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Our Top 3 Summer Promotional Items

Posted by USB2U on 20th April 2017 | Permalink

With summer right around the corner we thought we’d put together our top three summer promotional items that your customers will love! Stay Cool With the Rainbow USB Fan Temperatures are starting to rise and we’ve got you covered! Keep your customer’s cool this summer with the Rainbow USB fan. Our exclusive desk fans are […]

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Photographers! 3 Quick Ways to Improve Your Social Media Presence

Posted by USB2U on 7th April 2017 | Permalink

In previous posts we’ve looked at ways to help grow your Instagram following and listed the best hashtags to use for maximum engagement, so we thought it was about time we branched out to social media channels as a whole, as they’re all great for Photographers in their own way. So if you’re utilising Facebook, […]

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Buying USB Sticks: Why Cheap Isn’t Always Cheerful

Posted by USB2U on 29th March 2017 | Permalink

It’s totally understandable that when buying promotional USB Sticks, the most research is done around price and getting the most bang for your buck, after all, everyone wants a good deal right? The problem with focussing only on price and buying cheap USB sticks is that the majority of the time, quality is compromised and […]

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Personalised USB Sticks Now Cheap Enough for Party Bags

Posted by USB2U on 13th June 2012 | Permalink

The USB sticks can be complimented with a coloured lanyard or keyring attachment and the colours of the sticks can be varied so you have different colour options for the boys and girls. Almost regardless of the age USB sticks are a great idea because kids these days are used to using computers at home and school from a young age and the idea of having their own “personalised” USB stick is really going to excite them.

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We’re Back From The Photography Show!

Posted by USB2U on 22nd March 2017 | Permalink

Well it’s certainly been a busy few days but we’re back from the UK Photography Show and we’re still buzzing from the excitement! Team USB2U were exhibiting from Saturday 18th until Tuesday 21st at the NEC’s annual show, and as always we had a blast! It was great meeting everyone, we spotted some familiar faces […]

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The Wonderful World of Power Banks at USB2U

Posted by USB2U on 14th March 2017 | Permalink

In the days of fast trends, information at your fingertips, the ability to compare prices at the click of a button and more, it’s getting increasingly difficult for businesses to compete. Not only are a lot of industries saturated with competitor companies, large and small, they also have to contend with a customer or client […]

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The Photographer’s Guide To Instagram Hashtags

Posted by USB2U on 16th March 2017 | Permalink

As a photographer, having an Instagram account and updating it regularly is pretty important. We touched on some ways to grow your Instagram following last month, but this month we’re focussing on the world of hashtags and how you can use them to boost your following, increase engagement, and get your photos in front of […]

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Handmade Wooden USB Boxes from a Sustainable Source

Posted by USB2U on 10th September 2014 | Permalink

The price for these boxes (printed or engraved and with the coir fibre inlay) is around £2.50 to £3.00 each which is amazing value when you consider how much work goes into them and how much the competition charge for some of their boxes (£8 – £20 is the norm).

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