If you want to include something a little bit different in your party bags then maybe it’s time you thought about personalised USB sticks. Each stick can be printed or engraved with details of the party on one side and can be personalised on the reverse with the name of each guest attending the party.

The USB sticks can be complimented with a coloured lanyard or keyring attachment and the colours of the sticks can be varied so you have different colour options for the boys and girls. Almost regardless of the age USB sticks are a great idea because kids these days are used to using computers at home and school from a young age and the idea of having their own “personalised” USB stick is really going to excite them.

The feedback we’ve had from parents who have bought them so far has been really positive albeit the parents of the children they have been handed out to in the party bags have complained that their children were so excited that they had trouble getting the USB sticks off them at bedtime!

Personalised USB Sticks for Party Bags

Personalised USB Sticks for Party Bags

If you want to go the extra mile and create a real “wow” factor you could pre-load the USB sticks with details of the party, photos taken during the party could also be pre-loaded onto the sticks – you’d have to be quick at getting the photos off your digital camera and loading them onto each stick but it’d be a perfect excuse to get out of the cleaning up whilst the kids are eating. If you can manage the logistics of loading the photos on the day (even if it’s just one or two pictures) then it will really impress the children and their parents.

Compared to a lot of items in typical party bags a personalised USB stick is really going to stand out because anything personalised immediately says that a lot of thought has gone into it. USB sticks also have a high perceived value so you get the double whammy of something unique coupled with something that people are going to value, keep and use long after the party is over.

But aren’t they going to cost a fortune? Well, a couple of years ago they would have done but today the price of USB memory sticks has fallen dramatically so even for small quantities of 25 or more you can get them personalised for a couple of pound each. Ok, so they’re still a little more money than a cheap plastic toy but it’s still a small price to pay to be the best parent ever!