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Pimp Up Your Branded USB Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 19th December 2013 | Permalink

We love our range of branded USB memory sticks and we think they look just great on their own but we understand that some people like their promotional products to be a little bit flashier, to have a bit more “bling” and to really make an impact when they’re handed out. If you fall into this category then here are a couple of simple things you might want to consider when you order you next batch if USB sticks:

Attach an Engraved Dog Tag to your USB sticks – these cute little metal dog tags are the latest addition to our range of accessories. We can engrave them with any message, web address, phone number or simply engrave your logo on the dog tag as well as the USB sticks – combine them with a lanyard and/or keyring to make a really stand-out package.

Pimp Up Your USB Sticks With an Engraved Dog Tag

Pimp Up Your USB Sticks With an Engraved Dog Tag

Print the standard white gift boxes they come in – most of our USB sticks are supplied in a free plain white gift box but these can be pimped-up for relatively little extra cost. Again, anything can be printed on them (front and back) including your contact details, your website address and/or your logo. For a relatively small extra cost your USB package will look tons better. There’s no impact on lead times because the white boxes are held in stock in the UK and they can be printed in just a few hours.

Printed White Gift Boxes for Your USB Sticks

Printed White Gift Boxes for Your USB Sticks

Add a lanyard (a simple neck-strap) – we have tens of thousands of these in stock in the UK in a wide range of colours and they work really well with any of our USB flash drives – ideally choose a colour that works well with one of the colours in your logo or compliments the colour of the USB drive – don’t just choose a boring black lanyard because it’s an easy decision.

Upgrade to a top-end premium gift box – we have a wide range of gift boxes including several wooden boxes that look great engraved or printed, some top quality white premium gift boxes that look stunning printed and several different versions of tins. All of them come with custom cut foam to hold your USB sticks in place (our wooden slider boxes come with a fine coconut coir inlay).



Put them all in Velvet Drawstring Bag – for that final touch of luxury why not hand them out in one of our little velvet drawstring bags!

If any of these have sparked your interest just give us a call for prices and options – all of the accessories listed above are held in the UK and can be personalised and delivered (with your USB sticks) in as little as 24hrs.


Wooden USB Flash Drives should you Engrave or Print them

Posted by USB2U on 21st June 2013 | Permalink

Some of our most popular USB flash drives at the moment are our wooden versions. It’s not just professional and wedding photographers that are buying them either (although they do buy a significant number) but a growing number of large corporate companies that like the “eco-credentials” of the wooden and bamboo USB sticks we sell.

We have eight different wooden and bamboo styles to choose from and they typically come in dark and light wood options and of course they come in a wide range of memory sizes typically starting at 128MB and going all the way up to 32GB. The most popular models are our Woodland USB Flash Drive and our Wooden Twister USB Drive.



The Woodland version is rectangular, incredibly tactile and the cap is held in place with two small discrete magnets that are carefully recessed into the cap. The Twister version has no cap to lose, it’s a little smaller than the Woodland but it has equally strong eco-credentials and style.

The biggest decision facing anyone buy any of our wooden USB models is whether to get their logo printed onto the USB stick or engraved onto the USB stick – both options (as the images here illustrate) produce excellent results but they have their own benefits:

Woodland Engraved USB Sticks

Woodland Engraved USB Sticks

Engraving onto a wooden product somehow just seems the right thing to do, it seems more sympathetic to the core product and because no ink is being applied to the product it maintains the integrity of any “eco” message that you want to push.  You also get a very tactile finish and robust finish that isn’t going to chip or fade.

The compromise though is that no colours are involved when they are laser engraved – the image is created by cutting away at the surface of the wood and because of this you will get some variation across the USB sticks – this is simply because you’re dealing with a natural material with different grain effects and slight variations in colour. Arguably this adds to the appeal albeit some “brand managers” are put off by the absolute lack of control you get with engraving on wood.

If you want the benefits of a wooden promotional USB stick but you need your logo reproduced in full colour then you’ll need to opt for the printed option – the results can look striking and they’ll keep the brand police happy. The only compromise is that the print will eventually chip off unlike an engraved logo which is there to stay!

Whichever option you choose we can typically supply these from UK stock in as little as 24hrs! Call us for latest availability and prices.


USB Memory Stick Boxes that are Pretty as a Picture

Posted by USB2U on 5th March 2013 | Permalink

If you’re a professional photographer and you’re looking for a gift box to use to hand out your USB memory sticks in then you might just want to take a look at our new glossy white gift boxes. They are the best USB gift boxes we’ve seen for some time and because they’re white (and glossy) they really show off any image or logo that’s printed on them.

Take a look at some of the examples below and you’ll see what we mean. The boxes are a good size (14cm x 10cm and 2.75cm) so we can print high quality full colour images on the front (and back if needed) and we can print them in pretty small quantities as well. Whilst the minimum order is 25 we can print different images on the batches of 5 boxes within a small order of this size.

USB Gift Boxes

USB Gift Boxes

The benefit of this is that all of a sudden it means that not only can you use the boxes to advertise and promote your own business but you could use them (fully customised) for your customers. For example if you’re shooting a wedding and you’re presenting the final images on a USB memory stick then you could get one of the images printed onto the front of the gift box and really personalise the box (your own details could be printed discretely on the back of the box).

In a competitive market where you need to make your service stand out the ability to offer your client their finished portfolio pre-loaded onto a top quality printed or engraved USB memory stick and delivered in a gift box that has been personalised is going to give you a real advantage. Not only that but there will be plenty of margin for you in these gift boxes over and above the margin you make on the USB sticks and to paraphrase a certain leading supermarket “every little helps”!

White USB Gift Boxes

White USB Gift Boxes

We carry thousands of these gift boxes in stock in the UK and we can print and deliver them in as little as 24hrs if you need them quickly. You’ll pay a small premium for our 24hr service so if you can factor in a 5 day lead time you’ll save yourself any “rush fees”.

Every box is supplied with custom fit black foam inserts and the lids contain a discrete magnet to ensure it stays in place.

Interested? Give us a call or drop us an email – we mock them up free of charge!


Lots of new Promotional USB Memory Sticks Launched for 2013

Posted by USB2U on 11th January 2013 | Permalink

We’ve started 2013 with a bit of a bang and so far we’ve added seven new USB flash drives to our portfolio and we’re not finished yet!

All but one of these new USB drives are held in stock in the UK and are ready for same day print, engraving and data-loading. The benefit of this is that our customers can get any of these new models within 24hrs of placing an order.

New USB Products for 2013 - Carbon and Engraved Slider

New USB Products for 2013 - Carbon and Engraved Slider

We recognise that more and more customers need their USB flash drives delivered quickly and by this they mean within a day or two rather than the typically quoted 6 – 10 days. It’s for this reason that we are now looking to add to the range of USB sticks we can offer on our popular “Rush Service”. You pay a very small “rush” fee for 24hr or 72hr delivery but in return we guarantee their delivery, their quality and by managing the job completely within the UK we de-risk the project entirely – there is no exposure to the vagaries of Customs control delays, volcanos and freight forwarder losses.

New USB Products for 2013 - Mini Flip Square and USB Button

New USB Products for 2013 - Mini Flip Square and USB Button

The latest additions are the; Data Bar, the engraved Carbon USB Stick, a range of coloured engraved USB Keys, a capless Engraved Slider, and several new shapes of mini flip USB cards the most notable of which is the USB Badge which is already proving popular with our customers. Some are only suitable for engraving but often this is often preferred because there is no compromise on the reproduction of the image with engraving and an engraved image is permanent (printed USB sticks will, over time degrade).

Judging from the interest shown in promotional USB flash drives already this year there has been no loss of appetite for these products over the Christmas and New Year period. So, despite all the doom and gloom that permeates the business news on what seems like a daily basis companies are still committing money to advertising, marketing and promotion and at least some of that budget is being spent on USB memory sticks.

New USB Products for 2013 - Data Bar and Engraved Key

New USB Products for 2013 - Data Bar and Engraved Key

If your business has a requirement for USB sticks this year then you might want to check out our growing range of products – all of them come with a 5 year warranty, they’re all High Quality “Grade A” products that have passed through a rigorous QA process before being despatched and we’ll pre-load your data files onto them free of charge (up to 200MB and excluding the Rush Service).

If you’re not sure which of our growing range of USB sticks would be best for your brand or logo then simply send us your artwork files and we’ll send you back completely free of charge a range of different visuals and mock-ups.


Apple Get Creative with Branded USB Flash Drives

Posted by USB2U on 17th August 2011 | Permalink

Since we have been selling branded USB flash drives we have been interested in the various ways that companies use their USB memory sticks. There is the obvious data transfer for employees, or purely as a promotional give-away but we have also seen companies use them as digital housing brochures, to put QR codes on, to store wedding photos and 3-D and 4-D baby scans.  We are continually thinking of ways that companies could use flash drives, for example a recent article (Augmented Reality Promotional Flash Drives) explained how companies could use them for augmented reality marketing.  We think that the uses for branded memory sticks are endless, and it would seem that Apple agree.

Apple Lion Operating System USB FLash Drive

With the launch of Apple’s new operating system – Lion OS X – it can be downloaded on the app store for £20.99 or it can be purchased, also from the app store, on a USB flash drive for £55.  Apple have not released the memory size of the flash drive but since the size of the downloadable file online is 3.49GB it can be assumed that the flash drive will be 4GB.  Understanding that Apple are charging only £20.99 for the operating system means that they are charging a £34.01 premium for the Apple branded USB flash drive.  Our sister company charge only £6.45 for a 4GB USB flash drive so taking that into account Apple are charging an amazing £27.56 for the branding on the memory stick.  This is actually quite unsurprising when you look at the cost of all of Apple’s other accessories.

Looking at the figures above and being the ‘tight wads’ that we are, I’m sure you are asking yourselves just as much as we are; ‘Why would anyone buy the Apple OS on the flash drive?’  Apple have said that they are offering the operating system on a flash drive for those who do not have a good broadband connection.  ‘Who doesn’t have a broadband connection?’ you might ask.  Well, when you consider that the OS is a pretty big 3.49GB which could take a painfully long time on some people’s internet connection and some people do have a monthly cap on the amount of data they can download.  If your connection is pretty unreliable you also might not want to risk loosing connection whilst downloading such an important file.

There is always the argument that those who want the newest Apple operating system should be savvy and techy enough to have a pretty good internet connection but, when the above points are put into context it hopefully sheds a little more understanding on why Apple are using branded memory sticks to update an operating system.

We believe that this is an excellent use for logo USB memory sticks and hope to see more inventive and creative applications for them in the future.  To see our promotional USB flash drive product range and develop your creativity visit the ‘show all’ product page.


Schools Educate in Branded USB Flash Drive Uses

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It wouldn’t be a surprise if for many teachers it feels like the kids have only just left for school holidays and for many parents it feels like they broke up for summer ages ago.  Whatever the outlook parents will be buying ‘back to school’ clothing and teachers will be preparing classrooms for the start of another school year.

We supply branded USB memory sticks for a range of educational institutions such as red brick universities, colleges and upper schools to name a few.  Our busiest time for supplying educational institutes with logo USB flash drives is towards the end and at the beginning of the school year.  So in terms of the supplying schools with flash drives we are currently in the eye of the storm – we supplied a lot for the end of the educational year and are preparing for the rush for the start of the year.

School and University Branded Flash Drives

We recently supplied a job to a school that was giving the flash drives out to pupils who attended the school.  They asked for the promotional USB memory sticks in a range of seven different colours, each year group was given a different colour of flash drive and the teachers were given a separate colour to the students.  This, we’re sure, had quite a few benefits specific to schools.  It could be seen from the colour of the flash drive what year the student was in at the school (this would be particularly handy in a large school), it would prevent flash drives being stolen between years and ‘the dog ate my homework’ was a little less believable now that most of it is done digitally.

In addition to the range of coloured memory sticks we also supplied the flash drives with white stickers on one side for the student to write their name on.  This not only made it more unique for the pupils but also made it much easier to return the flash drive to the student who misplaces it.

As the use of computers and Information Technology grows within schools uses for custom USB flash drives will possibly go from being used for students transferring files from home to school to storing their whole years work on them (with a back-up, obviously) and teachers saving homework on them for students to take home and complete.

To see some of our previous customers in the educational sector and to see the services that we offer educational institutes visit our ‘Branded USB Memory Sticks for Schools & Universities’ page.


How to Choose Your Custom USB Flash Drive Memory Size

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There are a lot of decisions to make when buying something new and technology is no different. In fact, buying a technical item is probably one of the hardest, you have to learn about then product and what is important in all of the gigahertz, megabytes and processor figures that are thrown at you.

We are well aware that buying branded USB memory sticks is no different and can be a bit of a minefield.  The first problem is choosing the right promotional USB memory stick company but with the product range, service and standard offers that we give all of our customers we don’t think that is a hard decision to make.  The next problem is choosing the style, memory size, quantity and services that you want to make your logo USB flash drives personal for your customers and right for your company.

One of the biggest factors impacting the price of the USB stick is the memory size on the flash drive (to see more information about what impacts the cost of flash drives see one of our previous articles: Why do small quantities of USB flash drives cost so much?).  We find that most customers have problems choosing the right memory size for their USB.  So, if you are one of these customers, we have made three points to consider when choosing the right amount of megabytes or gigabytes in your logo USB flash drive.

  1. USB Data Loading – One of the first things to consider is whether you want to have sales and marketing information or any files pre-loaded onto your flash drives.  If this is the case then the size of the files will help you work out the minimum flash drive memory that you need to accommodate for the information size.
  2. USB Flash Drive Use – What is the purpose of the promotional USB flash drive?  If they will be used purely as a promotional handout then a 256MB or 512MB flash drive might be appropriate.  However, if the branded flash drives are for customers to use repeatedly or for internal employee use then anything from 1GB up to 16GB or in some cases 32GB.
  3. Brand Exposure – Smaller memory flash drives are least likely to be used and sometimes even thrown away by customers once they have viewed the files and discovered that they are a low capacity flash drive.  In contrast larger sized flash drives will be of much more use to customers and most likely be re-used gaining much more brand exposure to the customer and others.

The points above should hopefully help you work out the exact size of the flash drive size that you need for your promotional flash drive and if not, at least point you in the right direction.  That should make at least one decision in buying your perfect custom USB flash drives easy, now you just have to pick the model, services and quantity…


Graduation Photos sold on Branded USB Flash Drives

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It’s the end of the educational year and students are leaving school for the summer. Some of the lucky/unlucky students (depending on how you see it) are leaving three years study at University to enter the big wide world of work.  University Graduates means University Graduations and there are many of them each year throughout the UK.  Last week our local University, The University of Northampton was holding it’s Graduations.

USB Memory Sticks Used at Graduations

The graduation process is a good celebratory end to a three or four year course of study.  It can be however, quite expensive.  Behind the ceremony and the awards, graduations can cost a lot of money for the students on top of three years of accommodation and living costs.  Graduates need to pay for gowns and these have to be bought with a specific company so the cost is dictated and there is no shopping around for price.

Photos are another cost for those graduating.  Everyone knows that the graduation is about the photo taken holding the scroll and wearing the gowns.  Like the gowns, the photos can only be ordered through one company and they have an interesting price structure.

The photography company for the graduation sold the photos in packs.  The prices of the packs were a bit of a surprise because they were quite complicated.  There were packs with different sized images, packs with frames, packs with single photos, packs with family and single photos etc.  The only constant was that as the amount of photos and photo sizes went up so did the price of the pack.  There was one thing about their pricing that was easy to understand and made a lot of sense, for an additional cost you could have all of the photos that they took saved onto one USB flash drive or CD.

Along with CD’s the photography company was using branded USB flash drives to save the images and sell to graduates.  We are selling more and more branded flash drives to photographers as they move from CDs to USB memory sticks.  We are slightly biased but there are many reasons why USB flash drives are better than CDs.  For example, the device is more impressive, transfer speeds are much quicker, the branding is much more impressive and one of the biggest differences – the memory stick is re-usable.

Customers are more than likely going to copy the photos from the stick onto their computer and keep the flash drive for personal use, something which cannot happen with a CD.  The USB flash drive then acts as a marketing aid and a continual reminder of the photography company.

So for those companies and especially photographers out there wondering whether they should change from CDs to branded USB memory sticks we hope that you make the right decision and embrace the change.


USB Credit Card Flash Drives: The Most Portable and Printable USB Memory Stick

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USB memory sticks have come a long way since their humble beginnings.  When they were first seen on the market it cost a substantial amount to buy a measly 64MB.  The flash drives were pretty rare but most often seen around IT technician’s necks; it was even more rare to see the technicians using the USB stick.  Fortunately USBs have moved on from the characterless plastic casing and have become much more mainstream, accessible and fashionable.

USB Flip Card Mark II

At USB2U we sell one of the widest ranges of USB flash drives on the market.  Some memory sticks, like the Rodeo flash drive have an extra quality look to them, other flash drives like the bottle opener USB are made to be multi-functional and some flash drives like the Battery USB try to disguise themselves as other things.  However, a few USBs are quite bulky and couldn’t be comfortably carried around all the time.  The Credit Card USB product range is not only functional and has a great surface for printing but they also allow very for easy transportation.  At 2mm thick the credit cards can comfortably slot into a wallet, which makes them easy to take with you wherever you go.

The Credit Card USB range come in four different styles, Flip Mark I, Flip Mark II, Rotate and the Slide Metal Card.  The cards functionalities differ slightly however, they all have a large area that allows for complete customised printing.  The Flip Mark I, Flip Mark II and Rotate cards can have print on the complete surface area of the front and back which is great for images and complicated logos.  Despite the size the cards are availablefrom the smallest memory size of 512MB up to the largest size of 16GB.

The impact of the large printing area and embossing (on the Slide Metal Card) available on the flash drives make them a great promotional tool.  The functionality of the USB Credit Cards means that they can be used in every day life without having to be worn with a lanyard around the neck.  To find out more about the USB Credit Card Flash Drives see the product page.


USB Clips Making Their Mark

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The USB Clip flash drive is the newest addition to our Metal product range. This sleek looking USB memory stick hasn’t been available long but it has already attracted a lot of attention and orders.

USB Clip Drive

The Clip USB flash drive is small and neat yet useful and impactful.  Unlike all other USB flash drives the casing of the USB Clip doubles up as the USB connector, which allows the drive to be so compact.  Despite this, the USB flash drive is still available in the standard memory sizes from 512MB to 16GB.  The memory Clip is available in two colour finishes, either gold or silver.  There are also two options for branding the clip drive; the logo can either be printed in up to 4 spot colours for a vibrant look or it can be engraved to give a more professional feel.

Along with the various colour and branding options the clip on the USB drive allows it to have multiple uses.  As the name suggests the drive can be ‘clipped’ onto clothing (seen in the images on the product information page of the flash drive) or it can be used to clip together handouts from a presentation or documents in a report whilst stored with soft copies of the necessary files (suggested in a recent article about presentation handouts).

The Clips popularity has caused us to order a range of samples to send to the customers who’d like to view and feel the quality of this brilliant USB flash drive.  To see more photos of the clip drive and to read a little more in detail visit the USB Clip information page and to view the complete metal range of USB memory sticks visit the product range page.