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Not too late to order for Christmas!

Posted by USB2U on 16th December 2009 | Permalink

Christmas is fast approaching and you may be thinking about an alternative corporate gift for your staff or customers. A branded USB could be a perfect solution and if you act quickly you could even have these printed and delivered before Christmas!

Branded Memory Sticks are typically used for events, promotions, staff giveaways and corporate events. You can also load your company data files or brochures onto the drives making them a great alternative to paper based options or CD’s.

At USB2U we have stock available which can be printed, loaded with your data and delivered before Christmas! All you need to do is place your order and provide the artwork and data by the 22nd December. We’ll email you with a proof and your branded USB’s will be printed and delivered within 48 hours!

There are many different models and capacities available such as the Twister, Harbour and Chic. Please call 01604 685040 or email [email protected] and an Account Manager will discuss your options and provide a quotation.

…from all at USB2U


Wooden Twister Memory Sticks

Posted by USB2U on 11th December 2009 | Permalink

Branded Twister USB Memory Sticks have consistently been the most popular flash drive we’ve supplied over the past few years. Their on-going popularity seems to be down to a number of key factors including the lack of any cap to lose, its clean design/style, the range of colours it comes in and the overall visual impact when branded.

The classic twisters with are supplied with either a smooth plastic finished or a more tactile “rubberised” finish and if you’re ordering over 100 pieces we can even pantone match the body of the memory stick to any primary colour from your logo and we’ll do this at no extra cost to you!

But, despite its dominance there might be a new contender from the same stable on the horizon. The wooden twister has many of the key attributes of its metal/plastic counterpart but the silky varnished finish coupled with its eco-friendly pedigree might see it push the classic twister for dominance.

Its early days in the battle between the classic and wooden twister memory stick but watch this space!

If you are interested in either model give us a call or if its easier just complete our on-line enquiry form and we’ll get back to you in a flash!


Kick off 2010 with a Branded USB Flash Drive

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Have you ended 2009 on a high and want to carry forward some of that momentum into 2010? Or perhaps 2009 has been a poor year and you want to try some alternative ideas and initiatives for 2010 to bolster sales?

Either way it’s worth considering using branded USB memory sticks as part of your overall sales and marketing strategy for 2010. Branded memory sticks are incredibly popular, useful and relatively inexpensive and they can be used in some many ways including:

  1. A “leave behind” for your sales team. Print them with your logo and contact details on and pre-load them with your sales material, product sheets, links to your web sites, sales videos and pricing information.
  2. Sales exhibitions and shows – branded memory sticks pre-loaded with your sales material make excellent give-aways at sales exhibitions and shows Not only are they better received than loads of paper brochures that have to be lugged around all day but, you can deliver much more information. You can also offset the cost of preparing, printing and transporting lots of paper brochures to the event and because you can load data onto the memory stick right up to the day of the event the information (and pricing) can be more dynamic.
  3. Press events – Custom USB or bespoke memory sticks are a great idea for any press event. The capability to produce memory sticks in any eye catching 2-D or 3-D shape really opens up the opportunities to deliver something that excites the invited journalists and fires their imagination. You can of course also pre-load all the relevant information about your press event on the memory stick making life easier for the journalist to access the information they need to write what will hopefully be a great article on your company and/or its new product/service.
  4. Product launches – stimulate the demand for your new product with a “free” or promotional branded or custom memory stick. Combine with a viral e-campaign to generate lots of “on-line chatter” and activity. Integrate into vouchers and coupon offers from the many on-line coupon aggregators. Done well these types of activities can be incredibly cost effective and delivery a real spike in sales.
  5. Conferences and exhibitions – if you’re organising an event or participating in a conference or exhibition then you might want to consider getting some branded memory sticks produced to give away. Again, simple things like pre-loading any presentation material and sales material really will help sales. Today people have an expectation of easy access to information so literally putting your brand; your product and your pricing information into the palm of their hand will help.

The popularity of branded memory sticks does not look like abating so use this to the benefit of your company and deliver a memory stick that will be well received, packed with useful information and supports the development of your brand/products.


Beware of Fake Flash in Promotional USB Memory Flash Drives

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The continued popularity of USB memory sticks and flash drives for promotional and marketing activities has spawned a parallel market in the supply of cheap and often fake products.

Understandably procurement managers and buyers are constantly looking at ways to drive down their costs and it’s tempting when you’re offered memory sticks at a significant discount to order them. After all the pictures of the memory sticks you’ll be shown to support the order will look pretty much the same as other quotes you’ll no doubt have obtained from other suppliers so how do you know if what you’re being offered is genuine?

Firstly, lets be clear on what some of the typical scams are:

Quality memory sticks

  • Use of “re-cycled” and Grade B flash memory chips. These are flash memory chips that have been salvaged from other products or perhaps failed a full QA process. They are likely to be to correct memory size but they will have a much higher failure rate and will typically perform poorly, e.g. the read/write speeds will be slow.
  • “Masking” smaller capacity flash chips to make them look bigger. This is where the external flash disk and packaging is marked up to look like it’s a 1GB stick, the memory stick when connected to a PC will also suggest it has 1GB of storage but the actual capacity is say 256MB or 512MB. Extremely difficult to spot.
  • Using cheaper memory components rather than the specified brands. If you want a memory stick with a specified high-grade chip such as Intel or Samsung then you’ll pay a premium for these but you’ll also trust your supplier that these used. Once your memory sticks are delivered you don’t want to have to go through the hassle of breaking open a sample just to check that the internal memory is as specified.
  • Simple repackaging and re-labelling the memory sticks to make them look like they have more memory than they actually do.

The best way to avoid becoming a victim of these scams is to buy from a trusted and reputable supplier and ideally a local supplier that will take ownership of any post delivery problems or issues you might have.

Whilst it’s incredibly tempting to buy direct from some of the “factories” advertising themselves on the Internet think long and hard about it before you commit to an order. How for example will you deal with any problems once you have taken delivery of them? Typically once a “factory” has shipped they will not take the product back and your chances of recovering your money and taking action against them are slim to non-existent!

Also many of the supposed “factories” offering discounted prices are not really factories or manufacturers at all. Whilst they may have fancy web sites with lots of images of production staff diligently sitting at desks manufacturing and assembling memory sticks these are typically just “stock photos” and the factories will either be agents, middlemen or fraudsters.

The only way to be truly sure is to visit your supplier on site, check their factories and working conditions, check that they are complying with the current RoHS regulations and that they meet all the latest WEEE and REACH Compliance Regulations. Failing this just go with a local supplier that has already undertaken all of this due diligence.


Top 10 Reasons To Buy Branded Memory Sticks

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I am sure that you have used or at the very least seen Branded USB Memory sticks. They now come in all shapes, designs and styles. So why are Customised USB Memory sticks so popular?

Well here are the top 10 reasons for buying Branded USB Memory Sticks.

Top 10 Reasons To Buy Branded Memory Sticks

  1. Branded USB Memory sticks are a unique way to get you or your client’s brand in front of an existing or potential customer.
  2. Branded USB Memory sticks are a great way to deliver content. The data can be passive, so the user would need to click on the files, or interactive for a more immersive experience.
  3. Branded USB Memory sticks are excellent ‘keep sakes’ and with a high probability that users will save their own information on them. Making the USB a valued tool that has a high intrinsic value.
  4. The cost of USB Flash Memory has fallen dramatically over the past few years, so they have become a far more cost effective promotional item.
  5. USB Branded memory sticks now come in over 100 different models or can be designed and built to order…..making them truly unique to you or your client.
  6. The speed of delivery is now as little as 48hrs, which includes a logo print – so ideal for emergency use.
  7. Branded Memory sticks can be ordered in as little as 25 units – so it can be a targeted campaign.
  8. CD / DVDs are now seen as old hat, with Branded USB Memory sticks taking over as the media of choice for sending content.
  9. The technology has improved making Branded USB highly robust and reliable.
  10. Finally, there are now several professional providers of Branded USB Memory sticks in the UK, making the process of ordering very simple.

Branded Memory Sticks – Size Matters

Posted by USB2U on 30th November 2009 | Permalink

Sales of branded memory sticks continue to surge as more and more companies look to use them to promote their brand, their products or to use as a give away at conferences and exhibitions. Branded Memory sticks make great vehicles for brand promotion and brand development and the fact that you can pre-load them with tons of sales material (PDF brochures, videos, and presentations) helps justify their cost.

USB Sizes

After all if you can load all of your sales material onto a memory stick you can offset your print and transportation cost(s) and these can be significant if you are, for example, exhibiting or running conferences overseas.

When you’re buying branded memory sticks there are a couple of size related issues to consider to make sure that you get a product that delivers for you particular activity or event:

  1. Physical size: As in life not all USB memory sticks are born equal when it comes to size. A couple of years ago most memory sticks were pretty large with the average memory stick being around 7-9cm long and 2-3cm wide.These were (and still are) great if you need plenty of space to print you logo or message on but with the miniaturization of the core flash memory component there has been a comparative reduction in the size of the case or shell that the flash memory fits into. As a consequence the more popular memory sticks used for branding today tend to be the smaller models and styles. For example the ever-popular Twister (Swivel) Memory stick is 5cm long x 1.7cm wide and the new generation of “baby” twisters are a tiny 3cm X 1.5cm.Bearing in mind that the USB connector on the end of the branded memory stick is just over 1cm wide they can’t go much smaller and too small leaves little room to print you logo on!So, when choosing a memory stick consider carefully how your logo will look on it, don’t choose a model that’s too big and cumbersome and looks dated and bear in mind the bigger/older models can obscure other USB ports around them which then means you may need to consider supplying them with a USB cable. Similarly whilst the small, baby style of USB sticks look cute many of them are simply hopeless at carrying a brand and strap line and they are very easy to lose.
  2. Memory size: The most popular choice for memory size at the moment is 1GB (this will store 250 music tracks, 1,000 pictures or tens of thousands of documents). A couple of years ago is was 128MB and if pricing trends over the last couple of months carry forward into 2010 then 2GB prices will be on a par with 1GB.The key to choosing the right memory size is make sure the user has enough space on the flash drive (after you have loaded any data yourself) to use for themselves. You don’t just want the memory stick to be plugged into a PC, any pre-loaded data taken off or viewed and then discarded. To get positive brand association and exposure you want the user to carry and use the memory stick and ideally use if for as long as possible. So, choose the most memory you can afford within your budget. If in any doubt talk through the options with your supplier.

When it comes buying branded memory sticks size is important so take your time and get it right.


Custom USB Memory Sticks – Future Collectors Items

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The primary objective of a well thought out and well designed custom USB memory stick is to promote the product, brand, event or company that’s its manufactured for. After all the company paying for the memory sticks needs to see a return on their investment.

USB Twisters

Today custom USB memory sticks can be manufactured from a variety of materials such as PVC, ABS, Silicon and PET. By using these materials the factories have been able to drive down the set-up and production costs without any compromise on quality. Production runs of a couple of hundred pieces are now possible and are they are only marginally more expensive than a standard memory stick.

The manufacturing process means you can now get fantastic detail in either a 2D or 3D custom shape so the design limitation is more to do with imagination than any production process. Examples of custom USB fruit, vehicles and animals abound on the Internet but more sophisticated offerings that dovetail into magazine and TV advertising are now beginning to emerge.

Well conceived and manufactured custom memory score incredibly well in terms of “wow” factor and brand association and because they are now only marginally more expensive lots more companies are opting for them.

There is also an interesting secondary market developing in these custom USB memory sticks and that is amongst collectors. Of course people will collect anything but custom USB sticks have all the characteristics of a product that will drive a secondary collectors market – they are produced in relatively small numbers, they are attractive, fun, functional, quirky and many have additional packaging and other components (key rings, lanyards, presentation tins etc) that can also be collected.

With this in mind if your are commissioning your own custom USB memory sticks its worth ordering a few extra to tuck away just in case their future value rockets. Of course if you are promoting a product or brand that plays into the collectors market(s) then you could also consider a series or range of custom memory sticks to help drive the collectable aspect of them and get some viral marketing and discussion flowing.


Branded Memory Sticks – Divided By A Common Language

Posted by USB2U on 27th November 2009 | Permalink

Without doubt one of the success stories of the promotional industry is the humble USB memory stick. Literally millions of them are manufactured each year and in most cases given away to support a companies advertising or marketing goal.

USB memory sticks are no longer the preserve of the “techie” but instead are the de facto accessory for a significant number of us. It’s the ubiquitous nature of the memory stick coupled with their ease of use and sheer usefulness that makes them popular.

Combine popular with usefulness and a price point that is relatively inexpensive and you have a near perfect promotional vehicle. Couple this with the ability to brand them easily or produce custom versions that take on the form factor of your products and you begin to see their value,

But, the one aspect of a branded memory stick that continues to confuse, baffle and at times frustrate people is what you call them. Are they branded memory sticks, USB sticks, USB flash drives, USB pens, flash pens, USB pen drives, thumb drive, USB thumb drives or any combination of these.

Whilst this might seem to be a trivial matter it does make sourcing branded memory sticks all that more tricky and of course for suppliers looking to promote their services its equally difficult. There can be few products called that we all recognise instantly that we give different labels to. After all an umbrella is an umbrella, a mouse mat is a mouse mat but a memory stick, well, take your pick.

Fortunately, this small issue doesn’t look like it’s going to dent the inexorable climb of the branded memory stick towards to top of the promotional product pile. After all, no matter what you call them what is not in dispute is that they do a fantastic job at promoting a company’s brand or product.


How can Universities can get best ‘bang for buck’ when buying Branded USB Memory sticks?

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The most progressive universities understand that Branded Memory sticks are an ideal vehicle to allow students and staff to store and transport at university and between halls / other residents.

So what are the major advantages for Universities who embrace Branded USB Memory sticks:

USB for Universities

  • It reduces the cost of printing and transporting paper, so it’s environmentally friendly.
  • Ideal vehicle for sending prospectus out.
  • Allows staff to take information and coursework home to work on, make changes / mark and upload to the university network.
  • Students can back up coursework that they complete off site or at university  as a safety net.
  • The USB Memory sticks can be branded with the university logo to add greater affinity with the university.
  • Passwords can be added to the Customised Memory sticks so if the data is sensitive it can be made secure.
  • Data can be loaded and protected on the Branded USB Memory sticks. So the university could consider providing all the standard university docs, e.g. university term dates, policies, link to web sites etc.
  • A unique serial number can be printed to the side of the Branded USB Memory stick to allow any lost memory sticks to be easily reunited with their owner.
  • A strip can also be added to the Branded USB Memory stick so users can add their names.
    With the current scrutiny of university budgets and horror stories in the media of poor procurement from universities / LEAs, what should you consider when purchasing Branded USB memory sticks.
  • Try to obtain three quotes from established UK suppliers
  • Ensure that you are offered a line of credit, you should not ne required to make any upfront payments.
  • A free sample of the proposed USB Memory stick should be requested.
  • Ensure that the chips in the Branded Memory sticks are new and not recycled or reconditioned.
  • Consider contacting other local universities and purchasing a larger order with different logos, as economies of scale would definitely drive the price down.
  • Explore getting a local company to sponsor the production of the memory sticks and in return you can add their logo / contact details to the back.
  • Why not consider a totally unique Customised Memory stick in any design that fits the university.

The benefits of Branded USB Memory sticks combined with students appetite for new technology has lead to many leading universities embracing USB Memory Sticks as an essential tool for learning.


Why PR Agencies Should Embrace Customised USB Memory Sticks?

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The core of any successful PR agency is to ensure that the story you are trying to push makes an impact with the target media. They are competing against other agencies try to grab the same column inch space.

So how do you make sure that the PR message is delivered in a manner that is impactful, cost effective, relevant and above all practical.

Custom USB

The answer is the simple Branded Memory Sticks. But not just any generic, standardised and boring shape or size. What the optimum delivery vehicle for any press pack is the Custom USB Memory Stick. Technology has now markedly improved, to allow  a simply picture or graphic to emerge as a unique Customised USB Memory Stick that is in the shape of the story / product / brand you are trying to promote.

Custom USB

So whether its the launch of a new car, drink, food, financial product, in fact any shape or size you can think of, a Customised Memory Stick can be made to that shape. Simply load the press pack onto the Customised Memory stick and away you go. So why does it tick all the boxes?

  • It is human nature for someone to start playing / pulling apart a Customised USB Memory stick and to start showing it to other colleagues and ultimately plugging it in to see what all the fuss is about. For example, a well known health product provider wanted to launch a new female sanitary towel and a key part of this was PR. So they produced a USB memory stick in the shape of the product! The impact was dramatic, how could it be anything else.
  • A range of factual and multimedia data can be loaded onto the Customised memory stick which autoruns once the memory stick has been plugged in.
  • This is a great keepsake so the story / product you are trying to promote will have longevity.
  • The cost of manufacturing has fallen dramatically and the minimum order quantity for Customised Memory Stick can be as low as 100 units.
  • So how to you go about getting a Customised Branded USB Memory stick? Firstly contact an established and reputable UK USB Memory Stick provider. The process thereafter is simple.
  • Send a picture of the shape of the memory stick you are after.
  • A 3d Cad drawing will be prepared for sign-off.
  • Tooling will be produced and a pre-production sample manufactured.
  • Once this is agreed the full production and delivery will take less than 2 weeks.

So before you start pulling together that next cardboard folder full of reams of paper, think again….. Custom USB Memory sticks could be what makes your PR campaign a success or not.