Despite all the economic gloom and doom around at the moment sales of promotional USB memory sticks continues unabated.

Printed USB Sticks

Printed USB Sticks

Falling demand for “old fashioned” CD’s coupled with an increase in printing costs for traditional sales brochures has encouraged companies to look at alternative options to distribute information on their products and prices.

Customised USB sticks are increasingly the solution companies opt for because:

  1. Printed and customised USB memory sticks are now available for less than £2 per unit (subject to minimum quantities and type)
  2. You get on-going brand exposure with USB sticks because they tend to be used by the recipient to store and carry their own personal data (after all this is what they are designed for!)
  3. Postage costs to send out a DM campaign with a USB sticks are significantly cheaper than sending out expensive and heavy glossy brochures.
  4. It’s far easier to take a few hundred or thousand USB sticks to a trade show than it is to transport the equivalent number of heavy brochures. Lots of brochures handed out at trade shows and exhibitions end up in the bins outside the exhibition halls – USB sticks don’t!
  5. Pre-loading your sales catalogues, price lists, press releases, media files etc. onto any USB stick you hand out is a must – After all you’re paying for the storage space on the sticks so you might as well use it.
USB Data Loading

USB Data Loading

Pre-loading data onto a memory sticks purchased for your company makes good commercial sense. The savings made by pre-loading data onto USB sticks rather than printing the equivalent documents can fully offset the cost of the sticks.

The process of data loading is sometimes called duplication, pre-loading, copying or replication. It is relatively easy to do but it can be time consuming and you need to plan ahead to allow enough time to get the data organised. Ideally get your USB stick supplier to do the data-load for you – most will offer a free data load up to a certain amount, typically 100MB.

If you prefer you can “lock” the data that you pre-load onto the USB flash drive so that it cannot be deleted but if you want to do this you’ll have to have your data ready early as it has to be loaded and “locked” during the manufacturing process. You also need to consider that if you load too much data on the stick and don’t leave enough room for the user then they’re unlikely to use it and your brand won’t get the on-going use and exposure you have paid for.

At USB2U we have in-house professional data-duplication equipment that enables us to pre-load data on behalf of our clients.