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Branded Technology Products for Student Recruitment

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 21st April 2016 | Permalink

At USB2U we appreciate how much time and resources Universities spend attracting new students to their courses. Open Days and University Fairs play an important part in the conversion process, and branded promotional products can help support the success of your events. Young people form their opinions quickly and your promotional products need to be of good quality and well presented in order to stand out and to ensure that your brand has a positive impact.

Promotional branded gifts offer the perfect opportunity for you to keep your institution’s name in front of your target audience. Tech products specifically are an essential part of our everyday lives and it is therefore no surprise that they are fast becoming some of the most sought after branded gifts. USB flash drives, Power Banks or Bluetooth Speakers for example – together with your branding – make great promotional products for the Higher Education sector.

Right now we have an exclusive offer for Higher Education: save 10% on all branded tech gifts and Power Banks. This offer is available until 31st May 2016. Call us to find out more: 0800 008 7079.



We are ready for the 2016 UK Photography Show

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 14th March 2016 | Permalink

USB2U is exhibiting at the popular UK Photography Show at Birmingham NEC again this year. This is the third time we have been part of the show and we are looking forward it kicking off this Saturday!

USB2U offers the most popular USB sticks for professional photographers. Our creative memory stick concepts work particularly well when presented in bundles; these are combinations of memory sticks and stylish presentation boxes suitable for any occasion such as weddings, baby photos, anniversaries and more. They are becoming highly popular amongst modern day Photographers.

The presentation boxes are of high quality and vary from high gloss white presentation boxes to eco-friendly wooden boxes. All of them can be personalised with your logo or special message. Thanks to the large print area on the boxes they can be fully branded and additional design features can also be added in.

Here at USB2U we hold a large amount of stock of USB sticks and boxes in the UK making it possible to print or engrave items in as little as 24 hours. The memory sticks are Grade-A, high specification flash chips offering superior performance.

Be sure not to miss our daily competition

We also have some exciting show offers and competitions not to be missed. Each expo day we will do a prize draw and the winner will receive 10 8GB Woodland USB sticks and Photo Slide Boxes personalised with their logo. So four chances to win! The winners will be announced at the end of each exhibition day on Twitter  and and on Facebook.



Storing data on glass for billions of years

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 24th February 2016 | Permalink

Very exciting data storage news by optical scientists from the University of Southampton who have developed a new revolutionary method called 5D optical memory. This means that up to 360TB of data can be stored on glass for billions of years, which could help mankind to be remembered ages after we are gone. As a comparison, 360Tb glass storage equals to 90 000 4Gb USB Memory sticks!

In order to store data in glass, scientists need to make use of nanogratings, which put simply, refers to a nanoscale grating created by shooting extremely fast femtosecond laser pulses of light at a material – usually metal or glass – to produce grooves or markings in it. In popular culture, this would be something similar to Superman using the laser beams in his eyes to store information in the memory crystals of the Fortress of Solitude!

The idea is that the femtosecond laser writes information into the glass by changing the way light moves through it, and each tiny dot created is able to store one bit of information. This 3D optical data storage method is similar to that used by CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs today, and the researchers have recorded a copy each of the Magna Carta, the King James Bible and the UN Declaration of Human Rights to glass to preserve them.

But to make glass digital data storage devices a viable reality, the researchers, including photonics and optoelectronics PhD students Aušra Cerkauskaite, Aabid Patel and Rokas Drevinskas, have now developed a method of reading and writing data to glass, using a five-dimensional (5D) digital data storage method whereby instead of tiny dots, the femtosecond lasers create self-assembling nanostructures. 

At USB2U we will await to hear when this data storage method might be available for commercial applications. One day we would love to say that our glass crystal USBs were true glass storage devices! Whilst it may not have the same storage capacity, a branded glass USB is the must have tech product of the year. With laser engraving, chrome metal casing and delivered in a stunning box it have a real wow factor.

Read full article here


USB2U's crystal USB

USB2U’s crystal USB


University of St Andrews kicks off 2016 with a bang!

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 12th February 2016 | Permalink

One of our customers, the prestigious University of St Andrews in Fife, has kicked off 2016 with a bang, having released plans for a 10m marine research lab and also came 34th out of 800 universities listed in in the Times Higher Education’s World University Rankings!

Plans for the new marine research lab have been commissioned to help cement a place for both the University and Scotland as a country as a world leader in oceanic research and species protection. Once completed, this will replace the Gatty Marine facility currently located in St Andrews to become the permanent base of the Scottish Oceans Institute.

The building is planned to span 2,256sq metres and house the most technologically advanced aquarium in the UK!

Further adding to their accolades, The Times have also placed the University 34th out of 200 universities classed as the most outward-looking institutions. 800 universities were examined in total, measured on diversity of staff and students and how often academics collaborated with other international institutions.

In a statement released by acting principal of St Andrews, Prof Garry Taylor, said: “We have always been larger in outlook than in size. Above all it is a testament to the talent of our staff and students who come from all over Scotland as well as the world beyond our shores – it is their multicultural spirit that attracts intelligence, collaboration and the exchange of ideas.”

Well done to all at the University of St Andrews, we’re looking forward to hearing more as 2016 progresses!


Go eco-friendly this year with recycled memory sticks

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 11th February 2016 | Permalink

If, like us, you care about the planet, then you’ll be glad to know we supply a range of memory sticks that are certified as eco-friendly (and come with certificates for authentication). With more and wooded areas needing to be protected from felling, it is obvious that we all need to play our parts in protecting the world we live in, and our range of eco-friendly USB sticks enables us to do just that!

The range encompasses 5 of our most popular designs; the Contour, the Twister, the Harbour, the Probe and the Bamboo range (which in particular is very popular with photographers) and can be supplied in any colour. Whilst the components inside are still high quality including Grade A flash memory chips, the cases are made from recycled materials.

Contour Range

True eco-warriors, our Eco range of flash drives are made from recycled plastic and rubber, and as such have a great texturised feel to them. These are available in 4 standard colours “off the shelf”, (red, blue, white and black) but can be customised for any colour you wish.

Twister Range

By far our most popular range of USB sticks, these are available from our UK stock in a wide range of colours including red, pink, blue and purple and can be engraved or printed. As with the Contour range, these are eco-friendly and with the handy clip and no cap to lose, what are you waiting for!

Harbour Range

The shiny slick Harbour range is third in our eco-friendly range and come with free gift boxes. These can also be pantone matched on the colour trim and can be both printed or engraved. The Harbour was our first memory stick and we hold it in the highest regard – and so will your customers!

The Probe

Our Probe range are very versatile even with the eco-friendly certificate (see – there’s no reason not to buy them), as the cap and the body can be mix and matched in different colours, although of course we do also hold UK stock in a range of solid colours including yellow and blue. It’s also available in both a gloss or matt finish, which really gives you a range of options to choose from!


Bamboo in itself is an environmentally friendly and sustainable material as it grows and spreads extremely quickly, meaning that it can yield up to 20 times more timber than trees living in the same area. It also releases 35% more oxygen into the air than trees do, with a lifecycle of 7 years to mature and be replanted – the average tree takes between 30-50 years to do this! Our range of bamboo USBs can be colour printed or laser engraved and come with a magnetic snap that holds the lid in place.

Whichever range of eco-friendly USB stick you choose, we can supply them in a range of memory sizes from 64MB up to 16GB, and offer a Rush 24 hour turnaround service if you’re really in need! Never fear, USB2U are here!




Flash drive thrown into space

Posted by Sebastian LaPorta on 10th February 2016 | Permalink

3… 2… 1… Here goes! It was one of those memorable moments when two Russian cosmonauts from the International Space Station, Sergei Volkov and Yuri Malenchenko, threw a USB stick into space during a spacewalk.

For us this signifies a truly interesting example of the multiple ways in which USBs can be used in the world; not only for commercial purposes and transferring content, but also for capturing significant moment of human history!

The memory stick in question contained videos and scripts from last year’s 70th anniversary celebration of the Victory Day in Russia. This event commemorated the 70th anniversary of the capitulation of Nazi Germany in 1945, and was the largest and most lavish celebration ever held in Russian history.

During the moment when the USB stick was let go, on 3rd February 2016, the crew on board of the International Space station was flying some 250 miles above the southeastern Pacific Ocean, over South America and not far from the cost of Chile.


Click here to see the video by BBC


Rainbow tech range now available

Posted by Natalie Longley on 8th February 2016 | Permalink

Exclusive to us in the UK!

Tech products are an essential part of our everyday lives at home and at work, during our leisure time and travel – simply everywhere. It is therefore no surprise that technology products are becoming some of the most sought after corporate gifts and promotional items today. Here at USB2U we are leading the way and have just introduced our new Rainbow range ideal for your tech savvy clients and customers!

Our Rainbow range features seven products: a bluetooth speaker, car charger, power bank, multi-cable USB adapter, LED light, card reader and a USB stick. This unique family of products is exclusive to us in the UK and available in a range of eight different colours which light up when in use. We can provide them with your own branding, and when a few items are bought together they can come in a smart presentation case too. These features, combined with in-house state of the art printing,  give the Rainbow product range a unique look and feel.

Available from our UK stock now with fantastic lead times!

Get a quick quote from our friendly team here.


Rainbow tech range

Rainbow tech range



EE Power Bar Recall- The Top 5 Power Bank Safety Tips You Need To Know

Posted by USB2U on 17th December 2015 | Permalink

Mobile network giant EE have today recalled all of their remaining branded Power Bars in circulation.[1]They had previously recalled approx. 500k of the portable smartphone chargers due to safety fears following reports that a device had exploded. When you consider the press coverage the exploding charger generated, it is not surprising that EE have decided to err on the side of caution and take the risk to their customers and reputation out of the equation.

But this does raise a question to those purchasing battery powered devices- how do you know they are safe? After all, EE are not the first big company to announce a major recall this week.  Online retail giant Amazon told customers who had recently purchased hoverboards – the must have Christmas gift for 2015- to “throw them out” after fears they pose a fire risk.[2]

Here at USB2U, the safety and reputation of our customers is paramount and we want to reassure you that when it comes to battery powered devices and technology – we are the experts. As such, we have put together the Top 5 Questions to ask your Power Bank Supplier before you order:


  1. Are the Power Banks put through an Aging Test?

Here at USB2U – the answer is YES. Each and every one of our Power Banks are 100% tested in our factory. We have over 3000 individual sockets and each device is fully charged, discharged and partially recharged again before delivery so we can be confident that if there were to be any issues with the power banks, they would be found in a controlled environment; i.e. the safety of our own four walls.


  1. Are the Power Banks ECT and ROHS compliant?

All reputable Power Bank suppliers should be able to supply proof of their battery powered devices being fully compliant and tested. USB2U can supply copies of these (as well as MSDS reports required for overseas shipping) on request.


  1. What other tests are carried out and do they offer a warranty?

We also conduct a number of other crucial QC tests including a splash test and drop test to name but a few. All USB2U Power Banks are supplied with a 2 year warranty.


  1. Do they use the best quality components available?

Power Banks may look the same from the outside, but underneath a cocktail of components could be used.  USB2U only use the best quality battery cells and importantly motherboards, which come as standard with overcharging and over voltage protection (input and output). Cheap motherboards do not offer this and you should steer clear of cheap Power Banks for yours and your customer’s mutual protection. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.


  1. Do they offer a Branded Power Bank with Thermal protection?

The Pixel Power Bank (exclusive to USB2U) comes with a unique feature to cut off power to the device if it overheats. The ‘Thermal Controller’ can detect the temperature the device is working at and if the core temperature exceeds 60 °C it shuts off the connection immediately.


Branded Pixel Power Bank only available from USB2U

The safe and reliable Power Bank from USB2U – The Pixel

Once you have asked your supplier these questions, you can be confident that they are a reputable company with all of the relevant safety checks in place. If you have any further questions regarding the safety of our power banks, please don’t hesitate to contact your account manager who will be happy to help.





Promotional Power Banks – Charge Up Your Marketing

Posted by USB2U on 15th November 2015 | Permalink

Turbo charge your marketing campaign in the run up to Christmas with our promotional power banks.

If you’re looking for a fantastic gift for you staff, customers or suppliers this Christmas or perhaps you just want a great give-away to use as part of a sales promotion then you won’t go far wrong with one of the new generation of Power Banks. These cracking little products are designed to allow you to re-charge your smart phone (or other small electronic device, e.g. tablet or e-reader) whilst you’re away from a conventional power source.

They’re popular. They meet a real need (we pretty much all use our smart phones until the run out of power which can be incredibly frustrating and inconvenient!), they look great printed up and they’re great value as a promo-gift. Prices start well below £5 per unit and this typically includes printing (or engraving), a 3-in-1 charger cable and a printed gift box!

There’s a wide range of models to choose from and some are held in stock in the UK allowing delivery (fully branded up with your logo) to happen in just 24hrs!

The biggest choice, apart from which model to choose, is how much power you want your Power Bank to store. Order a Power Bank with too little storage capability and it won’t charge some of the newer Smart Phones fully. Order them with too much power and they’ll take longer to re-charge and they’re likely to be bigger and heavier!

As a rule of thumb you need a Powerbank with at least 2200mAh because this will ensure it can fully charge all the current Smartphones on the market. If you want something with a bit more oomph then go for a 4000mAh – an ideal choice to re-charge tablets.

When sourcing your Power Banks we strongly advocate buying then from reputable local suppliers who will ensure your Powerbanks comply fully with all of the requisite safety standards. Fundamentally a Power Bank is a battery, a store of power and cheap versions of these, like other electrical goods, have a nasty habit of finding their way into the market with all of the inherent dangers that this poses – nobody want to hand out a Powerbank with the potential to explode in use!

For some of the best (and safest) Power Banks available in the UK check out the range on offer from USB2U.

Powerbanks from USB2U

Promotional Power Banks from USB2U



Send a USB Card this Christmas

Posted by USB2U on 14th November 2015 | Permalink

If you plan on sending our Christmas cards this year then you might want to think about sending a personalised USB Christmas Card instead of the usual plain card variety.

Whether you’re giving your cards away to your staff, your customers or your suppliers a USB Christmas card is a great alternative and they’re not that expensive – in some cases (even fully branded with a logo etc.) they’re cheaper than some of the more fancy cards you can buy on the High Street.

At just 2mm thick the USB cards fit easily into a standard envelope so in you’re sending them out in the mail they qualify for the basic letter post charges. Lots of people get caught out every year with “Large Letter” charges on their Christmas cards because they’re too big to be send as standard letter post!

Why send a USB Card at Christmas? Well, they’re still incredibly popular with people for carry backups of their personal data around with them, they have a high perceived value and in pretty much every recent piece of market research into the promotional gift market sector they score highly and rank as one of the most desired corporate gifts. So whomever you send them out to or give them to this Christmas you’re pretty much assured of making them happy.

They’ll be happy not just because you’ve given them a cracking gift but also because you’ve taken the time and trouble to remember them at a special time of the year – even today, when everyone is signed up to Social Media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram its still really nice to be sent (or given) an actual card. This year make it a special card, make it a USB Card!

Don’t forget that most USB cards (including those that are used as Christmas Cards) typically have at least 4GB of storage which gives you loads of scope to do something really interesting and exciting. You could just send the card out “empty” but that would be a wasted opportunity. It’s much better to pre-load the card with a Christmas message (a funny video, a competition, discount offers, a personal or a message from your CEO) or just load it with your sales material, catalogues, price lists, links to your own Social Media sites and so on.

At USB2U we’ll be printing USB cards right up until the final posting day for Christmas Cards so there is still plenty of time to get your order in and if you place an order before the 11th December we’ll supply them with free printed gift boxes.

USB Cards

USB Cards make great Christmas Cards