If you’re working to a tight budget and you want to buy as many printed USB flash drives, as your budget will allow, then it’s natural to make your buying decision based on price and price alone. After all, aren’t all flash drives pretty much all the same? If so, why on earth would you pay more than the cheapest price you’re offered?

If cheap flash drives are what you’re looking for then just by searching the web and pinging out a few requests for prices you’re certainly going to find them. You’re also likely to be really surprised at just how much price variance there is when you get the quotes back.

Why do the prices differ so much and why is it not always a good idea to just choose the cheapest supplier?

Before you rush to place your order just consider that any promotional item printed with your brand or logo effectively becomes an ambassador for you company. Assuming you don’t want your brand reputation damaged don’t buy cheap. Is it really worth saving a few pennies and risking the vast sums that have gone into developing your brand? Don’t do it. Don’t risk your brand and your company’s image by buying and giving out cheap/shoddy products, it’s just not worth it.

It’s a fallacy to think that all flash drives are created equal. In fact it’s one of those products where it’s incredibly easy to dupe the buyer.

Fully assembled (and printed) flash drives look the same on the outside and whilst you might be “wowed” by the quality of the print and finish it’s just as import (if not more important) what’s on the inside of your USB drives.

When your order arrives will you really be able to tell if your drives have been assembled using the promised “Grade A” flash memory chips and top quality controllers? How will you check? What will you be looking for? Or do you just take it at face value that you’ve been delivered what you were promised and what you’ve paid for?

The reality is that when you buy very cheap USB flash drives there is a very strong likelihood that you’re going to get a product that looks OK but is assembled from poor quality, often re-cycled components. They might also be “masked” (an industry phrase that is used to describe a technique for making a small memory chip look much bigger e.g. a 128MB might show up as a 4GB stick).

Arguably the worst thing you could do is to distribute sticks that are not what they seem that underperform, that fail, that crash and that lose the users important data  – do this and your brand will become associated with a negative experience and this is something you absolutely want to avoid.

If you are being offered prices below the general market price ask yourself why but more importantly ask your supplier why. Ensure you get some guarantees on the grade of chipset being used and check the credentials of your chosen supplier. Use 3rd party web sites like Trustpilot to see what other customers are saying about them, check out their financial credentials and make sure they’re not operating from a “back bedroom and finally buy locally so you have some recourse in law should things go wrong!

As with everything in life you get what you pay for and promotional USB flash drives are no exception! Cheap promotional flash drives are available just go into buying them with your eyes wide open to the risks!

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