If there is anything that has defined the past decade, it will be the notion that anyone can have a touch of celebrity and the dream of being a star is no longer out of reach. This is easily shown in the high number of reality TV shows that are available and the lengths that people will take to become famous. Whilst this does not apply to absolutely everyone, there is no doubt that the cult of celebrity and fame has filtered through to so many different walks of life. One of the key areas this can be shown in is the fact that customisation and personalisation of products is at an all time high. Whatever it is, it’s usually possible to plaster a name or image across it which will immediately mark something as being owned solely by one person. One of the key exponents of this type of situation is the personalised memory stick which is growing in popularity for so many people.

Anyone can have a simple memory stick and it will do the job that it was intended to do. If it saves your data and information and allows users to access it whenever they need, then the memory stick is doing its job but people are always looking for more. Therefore, firms are looking for ways to add value to the product and the personalised memory stick is an excellent opportunity for doing so. It is one thing having a memory stick that is large enough to contain all the information and data you need, it is completely another for it to have your own name splashed all over it.

Branded USB

School pupils and college students are finding that they are expected to do a lot more course-work on computers and can transfer work between home and school on a regular basis. This means that they will need a safe and secure method of storing and saving data, which has seen the demand for memory sticks rise sharply. However, if a class room of thirty or more students are working in a computer lab and all with their own memory sticks, it may become very easy for the sticks to become mixed up. A student who has a personalised memory stick would not experience this situation as the branding on their stick would instinctively mark it out as their own product.

The beauty about the personalised memory stick is that the only limitation that can be placed on it will be the imagination of the firm or customer. Any sort of colour would be available but the range of shapes and fabrics that can be used in these products has risen sharply in the past few years. Whether it is to show off a particular product or character or just to have a unique shape that stands out from the norm, the personalised memory stick is the ideal way to stamp your unique identity onto your work and let people know that you follow your own rules.