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We Deliver Branded Power Banks from UK stock – in just 24 hours!

Posted by USB2U on 30th September 2015 | Permalink

It’s that time of year again and Thursday 1st October marks the start of Chinese National Day Golden Week celebrations, a 7 day tradition celebrated since 2000. Whilst the holiday is celebrated across China, production of branded USB memory sticks and printed power banks completely stops, causing delays of up to two weeks for suppliers who only manufacture their products in the Far East.


Realistically, the first deliveries of USBs and Powerbanks coming out of China after the holidays will be w/c 19th October at the earliest, so anyone needing branded mobile phone chargers or USB sticks for events on or before then will need to find a reliable UK supplier with plenty of stock which they can print in house.


But all of the suppliers we speak to cannot deliver Branded USB Sticks or Power Banks on time” we hear you cry.


Look no further, because we have a solution for you.  Here at USB2U, we specialize in fast turnarounds and our dedicated team can prepare, print and deliver a personalized USB or Power Bank order in just 24 hours, guaranteeing you the fastest delivery possible in the UK.


Ordering Branded Power Banks or USB sticks on our rush service couldn’t be easier; simply follow these 5 steps:


  1. Call your Account Manager on 01604 685040 to discuss your choice of Power Bank / USB
  2. Send your logo to us (ideally in EPS / AI format) and we’ll provide a free, no obligation on screen mock up
  3. Check and approve the order details using our easy to follow Docusign order form
  4. Pay online via our SagePay link (or we may be able to invoice you on 30 day terms)
  5. Sign off the final sample photos and wait for your delivery to arrive with UPS!


If you have any questions or want to know more about our fast turnaround for express orders of USB sticks or Power Banks, don’t hesitate to call or email our friendly sales team who will be happy to help.


Throughout the Chinese Holiday Period, USB2U will be running a series of offers with a turnaround time of just 4 days so keep your eyes peeled for more information.


Power Banks from USB2U are available in just 24hrs!

Power Banks from USB2U are available in just 24hrs!


USB2U Announce Merger with Gilt Edged Promotions

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USB2U are pleased to announce that they have joined forces with a leading promotional product specialist also based in Northampton; Gilt Edged Promotions. Gilt Edged and USB2U are both well-established names in the promotional products industry in their own right and they are now looking forward to an even brighter future together.

Both companies will be working together under one roof in Moulton Park and their aim is to become the UK’s leading ‘one stop shop’ for anything and everything branded with a logo. Together they will generate a combined annual revenue of £8.5m. USB2U and Gilt Edged will continue to trade under their well-known individual brand names and the 60+ strong team are excited by the opportunities that their shared skill-sets and strengths will bring.

Team USB2U and Gilt Edged in Moulton Park

Team USB2U and Gilt Edged in Moulton Park

The owners and directors, Jonathan Cook of Gilt Edged Promotions and Sebastian La Porta of USB2U, said “The merger is seen as a natural progression for both businesses and is a perfect strategic fit. We strongly believe that the combined resources will drive further growth and development for both our loyal customers and our dedicated staff”.

Both businesses uniquely boast in-house state of the art manufacturing equipment, enabling them to deliver printed USB memory sticks, branded Power Banks and many other useful products in unparalleled time-frames. They are delighted to be bringing professional and promotional gift production back to the heart of the UK right here in the Midlands. With a combined 45+ years’ experience in the industry, both teams have a wealth of experience to share with their new colleagues and the possibilities moving forward are exciting news for Northampton.

USB2U are now part of the Gilt Edged Group.

USB2U are now part of the Gilt Edged Group

Notes for Editors:

Both businesses are based in Northampton and will now operate together from a 37,000 square foot factory and office facility in Moulton Park, Northampton.  Gilt Edged Promotions becomes the majority shareholder.

Who are Gilt Edged Promotions?

Gilt Edged began producing promotional products in 1986.  Their product range includes a full range of promotional merchandise, as well as diaries, calendars and notebooks.  In addition they are a supplier of branded clothing and work-wear all finished in-house in their facility in Northampton.

Who are USB2U?

USB2U were established in 2002 and now supply in excess of 1.3 million branded USB memory sticks per year. Their UK based printing and engraving facilities have enabled them to gain an excellent reputation for branding and printing technology related products with outstanding lead times.


For more information and photo opportunity please contact: 

Anne-Marie Cook – Marketing Manager   Tel: 01604 672306 Mobile:07931 137024



5 Common Mistakes People Make When Ordering Printed USB Sticks

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Printed USB memory sticks remain one of the most popular promotional give-aways with millions being handed out every year in the UK alone. The companies that buy these USB memory sticks often leave the buying decision right until the last minute with a growing number wanting their order printed and delivered within hours rather than days or weeks.

At USB2U we’re happy to oblige and turn around orders in whatever timeframe is needed and we’re fortunate enough to be able to print (and engrave) in-house from our own stock and of course we use our own design and print team to manage the whole process – keeping everything under one roof makes life that much easier and of course we have full control over the quality of the sticks, the printing and any data-loading that might be needed.

But, to achieve the often challenging deadlines we’re set it does help if a few simple things are done in advance and during the ordering/manufacturing process. If they can be then everyone’s stress levels and heart rates will easier to manage:

Here are the five most common issues that crop up that makes life more challenging that it needs to be:

  1. Poor Artwork – garbage in garbage out is a phrase more synonymous with the computer industry but it’s equally appropriate when it comes to printing anything – if the artwork you supply is poor then then final printed product will be poor. We’re good and we have some fantastic state of the art printing equipment but even we can’t get a good print from an image “grabbed” from your website or “cut and pasted” from Microsoft Office document. Before you place your order it really helps if you could make sure you can get high quality vector artwork files in any of the following formats; .eps. .ai, .pdf, .cad or .swf.
  2. A common attempt to “work around” this request is to cheat and save a .jpg or .gif file as vector file. Sadly this won’t help – all you do is create a low quality image that will result in a low quality print.
  3. Pantone references – if you need an exact representation of the colours in your logo then we’ll need you to supply the Pantone reference numbers for each colour. Without these the only option is to “best match” the colours. If you’re using our digital print service then the colours will always be “best match” because that’s how digital printers work. If this is likely to be an issue we can silk screen print the individual pantone colours for you but we can’t do this on any of our “Rush Services”
  4. Please be available – once you have committed to an order for printed USB sticks there are several stages that your order will go through and at each stage you (or a colleague) will need to be available to sign off the proof, to sign off any data that is being loaded onto the sticks and finally to make payment for the sticks. If you or another member of your team can’t be reached it may delay things and you could miss your preferred delivery date.
  5. Delivery address – please think about where your USB sticks are going to be delivered to. We ship 99% of our orders with UPS on a next day service but if you live in certain Post Codes this actually means two days. If for example you live in the Highlands or Islands or other remote parts of the UK then allow an extra day for delivery. Equally, make sure you double check the address you supply for delivery, offer a contact phone number and make sure someone is going to be in on the delivery date to receive the printed USB sticks. If you need delivery on a Saturday then please let us know because our standard deliveries are Mon-Fri.
Printed USB Sticks

Printed USB Sticks


School DT Project Idea – Design & Build Your Own USB Sticks

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Could you be the next James Dyson or Richard Branson. Have you got an urge to design and build your own products or perhaps you’re happier dreaming up creative ways to market and sell your product ideas. Perhaps you hanker after trying out your ideas on sites like Kickstarter and trying to raise some financial backing – with the emergence of the Internet there are now loads of way to get your ideas supported.

At many schools in the UK you’ll be given the chance during your Design and Technology classes to come up with a new product idea – you’ll be challenged to design something, produce a prototype, think about the manufacturing challenges, think about your target customer(s), think about how you’ll brand it, market it, sell in and hopefully make money from it. Think of it as a Dragon’s Den for the classroom!

If you’re struggling for ideas (and lots of people do) then you might want to think of designing and building your own custom USB memory sticks? It’s easier than you might think, it’s great fun and there are lots of different creative ways to use these familiar products. USB sticks are commonly used as promotional give-aways but they are also used to load baby 3D and 4D scans onto, to load MRI scans on, to record track day data on at places like Silverstone, to market new housing developments – the list goes on and one!

A very simple idea is to just design a USB stick to be sold at your school but rather than just buying standard factory designed USB flash drives and printing your school crest or logo one why not get the sticks made in a design unique to the school. Anything is possible and some great results can be achieved relatively easily because if you can get your hands on the core components its really just an assembly job.

Inside most USB Memory Sticks are three core components; a memory module, a controller chip and a capacitor – these are typically pre-assembled onto a Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and connected to a USB interface. The PCB can then be embedded into any outer casing to create a unique USB flash drive. Just like any commercially available (and assembled) USB flash drive you can buy the PCB’s in a range of memory capacities starting at 128MB all the way up to 32GB.

If you fancy having a go at building your own USB sticks (perhaps as part of a school project) then we can supply you with all the components you need including any accessories your might want for your finished product including key ring attachments, lanyards and gift-boxes.

We have a minimum order of 50 pieces for the PCB USB’s so if you did want to get a project off the ground and you’re not a school or company then get your entrepreneurial hat on and start raising the capital you need.

Build Your Own USB Stick

Build Your Own USB Stick



Wooden USB Memory Sticks – Ideal for Jenga

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Small, uniformly shaped wooden blocks are commonly associated with the brilliant family game Jenga but at USB2U we tend to associate them with professional photographers. The reason? Well, wooden USB memory sticks have become the go to product of choice for the majority of thousands of professional photographers that we supply.

We’re don’t think it’s because as a sector they’re all secret Jenga fans who while away hours furtively playing Jenga with each other in secret club venues. No, we think they’re buying the wooden USB sticks because they look and feel fantastic, because they’re not the sort of thing you can get down your local Tesco store and because when combined with an attractive gift box they make a brilliant “package” to hand a professional portfolio out on.

USB Jenga

USB Jenga – Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB sticks have undergone a bit of a renaissance lately with interest fuelled by their strong “eco” credentials and the launch of lots of new designs and styles but it’s the photography sector that have really taken them to their hearts.

If you check out our Facebook page, our Flickr pages or our Pinterest pages you’ll see loads of great example of our wooden drives – some printed but most engraved with nearly all of them supplied in one of our range of complimentary wooden gift boxes. Lots of the photos are sent to us by delighted photographers who have gotten great feedback from their clients – we’re always delighted to get these photos and happy (with permission) to share them.

Wooden USB Memory Sticks

Wooden USB Memory Sticks

As you can see from the images we supply a range of different styles and most of them come in a light wood or dark wood option (all from sustainable sources) and some are available made from bamboo – an ideal choice if you really want to push the eco message.

If you choose a wooden USB flash drive you don’t have to compromise of storage capacity or performance – they are available in memory sizes from 128MB all the way up to a massive 32GB. The ones we supply to the photography sector all have upgraded components (flash memory modules, controller chips and capacitor) or they can be supplied as a USB 3.0 drive (the latest and fastest USB specification)

To really appreciate just how good these products are it’s worth seeing them in the flesh. Ask our team to send you some samples – get enough and you’ll be able to play Jenga (actually, no, don’t do that we don’t want to encourage that)

USB2U Wooden USB Memory Sticks

USB2U Wooden USB Memory Sticks


Should Professional Photographers buy High Performance USB Flash Drives

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The big shift in photography has of course been the move from film to digital but another more subtle trend that’s happening in the professional sector is photographers abandoning CD’s and DVD’s in favour of USB flash drives.

The move to use USB flash drives has been hastened by the recent drop in the price of customised USB flash drives, the availability of faster (USB 3.0) drives and the higher storage capacity drives now come in – 32GB is a pretty common entry point! Coupled with this CD’s and DVD’s are falling out of fashion, many of the latest laptops and ultra-thin notebooks now ship without a CD/DVD player and frankly, no matter how well you print a CD or DVD they don’t really enhance the overall value of the brand printed on them.

A well-designed, printed and packaged custom flash drive can, on the other hand, help professional photographers differentiate their service, improve their image, enhance their professionalism and provide a new revenue stream. However when buying custom drives it’s important that photographers don’t get suckered in by the look of the USB drives alone.

Large engraved Maple USB Gift Box

Large engraved Maple USB Gift Box

The real challenge when buying custom USB flash drives is to make sure that the components inside the case (the flash memory, the controller chip and the capacitor) are good enough to support the demands that photographers will put them under. If they’re not up to the job then it can take hours to load images onto them (because the read/write speeds they support will be slow) and images loaded onto them can “fragment” leaving to unhappy and disgruntled clients!

It’s worth bearing in mind that most companies selling custom or printed USB flash drives are providing them to the promotional sector where “cheap” is the fundamental requirement. Typically promotional drives are bought in the thousands with most being thrown away or rarely used once given out. The components in a “promotional, give-away” flash drive might still be new and of “Grade A” quality they’re likely to be at the bottom end of the performance range – In camera terms these are like Grade A disposable cameras when what’s actually needed is a decent Digital SLR camera!

Our advice before you place any order is to ask questions not only about the Grade of the flash but the manufacturer of the flash memory (ideally chose a Samsung or Hynix memory and not an OEM look alike). Also ask if better quality controller chips can be supplied as well and finally get details on the read/write speeds of the drives and any warranty that comes with the drives. Do remember though that warranties only get you replacement drives they won’t help deal with unhappy customers whose images are corrupted.

The easiest option might be to specify USB 3.0 – this is the latest USB standard and USB drives built to this standard will, by default, be much faster and will offer better all round performance levels.

Finally choose a supplier with a proven track record, get views from other photographers than have bought from them, check out their Twitter feeds to see what other photographers are saying about them, check 3rd party review sites – 10 minutes homework before you buy could save hours or days of grief if you end up with the wrong product from a supplier that does not care once they have your order.

Wooden USB Sticks

Wooden USB Gift Box and Memory Sticks



Take a look – USB2U Launches New Promotional Power Bank Website

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We’re delighted to announce the launch of our new mini website that is dedicated entirely to the latest give-away to take the promotional gift market by storm – the Power Bank.

After more than a decade of focusing almost entirely on promotional USB memory sticks you might ask “Why the Power Bank?” Well, with 35 million smartphone users in the UK alone and approaching 2 billion globally it’s hardly surprising that a product that helps us deal with our seemingly unquenchable thirst for on-line interaction and communication is gaining huge popularity as a promotional give-away.

For an illustration of just how “hooked” we’ve become on social media look no further than the announcement from Facebook that yesterday, for the first time, over 1 billion people used their site in a single day! Think about that for a minute – yesterday 14% of the total population of the world went onto Facebook. Exclude babies and infants and those that never use or simply don’t have or don’t want access to the Internet and you get a more realistic feel for just how engrained and pervasive this one on-line service has become in our daily lives.

Smartphones obviously play a huge part in how we access and use websites and services like Facebook. Arguably the primary use of a smartphone these days is not to “phone” people but to message, post, tweet, blog, photograph and stream music.

The problem this creates is that smartphones are in almost constant use and as a result their batteries run out of power pretty quickly. This is not a problem when you’re at home or near a source of mains power but if you’re travelling, camping, at festivals or just away from any source of mains power then a way of recharging your smartphone is essential.

Powerbanks from USB2U

Promotional Power Banks from USB2U

Power Banks address this problem – they are a portable power source for any smartphone, they’re simple to use, easy to carry, they look great printed with a company logo on, they’re relatively inexpensive and they’re incredibly handy. It’s these attributes that make them an ideal promotional give-away.

At USB2U we now supply nine different types of Power Banks – some wood, some metal, some plastic but all top quality and all fully compliant with the latest safety regulations. They come in a range of different shapes and power levels and we also offer them in a range of attractive gift bags and gift boxes.

Power Banks from USB2U

Accessories available with your Power Banks

If you need your Promotional Power Banks in a hurry then don’t worry because we carry thousands in stock in our warehouse in Northampton and we can typically brand them with your logo and deliver them in as little as 24hrs.

Check out our full range of Power Banks here.


Credit Card Shaped USB Flash Drives and Power Banks

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Next year the Credit Card that today we take for granted will mark its 50th birthday! It was Visa that launched the first general-purpose credit card back in 1966 and whilst the take up was initially sluggish today there are several billion credit cards in issue around the world!

Over course over the last 50 years there we have seen huge developments in the underlying accounts associated with these cards and the cards themselves have evolved from basic magnetic stripe cards with an embossed name on to a much more sophisticated product that now includes integrated microchips, RF chips and holograms! The one thing that hasn’t really changed is the cards basic size and shape!

For the promotional industry the “ability” to refer to something as being “credit card shaped” really helps because everyone can immediately relate to it. Almost irrespective of age, gender or social demographic we’ll all have a card that is “credit card shaped”. Most of us will also have a wallet, a purse or a bag that has a compartment specifically designed to carry a standard credit card shaped product.

Whilst the promotional industry has historically not been in the market of giving away credit cards per se it has spotted the benefits of giving away products that fit neatly into a wallet or purse hence the proliferation of products like card shaped calendars, card shaped calculators, card shaped CD-ROM’s and so on.

More recent innovations include the arrival of the credit card shaped USB flash drive and the credit card shaped Power Bank!

Credit Card Power Banks

Credit Card Power Banks

The credit card USB flash drives work in exactly the same way that a “standard” flash drive work but the flash memory, the flash controller chips and all of the connectors etc. have been squeezed into a card that is barely any thicker than a standard credit card. In fact these cards are only 2mm thick so they really are credit card like and as such they slip easily into any wallet or purse.

Although they’re only 2mm thick they work just like any conventional USB stick and they can store up to 32GB of data – that’s a huge amount of data!

The credit card shaped Power Banks are a little thicker at 8mm but they pack a punch and with an integral 220mAh of power they can revive a dead smart phone in minutes and fully re-charge a dead smart phone in around 2hrs.

Whichever promotional card shaped product you choose you’ll benefit from the ability to print complex and intricate prints onto it. This makes them an ideal choice if you’ve got a large logo, a logo with lots of colours or perhaps a logo with graduated tints. The generous print area also gives you loads of room for supporting text web addresses and contact information.

The USB Cards and Power Banks are available from USB2U and if you need them in a hurry they can be printed and delivered in as little as 24hrs!

USB Credit Cards

USB Credit Cards


Financial Crisis in China no risk to USB Stick supply but Forthcoming Holidays are

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple of weeks you’ll have noticed there’s a little bit of trouble brewing in China – the financial markets are in turmoil, share prices are in freefall and its anyone’s guess where its all going to end. Depending on what you read or who you believe it could be anything from a bit of a “bump” to financial Armageddon!

Damian McBride a former advisor to Gordon Brown appeared to suggest that the stock market dip could lead to global civil disorder or other situations where it would be unreasonable for someone to leave the house. Amongst his many suggestions is stocking up on bottled water and tinned food!

One of the many things China needs to do to address its current problem is to continue trading and demonstrate strength in its own capabilities as the manufacturing powerhouse in the world. The global centre for the production of Promotional USB Memory Sticks is in Shenzhen City in Guangdong Province, China and the USB factories have continued to churn out USB sticks in the tens of thousands every day during the “crisis”.

The clear message coming from the USB memory sticks factories is that its business as usual!

BUT, and it it’s a big BUT there is a something looming on the near horizon that will bring production to a grinding halt and that’s the National Holiday. From the 27th September to 8th October China effectively closes for business. Nothing will get manufactured, nothing will get shipped and no new orders will be accepted.

Irrespective of the turmoil in financial markets China is going on holiday!

So, if you are thinking of ordering some promotional USB memory sticks for an event in late September or October then you either need to get your order in now (so your sticks can be produced and shipped before the holidays start) or you may have to wait until the factories return after their holiday – if you take the risk and wait do bear in mind that it takes a couple of weeks for the factories to catch up with the inevitable backlog that will have built up!

As usual during these holidays we’ll be stocking up on a wide range of blank USB sticks that we can print/engrave in-house. This allows us to continue to offer a 24hr “rush service” but of course it will be on a much narrower range of products than shown on our website.

We’ll also be “tweeting” out lots of offers and promos during the holidays so it might be worthwhile following us on your Twitter account if you’re not doing so already.

Choppy waters for USB Stick Supply

Choppy waters for USB Stick supply


Limited Time offer – FREE Printed USB Gift Boxes with Our Glide USB Sticks

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We’re expecting this offer to be popular so if you want to take advantage of this cracking deal then you’ll need to move quickly. We’re only running it until the end of August and then if you want printed USB gift boxes with your order after this date our usual charges will apply.

It’s not just “Free” printed magnetic boxes that are included in the offer. Order our popular Glide USB memory stick before then end of August 2015 and we’ll upgrade your order to our “rush” 5 day service, we’ll print them on both sides (for free) and if you need a bit of help with the artwork set-up we can do that to!

The only catch is that there is a minimum order of 25pcs but with prices for 4GB Glide USB sticks in the offer starting at £4.65 for 25 and dropping to £2.20 for 500 or more any order is hardly going to break the bank!

We always advocate buying your promotional USB sticks with gift boxes because they look much more professional supplied this way. If you don’t order gift boxes then we supply them in a thin polythene bag as standard but these bags are really just to protect the print on the sticks and make sure they don’t get scratched in transit.

The most popular USB Gift box we sell is the one included in this offer – the magnetic clasp box. These attractive boxes are strong, robust, they are easy to open and they stay firmly shut when closed by virtue of the integrated magnetic clasp.

Typically (and it’s the case with this offer) these magnetic clasp boxes are supplied with a custom foam insert that’s precision cut to match the shape of the USB flash drive that it’s used with. This not only helps with the overall presentation but also keeps the USB disks firmly in situ when they are transported or mailed out.

You could simply repeat the logo or design you’re having printed on the stick printed on to the top of the gift box or you might choose to use the larger print space available on the box to print a broader marketing message – there is NO charge for having a different image printed on the boxes!

The list price of our magnetic clasp boxes starts at 40p each (unprinted) so there’s a huge saving with this deal – whilst it lasts!

Free USB Gift Boxes

Free USB Gift Boxes Offer from USB2U