tooling costs. In today’s ultra-competitive market these are a thing of the past! OK, you might pay £30 for the design and a small premium for the sticks but typically the difference is only pennies and this small incremental cost is more than offset by the impact they make.
  4. They are exclusive to you – if you do decide to commission a bespoke USB flash drive then the end product will be exclusive to you. You’ll effectively “own” the design and no other company will have access to it. Handy if you operate in a highly competitive market and you need to differentiate your service or product.
  5. You specify the memory size and you can pre-load the memory with whatever files or documents might be relevant to your customers.

Clearly they won’t be for everyone and the majority of customers will continue to buy printed or engraved standard models but with falling prices and improved lead times Custom USB Memory Sticks are going to gain in popularity.

Custom USB Collection

Custom USB Collection


Custom USB Memory Sticks – Can You Spot The Difference?

Posted by USB2U on 27th November 2012 | Permalink

Custom USB Memory sticks are an incredibly cost effective way to drive awareness of a new product, launch a new brand or design or just get people talking about what you’re doing. Whilst standard USB sticks printed with a logo look great and they certainly do a job they simply don’t have the “wow” factor that a good custom USB stick can deliver.

It’s partly because custom models demonstrate that significantly more effort and thought has gone into their production and partly because they are novel, cute and interesting. When handed out they rarely fail to generate a really positive response with recipients often taking to Social Networking sites to post photos of their new acquisition.

It’s this secondary exposure of the product that really helps to justify the marginally increased cost of a custom USB stick – standard printed versions are appreciated but rarely boasted about and rarely posted about and as such the brand exposure us is one dimensional. By comparison fully bespoke, customised versions that catch the imagination deliver multi-level exposure because.

For evidence that they work just look at these two real versions of a Custom USB tube; the first version (the orange one) was so well received that the company who commissioned it ordered a slightly different version (black and orange) to promote the launch of a new high performance lubricant and sealant – can you spot the difference!

Custom USB Sticks - Orange Tube

Custom USB Sticks - Orange Tube

Get the original design right (as in the case of these tubes) and you can reduce the on-cost of repeat orders because you own the design and mould used to create the sticks. Changing the colour or adding small additional details on subsequent orders is relatively easy and inexpensive.

The myth of these bespoke flash drives is that they are incredibly expensive and take months to produce but the reality is very different. Yes, they do cost a little more than their standard equivalents but only around 20% more and all the upfront tooling costs that used to put customers off have now been reduced to zero! Typical lead times are around 4 weeks for the first order (to allow for tooling and approvals) but repeat order time scales are as little as 2 weeks.

Custom USB Sticks - Black and Orange

Custom USB Sticks - Black and Orange

The small additional effort to organise them and the marginal increase in cost is certainly worth the effort.

USB2U have an in-house design service that can help in turning ideas and concepts into reality so don’t fret too much if all you have a rough design or concept – just talk to your USB2U account manager and they will guide you through the process.


USB Pen – No License Required

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If you were listening to Chris Evans last week on Radio 2 you’d have heard him bemoaning the fact that some schools issue a Pen Licence to students when they are deemed capable of moving up from using a pencil to a biro or fountain pen.

The thrust of his argument seemed to be that there is enough mollycoddling of kids these days and they should be allowed to use pens whenever they felt like it. But, from a teachers perspective these licenses are a useful way to help motivate children to focus on how they write correctly before being allowed to use ink. There will always be those that are anti these sort of initiatives because it might put undue pressure on “little Johnny” and lead to bullying if he takes a little longer than his peer group to achieve his pen license but typically these are the same parents that object to competitive sports in school – sorry, but in life there are winners and losers and this is a lesson best early.

Pen Licence

Pen Licence

The vast majority of children who have attended schools where Pen Licenses were used are more likely to have fond memories of being awarded their Pen License and will have taken great pride in the achievement of finally being able to unleash ink onto the pages of their schoolbooks.

Whatever your thoughts are on the use of Pen Licenses by schools there is one type of “pen” which requires no license to use and that’s a USB pen! This does assume that the “USB pen” is just a USB memory stick (also referred to by many as a USB pen) and not a USB pen that also doubles as a writing pen – confused?

Well, there are some USB pens on the market that are primarily writing pens (biro’s rollerballs and fountain pens) but hidden in the “belly” of the pen is a USB memory stick (typically accessed by twisting the barrel of the pen) – these hybrid USB pens are rarely used by young school children of pre-Pen License aged because they are a little more expensive than a standard USB sticks and typically you can’t buy them in shops but instead have to order them from USB specialists and even then there are minimum order quantities of 25 pcs.

USB Pens

USB Pens

USB pens (writing pen hybrids) are more popular with businesses, consultants and seminar organisers who are looking for a promotional product that can carry their brand and onto which they can also pre-load their sales collateral or their speaker notes/slides.

These examples were supplied by USB2U who are one of the leading suppliers of promotional and custom USB memory sticks in the UK.