These days USB Flash Drives come in lots of different shapes and sizes so finding a model that is going to be suitable for your conference, press launch or trade show “should” be pretty easy.

Pantone Matched USB

Pantone Matched USB

There are hundreds of standard factory designs available some with a cap that twists, some where the USB connectors retracts, and some that have a removable cap. The majority are manufactured from plastic; some from plastic and aluminium but you can also get versions that are made from leather or stainless steel.

Ironically with so much choice making a decision can be daunting. Some of the most important things to consider when making your selection are:

  • Will the USB Flash Drive I choose be large enough to take my logo and show it off to best effect? Its surprising how “scrunched up” a logo can look if you print it on the wrong style of USB flash drive. A good idea is to make sure when getting quotes that you also get your supplier to send you high quality mock-ups showing you your artwork/logo on your short listed USB drives.
  • If you expect the flash drives you hand out to have a reasonable life rather than just used once or twice and then discarded then it’s worth choosing a model and print style that will preserve your brand. After all, you’re paying for the USB flash drives so you want your brand to survive and not rub off after a couple of weeks!

    Some USB flash drives can be engraved and some look great with a resin dome sticker. Both of these options are more resilient to scratches and bumps picked up in everyday use. Dome stickers are not “cheap stickers” but are high quality resin stickers commonly used by the computer and automotive industry and allow a protective layer to be applied over a high quality 4-colour print.

  • Choose a flash drive in a colour or finish that will compliment your brand or logo. Don’t settle for a standard “factory” colour or what the supplier happens to have available because getting the colour right can make all the difference to the finished product. If you’re not sure get your supplier to work up a variety of examples for you to consider.
  • Cap or No Cap – The most popular promotional USB flash drive continues to be the capless Twister model.
Colour Matched USB Flash Drives

Colour Matched USB Flash Drives

Finally don’t forget how powerful pantone matching can be. This is one sure fire way of lifting the profile of your flash drives. Pantone matching is simply colour matching the body shell to one of the primary colours from your logo. As the examples here show if you choose the right colour the finished flash drives can look stunning.