Despite the wide range of promotional USB memory sticks available to buy these days one of the oldest designs remains the most popular. For many it is the only choice, it is their default choice and no other product will do – it’s the twister or it’s nothing.

It’s perhaps no surprise then that the Twister USB stick accounts for about 50% of all promotional sticks sold and its popularity

Engraved Twister USB Stick

Engraved Twister USB Stick

shows no real sign of waning. But why does this relatively plain, simple stick hold such sway over the promotional and corporate gift sector? What gives it the edge and allows it to be the top selling USB product year in year out. Based on our 10-years’ experience and our customer feedback here’s our perspective on what makes the Twister a winner:

  1. Its name, the Twister, is a reflection of its core design feature – a metal outer “clip” twists around the body to protect the USB connector when it’s not in use. This same clip also carries any branding (printed or engraved) and it has an integral loop to allow a keyring or lanyard to be attached to it. The simple design means there is no cap to lose.
  2. It comes in a huge range of standard colours but if none of these are suitable then the body shell can be pantone matched relatively easily and inexpensively.
  3. The clip (the metal section that rotates) can also be supplied in a number of different colours and finishes. This opens up all sorts of mono and two-tone options.
  4. It’s comparatively small. With no cap, the body of the twister is typically about 1cm shorter than other popular styles of USB stick.
  5. It’s tough. The combination of the metal case and the rubberised body make it a particularly tough memory stick.
  6. It can be printed or laser engraved – both options look fantastic although the engraved option is gaining in popularity because it’s cheaper to engrave than print and the engraving is there for good.
  7. Cost – the simplicity of the design coupled with its popularity means its one of the least expensive flash drives you can buy so if you are working on a small budget then the Twister is a good choice.
  8. Lots of accessories and boxes are available – again because it’s the most popular product there are lots of accessories and gift boxes available for it
  9. It’s a product that is always available and can often be supplied printed or engraved in 24hrs or less!
Printed Twister USB Memory Sticks

Printed Twister USB Memory Sticks